Live DealerKeen-eyed players will have noticed by now that one of the main parts of our offering here at Fable Casino is the live table games we offer. Those of you, who are accustomed to playing at live tables, will probably be glad to see them and will hopefully be impressed by our range of game choices. Yet, for the uninitiated, getting started with live tables can be a little daunting.

It’s OK though — we’re here to make the transition from video table games or slots to live tables as easy as possible and that starts with the understanding that there’s really nothing to be worried about in the first place. Playing at live tables is just like playing at regular video tables!


What Are Live Tables?

live-dealers-fable-casinoPut quite simply, live dealer tables are online and mobile casino games that replace the random number generating algorithms with real people. Yup, it might sound like a step backwards in technology, but in many ways it’s actually a leap forward. Croupiers are in a studio behind a real live table for the game you want to play. And while you wager as you would with any video casino game, it’s the outcome of the real life spin or draw that is used to decide how much you win or lose.

The appeal is two-fold: there are some players, who have never quite trusted those pesky computers and find it far more appealing to have a real person dealing their cards or spinning their roulette wheel. Moreover, players are able to interact with hosts, making the entire experience a whole lot more sociable and friendly.


What Live Tables Does Fable Casino Offer?

live casino games fable casinoSome casinos, which profess to have a live offering might have one roulette table and a blackjack table perhaps. If you play live tables at Fable Casino, however, it’s a very different matter. We’ve got choices and options up to your eyeballs, letting you choose from eight different blackjack tables, six different roulette tables and even a baccarat table, suitable for those of you who are into the more obscure games.

It’s not just all one melting pot of games either. We’ve a range from Golden Ball Roulette and Common Draw Blackjack, to VIP Blackjack and Club Roulette. Feel free to explore the full range of games we have on offer and discover the ones that are right for you. There are descriptions of the games available, as well as previews of the hosts you’ll be playing with, so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.


Is The Live Dealer Experience Really Better?

Like all things in the online and mobile casino world, whether or not you’re a fan of live tables boils right down to taste. For our money, the more immersive, friendly and personal experience you can enjoy at a live table here at Fable Casino is without a match. You can chat to friendly hosts, watch the results of the games play out in reality and in front of your very eyes, and enjoy the unique highs of as close to reality as you’re going to come at an online or mobile casino.

That said, it might not be for you. For many people, online and mobile casinos are in fact an escape from the real world and interactions. It’s totally legitimate to think that live tables are a little too much like trying to copy land-based casinos. Yet, for our money, they’re better than the real thing, as they have all the benefits of a land-based casino, with the convenience of mobile or online.

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