The World Cup is but a couple of weeks away and much of the talk here at Fable Casino has, naturally, turned to football. We’re so excited, and that’s not only because we get to watch some of the world’s best players for a month.

The World Cup 2018 brings with it hundreds of new betting opportunities, chances to win big and bookmaker promotions. Of course, as gambling fanatics, this is great news but it can be quite hard to know where to start if you’re a newcomer to sports betting.

Denmark squad & Denmark starting eleven

Luckily for you, we’ve created our ultimate World Cup 2018 betting guide, and in this series of posts we’re discussing the 32 teams which will be competing in detail. One of these teams is Denmark, who are already looking like a promising team to back.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the odds on Denmark winning World Cup 2018, including how they’ve performed in the competition so far and which Danish players you should keep an eye on.

Denmark World Cup 2018: Qualifying Rounds and World Cup Record

To fully understand the odds on Denmark to win World Cup 2018 we must first look at how they got to be travelling to Russia in the first place, and how they have performed in previous international competitions.

Denmark are considered to be a formidable team this World Cup, yet their qualifying journey wasn’t problem free. Although the team managed to reach the final stages, of course, they did fail to secure the top spot in the qualifying rounds and therefore had to play-off against the Republic of Ireland.

Thankfully, they sailed through this match, thanks in part to a spectacular hat-trick from their star striker Christian Eriksen. That being said, this mixed journey seems symptomatic of Denmark as an international team in general as they have a very up-and-down international record too.

The World Cup 2018 will be only the fifth time Denmark have participated in the international competition, having failed to qualify multiple times. In fact, at the last World Cup in 2014 they were not present, and the year before they failed to advance from the group stages.

The good news is that such an unpredictable record makes the Denmark World Cup 2018 odds all the more exciting for sports bettors. What’s more, plenty has changed since the last competition, and so if you’re planning on backing odds on Denmark winning 2018 World Cup, then you should also consider the group they’re up against, and their new management and players.

Denmark World Cup 2018: The Best Odds and Predictions

As we mentioned in the introduction, the World Cup 2018 is almost upon us and this means that plenty of UK bookmakers are already offering odds Denmark to win World Cup 2018 betting markets and options.

This not only gives you some insight into how Denmark may perform, but also allows you to place early wagers, giving you a better chance of beating the bookies. Check out the most popular Denmark World Cup 2018 odds below.

Denmark Odds to Advance Out of Group Stages

Denmark will start off the World Cup 2018 in Group C, which is shaping up to be a tough yet exciting group. Alongside them in Group C are France, Australia and Peru, who will all be fighting hard to progress into the round of 16.

Denmark are, luckily, one of the favourites to advance from this group however they fall slightly behind France in terms of odds. This means that whilst it’s expected that France will be the overall group C winners, Denmark have a good chance in going through with them and therefore there’s plenty of value in backing them to advance.

That being said, we’d also keep an eye on Peru who are looking to be on strong form this year. If the Danes lose even one of their group stage fixtures, Denmark to win World Cup 2018 odds will definitely lengthen, so placing your wager ahead of the beginning of the competition could be a very smart move.

Odds Denmark to Win World Cup 2018

The betting odds Denmark to win World Cup 2018 currently stand at around 100/1, which may seem very long for a team that’s expected to advance from the group stages. However, the doubt that the bookmakers have in Denmark could be to do with their erratic record in the competition so far, which is definitely something to think about if they’re a team you’re choosing to back.

If Denmark do progress out of the group stages, these odds will naturally shorten yet we think there is a lot more value in placing money on a Denmark Stage of Elimination bet rather than backing Denmark to win World Cup 2018. Right now, many UK bookmakers are offering great odds on Denmark to reach the quarter-finals, which is a touch more realistic in our eyes.

World Cup 2018 Denmark Fixtures

As mentioned earlier, Denmark begin the World Cup in Group C and they will play their first match on the 16th of June against Peru.

For those who are thinking about the odds for Denmark to win World Cup 2018, we’ve listed all of Denmark’s group stages fixtures below:

  • Denmark vs PeruSaturday 16th June, 19:00 PM (Local Time), Mordovia Arena, Saransk
  • Denmark vs AustraliaThursday 21st June, 16:00 PM (Local Time), Samara Arena, Samara
  • Denmark vs FranceTuesday 26th June, 17:00 PM (Local Time), Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow