With the FIFA World Cup 2018 fast approaching, we’re sure your head’s already full of football facts. But whilst you may know Harry Kane’s complete goal scoring record or have already formulated strong opinions about Jack Wilshire’s snub, do you know much about the other 31 competing teams besides England?

One of the best things, for us as online gambling fans, about the World Cup is that it brings with it plenty of chances to get involved in some of sport’s most exciting betting opportunities. However in the words of Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility, and this falls on your shoulders. Should you wish to be profitable in your World Cup 2018, you need to do your research!

Costa Rica squad & Costa Rica starting eleven

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a complete World Cup 2018 guide, which will outline all the teams competing, their chances of winning, the star players to watch and everything else you need to know about this summer’s competition in order to make some smart bets.

In this post, we’re taking an in-depth look at the odds on Costa Rica winning World Cup 2018 and weighing up whether they’d be a savvy choice of team to back. To do this, we’ve looked at their current form, their previous international record and who they’ll be playing in the World Cup 2018 group stages.

Costa Rica World Cup 2018: Qualifying Rounds and World Cup Record

As we’ve just noted, if you’re considering placing a wager on the Costa Rica to win World Cup 2018 odds, then you need to do your research into the team first. This may sound obvious but many keen sports bettors overlook this important step.

Costa Rica are a team which stand out in many football fans minds. In the World Cup 2014 they performed spectacularly well, reaching the quarter finals, and creating what is generally considered to be one of the best underdog stories of modern football.

Costa Rica’s amazing journey last World Cup has got many pundits thinking they could repeat this success this summer, and if their qualifying rounds are anything go on, it certainly seems possible. Costa Rica only lost two of the ten qualifying matches they had to play to reach the final stage of the 2018 World Cup, beating out Honduras, Panama, the US and Trinidad and Tobago.

This all makes Costa Rica seem like a very competent team in the World Cup 2018, yet if you’re considering the odds Costa Rica World Cup 2018, you must also take into consideration the stiff competition they will face in the group stages. Can they handle the pressure? Read on to find out how this has impacted the odds Costa Rica win World Cup 2018.

Costa Rica World Cup 2018: The Best Odds and Predictions

Although Costa Rica are looking like they’re on great form ahead of this year’s competition, there are many other important factors which may influence the odds on Costa Rica to win World Cup 2018. We’ve taken the two most popular Costa Rica betting options and weighed up why the odds are looking the way they are, and what this means for you.

Costa Rica Odds to Advance Out of Group Stages

One of the main reasons why the Costa Rica World Cup 2018 odds are looking a little unpredictable at the moment is because they’ll begin the tournament in Group E. This means they’ll face Brazil, who are the current favourites to win the competition, as well as Switzerland and Serbia who are both also taking very strong teams to Russia this year.

That being said, Costa Rica do stand a good chance of advancing so long as they can rack up enough goals. With star strikers like Bryan Ruiz this shouldn’t be too difficult, and they’ll also have the formidable Keylor Navas to stop any other teams in their tracks.

All in all, the odds on Costa Rica to advance to the round of 16 are definitely looking appealing, and certainly have some value in them. This, in turn, will definitely affect the odds for Costa Rica winning World Cup 2018, but maybe not as significantly as you’d expect.

Odds Costa Rica to Win World Cup 2018

Whilst all of the records and statistics surround Costa Rica this World Cup are looking good, the actual betting odds Costa Rica to win World Cup 2018 only stand at 500/1, with some bookmakers even offering longer odds of around 750/1 too!

This essentially means that the bookies definitely do not think that Costa Rica could win the competition outright, but this is probably due to the challenging group stage they face. Should Costa Rica advance, the odds on Costa Rica winning 2018 World Cup will definitely shorten. This means that, whilst it does seem very unlikely that Costa Rica will lift the trophy in Russia, at these prices it may be worth the risk!

World Cup 2018 Costa Rica Fixtures

Whether or not you’re interested in backing the odds for Costa Rica to win World Cup 2018, we think they’ll still be a very exciting team to watch. You can check the dates and times of all three of Costa Rica’s group stage matches in the World Cup 2018 below: