slots special features bonusWith slots all being so different, it may seem difficult, if not impossible, to find a perfect one. Even if you do, it’s likely there’s no other game quite like it. Slot developers always try to come up with new ideas and new combinations of features. If they were the same, players wouldn’t even notice a new release. Special features play an important part in this. But does it mean that great slots always have to be unique and packed with bonuses?

We don’t think so. However, gameplay features do add some flavour to the slot, especially if they accommodate to its theme. It also depends on the kind of these features. While some might be totally amazing and lucrative, others only lengthen the gameplay without really adding anything substantial to it.


Special Features Equals Big Wins

luchadora big winBonus rounds like various mini-games and plain extra spin rounds definitely add some depth. They make the slot less monotonic and more diverse. It also gives the player something to strive for. The main reason why players want to activate it is that they hope to win big.

Extra spins and other bonus rounds do tend to offer much greater payouts than the base game. They may have mind-blowing multipliers, lots of additional wilds or crazy unique features which pay off almost every time. On the other hand, having many such bonuses in a single game probably means that its base game is a money grabber.

In effect, the overall RTP of such slot may not be any higher, but the gameplay feels much more exciting anyway. Well, unless you don’t like the pace, which is totally possible if you prefer low variance slots. Those will pay on a similar frequency both during the bonus rounds and outside of them. This decreases the level of risk and makes the bonuses less lucrative. But why would you need those if you genuinely like the slot as it is?


Many Special Features Make It More Interesting

special features chooseOther than bonus rounds and extra spins, there are other features that often make the slot more interesting. It could be something that triggers randomly. Maybe it’s a re-spin after a losing bet. Or is it a few extra wilds added to the reels while they’re still spinning? It can even be a plain random cash drop or a special symbol that just grants you a small jackpot based on your bet.

Small features like that certainly add variety to the slot. We aren’t so sure if they always make the gameplay more interesting, though. This greatly depends on the feature itself. Even if a slot has five of those, it can still be boring. This is especially true if they’re just random cash bonuses or features like symbol swaps that fail to increase your winnings way too often.


How Many Special Features Do Great Slots Have?

ted free spins featureThere’s no single correct answer to this question. A lot depends on the personal taste. Rather than looking for slots with a fixed number of features, pay attention to what those features actually do. See which ones you like and which ones you don’t. Then, based on your experience, you’ll know if you’re going to enjoy a new slot simply by checking out its features.

Some people may like slots with a ridiculous amount of mini-games and bonuses. Others may find the same game too complicated and prefer something that’s easier to learn in just a few spins. Such a game may only have a single bonus round without any special features at all. As long as it’s well-made and pays well, bonus features can be viewed as a mere distraction.


Great Slots With And Without Special Features

joker pro slot featureAnother way to find some great slots is by trying both types. There are some amazing titles with many features and with virtually none of them. As we mentioned in the beginning, the variety is enormous. Here are a few examples of great slots with and without special features.

Let’s start with the action-packed slots with an insane number of features. Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune is one of them, featuring eight mini-games and two random features. Ted slot by Blueprint Gaming has six random features and five different bonus rounds. Luchadora has two special features in the base game and three different features during the bonus round.

Speaking of slots with very few special features, Twin Spin and Twin Spin Deluxe are good examples. They have only one feature each. Twin Spin Deluxe may seem unique due to the cluster pays mechanism, though. Another example is Joker Pro, which has just one feature too, though that feature does a few things at the same time.

We think these games prove that special features aren’t necessary for a great slot. While they play a part in a slot’s quality, there are many other things to consider as well. Check out all of the games mentioned above at Fable Casino to find out your preference.

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