Prime Time Combat Kings Logo Last month’s fight between McGreggor and Mayweather in Las Vegas taught us two things. Firstly, when a non-professional boxer goes up against a profession boxer, the result is pretty predictable. Secondly, it seems that Mixed Martial Arts (or MMA) has become so big as a sport that even the once great Boxing industry needs to rely on it for coverage. Yup, the fight was all about the money and that money wouldn’t have been there had the popularity of MMA not put McGreggor on such a high pedestal to begin with.

Well, owing to the huge and growing popularity of the sport, it seems about appropriate that someone would finally have gone and made an MMA themed slot. That’s exactly what Genesis Gaming has done this month with its upcoming game Primetime Combat Kings. The game pulls on many of the features of the games and is set to appeal to the growing number of players, who are both slots fans and followers of the sport.


About Primetime Combat Kings

Primetime Combat Kings ScreenshotThis 5 reel, 25 payline slot from Genesis Gaming has borrowed from the famous shape of the octagonal Mixed Martial Arts ring to offer a slots design and layout, which is based on an octagon. Although this is more aesthetic than it is practical, the reel layout actually has little to do with the actual gameplay. The rest of the setting mimics the average MMA arena with stalls for fans and flashing lights.

As you might expect, the reels are populated with some of the world’s top Mixed Martial Arts fighters and Genesis has done a great job in rendering them in all their fierce and intimidating realism. When it comes to slots that are based on something in real life, it always pays to spend time rendering something as realistic as possible. Otherwise, these things just come across as cheap.


Slot Features

The scatter symbol in the game is a gold belt – the kind that champion wrestlers are rewarded with at the end of a big competition. If you land three or more of these scatter features, you’ll enter into the slot’s Ring Wheel bonus feature. This functions both as a bonus round in the slot, and as an opportunity for players to step into the ring themselves for a bout of their own.

Plus, the bonus round places you within the octagon yourself, where you fight with your opponent in a mini game in the hopes of landing yourself up to 20 extra spins, with multipliers totaling up to 5x! The ring girl is your wild and substitutes all symbols in the game to create winning combinations except for the scatters.


Available At Fable Later This Month

fable casino logoThough an exact date is yet to be set for the launch of Primetime Combat Kings, we know that you’ll be able to find it later this month at any decent casino that carries Genesis Gaming slots.

So, if you can’t get enough hot slots action, and are also a huge fan of the homo-erotic grapple-fest that is Mixed Martial Arts fighting, then you’re exactly the kind of player who’s going to love Primetime Combat Kings.

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