For today’s post, we’re going to discuss the odds on Colombia winning World Cup 2018.

Anyone who hasn’t spent the past year living under a rock will know that the FIFA World Cup is nearly upon us and we’re getting ready to make all the necessary bets to profit off the likely winner of the event. If you haven’t chosen to support already (it doesn’t have to be England!) then you had better make the choice on who to support pretty soon as all the odds are coming out.

Colombia squad & Colombia starting eleven

For what it’s worth, Colombia could be a potential World Cup winner, if not one of the stars of South America, apart from Brazil of course. If you’re not at all certain on this factor, we’ve compiled together a list of all the best odds we have found that has anything to do with Colombia winning the World Cup. We think their chances of getting onto the next round at least are pretty solid.

However, there is still that slight possibility that they could take away the trophy for themselves. It’s unlikely, but it could happen. Let’s take a look at the odds Colombia World Cup 2018 will occur in Russia this year.

Will Colombia Be Top South American Team?

Colombia did fairly well during the qualifiers, more than good to get into the World Cup, in our opinion. This is no mean feat, either, considering South American teams like Argentina and Brazil were competing alongside them. And we all know how competitive those teams can be.

Without further delay, let’s talk about how likely it is for Colombia to emerge as the top South American team of the World Cup:

  • Brazil: 11/8
  • Argentina: 2/1
  • Uruguay: 10/1
  • Peru: 50/1
  • Colombia: 14/1

The odds aren’t entirely against them (at least they have more chance of emerging as top player for South America then Peru has) but it would seem that Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil have the upper hand here. Of course, with brazil, it’s almost no question, seeing as they are undisputed champions of the sport. Argentina also has more wherewithal to win. Uruguay, however, has taken us by surprise and it looks unlikely Colombia will beat them to the top.

It’s almost certain then that Colombia will not emerge as the top South American team. On the other hand, they could defy all the odds and beat Argentina by chance. Nothing is, after all, impossible and like we say, they have more chance of achieving this than Peru does.

TL; DR — Colombia have a small chance of being one of the top South American teams of the World Cup but we do not believe they’ll make it to the final.

Odds on Colombia vs Japan Match; World Cup 2018 Colombia Fixtures

The primary match Colombia will compete in will be against Japan on 19th June and kick off will be at 13:00 CET. They are both in Group H, meaning they will be the latter in the first round of matches to compete in the World Cup.

The fact Colombia are facing Japan is most undecisive in terms of odds. The odds are almost even, making the odds for Colombia to win World Cup 2018 much murkier. According to the research we have conducted, Colombia to win World Cup 2018 might not be on the cards after all as the odds are very balanced on this one.

In any case, here are all the best odds on Colombia triumphing over Japan in their first match:

  • Colombia — 11/13
  • Draw — 49/18
  • Japan — 23/5

It may not look like it, but Colombia and Japan have almost exactly equal shares in the odds of either team winning their first match. It is entirely in the lap of the gods as to who will make the match victory and we can hardly tell at this point who will be that victor. It might even be a draw. Who knows? In either case, betting on either team is equal amounts of risk.

TL;DR — Colombia and Japan are almost equal when pitted against one another. Odds Colombia win World Cup 2018 may change because of this. 

Odds on South Korea to Win 2018 World Cup

From all the data we’ve managed to get, therefore, Colombia to with the World Cup odds become much less certain than they may have been initially if they were put against someone else for their first match. It may be wiser, then, to approach betting on Colombia to win other victories other than the World Cup itself.

If you’re still a bit unsure on the subject, have a look at odds for Colombia to win World Cup 2018 for yourself:

  • Sky Bet — 40
  • Ladbrokes — 33
  • William Hill — 33

It would appear Colombia World Cup 2018 odds are more or less unanimous in spite of the odds seeming murky upon first glance. Then again, things do and have changed, making the whole venture of betting on teams a bit of a risk.  We therefore advise you to save some money and not bet on odds Colombia Korea win World Cup 2018.

On the other hand, we’d like to reiterate that we do not think they are a bad team just because odds on Colombia winning 2018 World Cup are a bit wonky. It is more the circumstances surrounding their first match than anything else and it could be much more convenient for players to keep their money rather than spend it on needless bets.

TL;DR — Betting odds Colombia to win World Cup 2018 aren’t all that fantastic and you probably should not wait for the odds to change.

Other Possible Bets

Except for the top South American team title, Colombia could help get you some money if you put down wagers on bets which aren’t them just winning the world cup. If you don’t like Colombia’s odds, and if you think like we do that their chances at being best South American team are unlikely, there are a few other bets you can invest in:

  • First team to score a goal
  • First player to get a yellow card
  • Will there be an offside?
  • Player of the match

In conclusion, odds on Colombia to win World Cup 2018 are remote at best but they may not be a bad of a team as one may think. They might even be the top South American team. Check up on their odds every now and then just to be sure. Colombia to win World Cup 2018 odds are just not worth it.