In our attempt to prepare all Fable Casino players for the World Cup 2018, you’re probably expecting your World in Motion lyrics sheet, your Harry Kane Panini stickers, and your St George’s flags to be delivered any day now. Whilst we wish we could send these World Cup essentials to every reader of this blog (and we do highly recommend going out and purchasing all three as soon as possible), what we’ve decided to do instead is to produce a complete and comprehensive guide of all the World Cup betting opportunities you could cash in on.

If you’re new to sports betting, then now is the perfect time to get involved. Not only will betting on the World Cup give you an excuse to even watch obscure matches, but there’s already hundreds of new betting markets and World Cup betting bonuses available, giving you plenty of chances win big.

In this guide we’ll talk about all the different types of football World Cup 2018 bets you can make, how to find the perfect World Cup 2018 bookmaker for you, and where to find the best possible football 2018 odds on each market.

World Cup 2018 Football Betting: What Markets Are Available?

As we’ve just mentioned, in addition to showcasing some of the most talented football teams in the world right now, the World Cup also brings us hundreds of brand new sports betting options.

There is a grand total of 64 football matches to be played over the course of the tournament, which gives you a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to placing a wager. Whilst many more markets will also open once the World Cup 2018 gets underway, there’s also plenty which you can engage with right now, ahead of the opening ceremony. Naturally, the further in advance you place a bet, the more chance you have of beating the bookies too, so read on to find out where you can place World Cup wagers today.

World Cup Football 2018 Regular Betting Options

All of the bets you can place ahead of the World Cup 2018 are referred to as ‘regular bets’. By this we mean bets which must be placed before the event begins. So for example, you’d have to place a bet on a match before kick-off, or a bet on who will become finalists before the end of the semi-finals.

Here are some of the most popular regular World Cup football betting markets which are available at many UK bookmakers right now:

  • Outright Winner
  • Name the Finalists
  • Top Goalscorer
  • First and Second Teams to Advance in Groups
  • Golden Ball Winner
  • Goalscorer and Outright Winner Doubles
  • England Stage of Elimination
  • Group Stage Winners

Finding these kinds of markets at any UK bookmaker shouldn’t be difficult. Usually you need to first select the ‘football’ section of the website, and then continue into the ‘international’ category. That being said, we’re sure as the World Cup 2018 draws closer, many sportsbook will also offer a specialized World Cup category which will be highlighted on the homepage.

World Cup Football 2018 In Play Betting Options

Alongside regular bets, many UK bookmakers will also be offering in-play markets once the World Cup 2018 football matches get underway.

In play betting, as the name suggests, is where you are able to place a bet whilst the game is still in play. One of the biggest benefits of in play betting is that it allows punters to make decisions based on what’s just happened. You’re able to assess the match and what’s gone on so far, and therefore can bet smarter.  What’s more, in play betting quite often offers players much better odds than regular bets, especially if there’s not a lot of remaining time in a match.

Here are some examples of in-play betting markets that may be offered on World Cup 2018 matches:

  • Final Result
  • Team to Take Next Corner
  • Half Time Result
  • Next Player to Receive a Yellow/Red Card
  • Next Team to Score
  • Chance of a Penalty Shootout
  • Chance of a Draw
  • Next Player to Score

How to Find the Best World Cup Football 2018 Odds

If you are interested in placing some football bets this World Cup Russia 2018, then finding the best odds possible is, of course, very important. Whilst the growth of the online sports betting industry means that there are more online bookmakers to choose from than ever before, finding the best odds means you could get more for your money.

This is where comparison sites such as OddsChecker prove to be very helpful. These kinds of sites collect all the available odds at different sportsbooks, and you can compare and contrast to see which site would be the best for you.

Moreover, these comparison sites are updated as the odds drift or shorten. This allows you a far better chance of beating the bookies, as it allows you to consider whether you’re placing a wager at the right time, or whether you’d be better of waiting for better odds.

How to Choose a World Cup 2018 Football Betting Site

Whilst finding the best world cup football odds on your chosen wager is probably the most likely reason you’d pick one bookmaker over another, there are various other things you should also take into consideration. Things like mobile compatibility, payment methods and bonuses can all impact your sports betting experience, and so you should always do your research before signing up to a particular sportsbook.

Furthermore, it’s always wise to read sportsbook reviews first! Whilst most of the big UK sportsbook brands (Ladbrokes, Coral, and Sky Bet etc.) can be trusted to deliver a high-quality experience, some of the smaller sites may look better than they actually are. Sportsbook reviews, therefore, give you an unbiased opinion and can stop you from placing a wager at a less than savoury site.