Bookmakers are as old as time itself; Britain's fascination with betting on sports (and pretty much anything and everything else) dates back centuries. Some of the high-street bookies you can see nowadays have been around for decades as well and there is no risk they're ever going away.

Bookmakers have the hard job of setting the odds for the various types of bets that they will allow their customers to place. Set them too high and they risk players walking away with all their profits. On the other hand, set them too low and they won't be having any punters at all. So, it's a really delicate line to walk.

Plus, bookmakers have to compete against many others, enticing new players with their own odds. Taking business away from established bookmakers is hard work but some new bookmakers have quickly established themselves on the market as well by creating a vibrant new brand.

However, more often than not, people tend to stick to what they know and plenty of old-school bookmakers offer World Cup 2018 odds for their cherished clientele. Bonuses, promotions and special offers are about with mere weeks to go before the World Cup so look out for those too!