Most people tend to have a love or hate relationship with sports; you either love everything about the various branches of sports or they hate hearing anything about it at all. However, there are some of us that are middle of ground – can do some sports on occasions such as the World Cup 2018, but won't care about the second league somewhere half the world away.

Yes, call us posers, but the World Cup 2018 is a huge deal. After all, even if you know nothing about luge, a spot of Winter Olympics is always fun to watch. In any case, the biggest sports event of the world – the World Cup 2018 in Russia – is impending and sports fans everywhere are perking up to watch the matches.

No matter if you couldn't care less about football , one thing is for sure. There is a lot at stake when the teams meet in June in the various stadia across Russia. Not only is it pride and honour, but the most coveted sports trophy at stake!

So whichever sports you're a fan of, we are pretty sure you'll tune in to some World Cup games and hog all the entire TV for the duration of a solid couple of weeks!