All time stats at FIFA World Cup tournaments can be very interesting today now that it’s been going on for almost 100 years and hundreds of matches were played throughout the history of this tournament.

But more importantly, various statistics can help you familiarize with the teams and various players, some of which are still playing today and will participate in World Cup 2018.

What’s more, if you’re thinking of betting on teams or players participating in the World Cup at sports betting sites, it’s useful to know how much they have already played before and how their performance looked like.

So, here are some truly interesting and possibly random facts that you can tell your friends to come off as a massive football nerd!

All Time Stats at FIFA World Cup Tournaments

Let’s start with some basic stats of the tournaments themselves. There have already been 20 of them and each one exciting in its own way. See below for various all-time records and stats belonging to particular tournaments.

FIFA World Cup Tournament All Time Stats

FIFA World Cup has been growing ever since 1930. There were only 13 teams and 16 matches played in the first tournament. Last year, in 2014, there were 32 teams and 64 matches instead (a structure used since 1998).

Therefore, it only makes sense that the most goals scored belong to the latest tournaments. To be precise, there were 171 goals scored both in 2014 and 1998 — a record that might be improved this year.

If we take a look at the average goal number per match, this is nowhere near 1954 year in Switzerland when the average goals per match were 5.4 as opposed to today’s 2.5 or similar, though.

FIFA World Cup Teams All Time Stats

Throughout the years, 77 different countries participated in the World Cups. Some did it only once, while others did it on every single occasion (looking at you, Brazil).

Brazil is also the most successful team, winning the trophy five times. Other teams that have won multiple times include:

  • Italy (won four times)
  • Germany (won four times)
  • Uruguay (won twice)
  • Argentina (won twice)

Three other teams also won it once (England, France and Spain).

For something more interesting, let’s take a look at the teams whose players scored most own goals at World Cup tournaments:

  • Spain: 3 own goals (1950, 1998, 2002)
  • Mexico: 3 own goals (1930, 1954, 1970)
  • Bulgaria: 3 own goals (1966, 1966, 1998)

FIFA World Cup Players All Time Stats

One interesting statistic that’s also relevant to 2018 World Cup is the players with most goals scored throughout all the tournaments:

  • Miroslav Klose (Germany): 16 goals
  • Ronaldo (Brazil): 15 goals
  • Gerd Mueller (Germany): 14 goals
  • Just Fontaine (France): 13 goals

The most likely Player to make it to the top of this chart this year is Thomas Mueller (10 goals so far).

On the other hand, here are the players who have earned the most cards during their World Cup matches:

  • Zinedine Zidane (France, four yellow and two red cards)
  • Rafael Marquez (Mexico, five yellow and one red cards)
  • Cafu (Brazil, six yellow cards)