mega fortune dreamsThese jackpots just keep on coming out of NetEnt‘s massive progressive jackpot slot, Mega Fortune Dreams. Less than a week ago, another lucky player won the prize of a lifetime and scored enough money to settle them for life. Now, a mere week later the jackpot has dished out yet again, awarding a grand prize of £2.8 million (€3.2 million).

That's an unprecedented amount in such a short space of time! How did this lucky soul win? Any chance you could be the next Mega Fortune Dream millionaire? We have all the details for you right here.


A Life-Changing Spin

mega fortune dreams jackpot wheelThe precise nature of the win in question is still surrounded in mystery, including things like the player's identity, which mobile casino they were playing at and even which country they're from. What we do know, however, is that they managed to nab the combined £8 million top-up of three Mega Fortune Progressive Jackpots in a single spin.

Funny how your life can drastically change at the spin of a reel! To win such an amount at any other time seems insane to most people, but to do so this quickly, not to mention in one spin, requires an insane amount of luck. This is, however, what NetEnt's jackpots have been doing for a long time now. And we do mean a long time, like ten years kind of a long time.

Think about that… Ten years helping people achieve their goals. Mega Fortune Dreams is just one of their outlets, but it seems to be their most popular method of providing all that wealth. We can only hope Mega Fortune Dreams keeps on making millionaires for the next ten years to come!


About Mega Fortune Dreams

The newest out of all four progressive jackpots that NetEnt has released (yes, only four, which is quite a small number), Mega Fortune Dreams is the sequel to the insanely popular Mega Fortune, where many players have won millions in the blink of an eye. They most certainly called the day off work the following morning!

Released in July 2014, Mega Fortune Dreams has had, arguably, more success than its predecessor. With an average jackpot win of over £3 million every two months (that's a real quick turnaround when you think about it), this has become very easy to believe. The biggest ever recorded win is £4.8 million — an insane number that has seen a lucky player become a very rich individual indeed.

Simply put, if you play with Mega Fortune Dreams, your chances of becoming rich overnight are bigger than if you play the national lottery. It's an infinitesimal amount, sure, but it's a bigger chance nonetheless. Even though the wagers are much larger than your average video slot, we'd say the bigger contributions are worth it for the prize that could be won.


Other Jackpots

fable casino logoAt Fable casino, we have a fair few progressive jackpots for you to try: Divine Fortune, Treasure Nile and King Cashalot just to name a few. We try to provide players with the best we can find and although you may not find Mega Fortune Dreams among our ranks, it may certainly well be there at some point in the future. In the mean time, enjoy all the other progressives we've got in store for you. Who knows? You may just end up scoring a massive fortune yourself!

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