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According to the official statistics in the UK, mobile gambling numbers continued rising throughout 2018. However, at the same time, more people became distrustful of the industry’s fairness.

Here are some figures from the data published by the Gambling Commission.

Gambling Habits & Public Opinion in 2018

PercentageGroupChange Since 2017
18%Respondents who gambled online in the past four weeks(➖ 0% change)
55%Online users who used a tablet or mobile to gamble in the past four weeks(⬆️ 4% increase)
44%Mobile phone use for gambling in relation to other devices(⬆️ 5% increase)
30%Respondents who think gambling is fair and trustworthy(⬇️ 3% decrease)
38%Percentage of people who believe there are ties between gambling and crime(⬇️ 3% decrease)
71%Participants stating that gambling puts an entire family’s well-being at risk(➖ 0% change)

The increasing distrust of gambling isn’t huge. However, there still must be a reason why these people are losing trust in gambling businesses and casinos. 

Could the reason be the growth of mobile devices in use for playing at online casinos?

We think not.

There are no direct causal links between the changes in these two categories of statistics. Instead, both gaming on smartphones and fairness in gambling are affected by different causes.

Why Are People So Cautious to Gamble?

There are many possible explanations for the increasing caution among people. Note that not all the participants of the official survey are gamblers.

Let's discuss some of the possible answers. Consider these facts:

  1. Increased UKGC activities are raising awareness of the industry’s problems
  2. Gambling organizations showed reluctance to reduce maximum FOTB stakes despite their harm to society
  3. GAMSTOP was proven to be ineffective in protecting self-excluded casino players
  4. Much attention was paid to problem gambling and new risk-related organizations emerged

a photo of a confused man on laptopThese are just a few examples that could have caused the rising suspicion in the populace.

The most important thing here is that most of these issues aren’t directly related to gambling on phones. Instead, it’s the other sectors or the industry as a whole that face these problems.

So, the rise of mobile gambling isn’t the reason why we’re seeing negative numbers in the ‘trust’ graph. At the same time, the popularity of mobile casinos is rising for completely unrelated reasons too.

Why is Mobile Gambling Increasing?

The simple fact is that the usage of mobiles has been increasing for years now. This applies to everything, not just the casinos either. Nowadays, small portable devices are often chosen instead of laptops.

At the same time, technology is improving and smartphones are getting more powerful each week. Naturally, people are buying more of them and spending more time on them too.

It only makes sense that mobile markets everywhere are rising. Gambling in the UK is no exception.

fable casino lobby on smartphone

Seeing the shift in gaming habits among people, operators are also changing their tactics. 

New mobile casinos, methods to pay by phone and exclusive bonuses spring up all over the place. This makes casino games on mobiles ever more tempting.

So, the bottom line is this:

Mobile gambling is rising on its own accord and doesn’t affect the fairness of the casino industry. If anything, gambling on mobile is safer than the other ways to play.

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