Oink Country Love Feature ImageHere’s a slot that’s bound to put a smile on your face. Welcome to Oink Country, where two fine pigs—Willy and Chancho try to win over Miss Southern Charm. Both of them get into quite a scuffle, tripping over each other to snatch the attention of their southern belle. Which piggy would you root for? Well, it doesn’t matter at all, because both pigs will award the player with Wild symbols! That’s two pigs and two times the number of wilds, not to mention the whopping number of extra spins too. It’s a hilarious cartoon, a cute scuffle and a profitable video slot indeed.


Game Mechanics

The cuteness overload from Willy, Chancho and Miss Southern Charm is presented on five reels that is paired with 45 paylines. The game accepts wagers starting from a mere 50p all the way up to £125 per spin. That said, we feel that this wide wager range should accommodate both casual players and slots enthusiasts just the same.

Oink Country Love Small Win

As the game is set in a barn deep in the country side, you will find many barn animals as symbols. Speaking of which, there are two unique Wild symbols in this game. In Willy’s and Chancho’s quest to attract Miss Southern Charm both of them try their very best to be as generous as possible — hence a Wild for each of them. As usual, they will replace all other symbols except scatters to create winning paylines. With two Wilds present instead of just one, your chances of winning in the base game is automatically doubled.

Oink Country Love Normal Win

Microgaming has set Oink Country Love to be a game with low to medium volatility. You will be glad to know that payouts are extremely frequent. The downside is that payouts are slightly lower. The Return to Player (RTP) rate is set at 96%, on par with many of Microgaming’s other slots. To be frank, we'd take high frequency payouts any day of the week as it helps maintain the bank balance a lot more than low frequency, albeit slightly higher payouts.


Bonus Features

The battle between Willy and Chancho heats up in the bonus features. As mentioned previously, there are two Wilds in this game. When you get them on your reels, you will witness Willy and Chancho become musicians to impress Miss Southern Charm.

Oink Country Love Scatters

Oink Country Love is all about the extra spins. Microgaming has put so much emphasis to this feature that they have made it possible for players to win up to 160 extra spins. To trigger the extra spins, you will need at least three Golden Ticket scatter symbols on your reels. Obtaining three, four and five Golden Tickets will reward you with 5, 10 and 20 extra spins respectively.

Oink Country Love Extra Spins Gameplay

The good news doesn’t stop there – for every stacked scatter you get on the same reel, the total number of extra spins won will be instantly multiplied by two. Also, getting additional scatters during your extra spin rounds will only add to the number of extra spins you already have.


Game Performance

The Oink Country Love slot is designed and developed by Microgaming, which if you know of well enough, has been around for more than 20 years. The graphics and animations present in this slot is the pinnacle of what you can achieve having designed slots for decades. They look stunning throughout the game and best of all, the animations tell you the story of two pigs trying to attract Miss Southern Charm.

Oink Country Love Super Big Win

You will be able to play this game on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Oink Country Love will be particularly be enjoyed by those, who are always on the go as the game has been highly optimized for both iOS and Android devices. Even on older devices such as our Samsung Galaxy S3, the game feels responsive and it loads quickly.


Anything Special?

The part of Oink Country Love that impressed us most is the fact that it is so easy to fall in love with. Right from the minute you start playing, you will be thoroughly entertained by the frequent payouts and silly antics by Willy and Chancho.

Oink Country Love Graphics

This is one of the few slots that you will play where you could genuinely maintain your bank balance without much difficulty. The sheer number of extra spins offered via the stacked scatter symbols will always keep you on the edge of your seat. Is there any other reason you need for you to fall in love with a slot?



In our opinion, the Oink Country Love slot is a beautifully designed Microgaming slot with both its theme and gameplay working together hand in hand. The gaming experience that it delivers simply uplifts the gaming mood all the time and, combined with its frequent paying characteristic, you are up for tonnes of fun.

We feel that the Oink Country Love is a slot that is super easy to fall in love with, no matter what your budget is or who you are. We guarantee you that the cute shenanigans that Willy and Chancho try to pull off to win over Miss Souther Charm will make your day!

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