NetEnt LogoTo nobody's surprise, the number of online casinos has dramatically increased over the past decade. So much so, in fact, that it can be hard to know which ones you should go for. Thankfully, software developers like NetEnt have been in the industry long enough to know how to make a winner. 

With over 100 of the world's leading online casinos using the NetEnt technology on their sites, it can be daunting to know which game to play first and why. Obviously, each casino offers their own rewards and benefits to joining, as well as playing. 

Best Free Slots 

One of the many genres of games, which NetEnt provide are their free slots. These range from colourful arcade slots, to movie or music inspired gaming experiences.  Thankfully, over the years, a large number of these have been made so there's one suited to everyone's tastes. A brief look into some of the contemporary online casino game rosters and the player will quickly spot all of the fan favourites such as the following games listed.


Starburst WildsWhile  a number of these games across many sites, there are a select few which have stood out for mobile slot veterans. Some of the NetEnt games that are released start out quite well, but are soon abandoned, deemed to be duds. Meanwhile, the others are incredibly popular and these particular versions quickly become fan favourites. 

Starburst is simplicity made perfect and precisely because of this, it is featured on almost every NetEnt casino homepage. The game doesn't have any particular features, no progressive jackpot or extra spins, which is unusual for a mobile slot game.  

Usually, the lack of features is the hallmark for a game that would get down-voted into oblivion.  This time around, however, this is the exact reason that Starburst has become such a popular take on the genre within mobile gambling communities.  It blends high-paced slots with a colourful layout, making it an enticing and enjoyable experience. The high chance of winning doesn't hurt either! 

Planet of the Apes 

The Planet of the Apes slot features music from the series, keeping you invigorated. Every so often, depending on the symbols that appear on the reels, there is a fun animated  event that takes place, such as a group of chimps running across your screen is to let you know that you're in for a chance of a big pay-out! It may not seem like much, but it does add a deeper layer to the game and mixes up the traditional formula for a slot game.  

Blood Suckers 2 

Blood Suckers 2 Slot LogoNow for another fan favourite – Blood Suckers 2. Clearly inspired by the folklore and Bram Stoker, the artwork of Bloodsuckers 2 is very Gothic and the music is ominous.  The enticing features for this slot come in the form of: 

  • Wild substitutions 
  • Free spins 
  • A hidden treasure bonus game  
  • Two Shot features 

With these in play, players should find it a breeze to score high and plunder the treasure from the Vampires. 

Guns N' Roses 

Finally, we have the Guns N' Roses video slot. If you're a fan of this legendary band and have a particular taste for slots, then you will be sorry that you haven't played this sooner.  

The game features an easy to navigate design and replaces the traditional images on the slot wheels. Instead of fruit or gems, there are avatars of the iconic band members, the famous Guns N' Roses logo, plectrums and a record as the ‘bonus'.  

An added feature, whilst playing this particular slot, is the selection of the band's most famous tracks. This will help any player get into the groove of spinning whilst letting them head-bang to victory. 

With such a wide range of scenarios for players to jump into, it becomes quite transparent as to why so many online casinos are integrating NetEnt software. Pandering to any taste from art style to music, there literally is a slot game for anyone. 

Best NetEnt Casinos Of 2018 

Determining which casino is best can sometimes be a hard task, especially for newcomers. Players have to factor in joining bonuses, range of games, support and usability into their opinion. Here are some of the favourites from veterans in the mobile industry. 

Each of these sites feature a range of games, from the NetEnt suite, for you to sink your teeth into and all include different benefits to those joining. Some have a greater selection of NetEnt games, others have a significantly larger welcoming bonus while some include an infinite number of promotional offers up for grabs. 

Betsafe Casino

Betsafe offers a very generous 100% welcome bonus up to 250 EUR for those who sign up to their mobile casino. This is a great entry point for players that also want access to almost every NetEnt game on offer. The casino offers NetEnt local and pooled jackpots allowing players to try and get the most for their money.  

Karamba Casino

Karamba Casino LogoKaramba, on the other hand, may feature a smaller selection of NetEnt games than Betsafe, but it makes up for this with a 200% welcome bonus of up to 500 EUR! The added bonuses to this site include free spins and regular tournaments for a variety of their games. 

888  Casino

Next, we have 888 Casino, who are so big they've practically become a household name in the industry. 888 also feature a decent welcome bonus, with the chance of up to five reload bonuses. Featuring almost all NetEnt games but no jackpots, this is a great site to play around for free. 

Pots of Luck Casino

Finally, there are Pots of Luck –  an easily recognizable online casino due to their famous leprechaun logo. This site offers a constant flow of promotional offers and welcome packages, with the chance of reload bonuses as well.  

Known for their excellent customer service and availability to help those having technical issues, players will truly appreciate why this company chose to have ‘Luck' in their name.  

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