copyright purchaseAs we recently noticed, slot games designed after TV shows are becoming very popular these days. Not only TV shows like Deal or No Deal but also action movies and drama series. NetEnt is one especially productive company in that respect. They’ve just bought the copyrights to the acclaimed TV series Vikings.

This isn’t surprising either because they’ve already tried this strategy and it seems to be paying off. In the last quarter of 2017, they released the Planet of the Apes slot based on two movies from this brand. Some time ago, they also developed a slot based on South Park, the famous animated sitcom. Vikings seems like the logical next step, especially since the series is so popular internationally.


More On Vikings TV Series

vikings tv seriesVikings is a popular TV series that started in 2013 and has already aired five seasons since then. It revolves around one famous and almost legendary Viking character Ragnar Lothbrok and his kin. It takes place at the time when Viking raids had started in Europe and follows that timeline. Depicting the famous historical events, the show is full of action, as well as intriguing relations within the Viking society and beyond.

The series was watched by millions of fans in many countries and were acclaimed critically as well. Vikings is an international production by Irish and Canadian studios. It isn’t difficult to imagine why NetEnt chose to use this brand for creating a slot that's going to be loved from the start. The hype is going to be quite huge, we believe.


NetEnt Slot Based On Vikings

NetEnt LogoNetEnt has just bought the rights from A+E Networks, which is responsible for licencing the brand for gaming businesses. We have just received the news, so it’s not clear how this slot will look like. What we do know, however, is that NetEnt is planning to release it before the end of this year.

We can take a look at Planet of the Apes slot as an example of a movie-based slot. It contains many excerpts from the movie itself and various features based on the events in the movie. Vikings slot will probably be somewhat similar, including the beloved characters and special features such as a raiding expedition or something in that spirit. Then again, knowing how original this company strives to be, we might be completely wrong here.

NetEnt’s Henrik Fagerlund used the occasion to emphasise the company’s hard work that goes into developing a different genre of branded game. It seems they’ll try to continue making new and unexpected decisions in slot development. And, as always, we should expect only the best quality from them.

When speaking about the TV series, Fagerlund pointed out to the vast audience this show has worldwide. The show is “a classic and historical theme packed with action”, he said. Does this mean that we can expect the same amount of action from the Vikings slot? This seems very likely, so all we can do now is wait and play other NetEnt slots at Fable Casino.

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