voodoo candy shop logoIf dabbling in black magic is your thing, then you will love this slot made by BF Games. The Voodoo Candy Shop slot machine is definitely your more scary slot. It acts as a shop where it sells magical skulls and items as well as an action/survival game as you fend off zombies trying to eat your braaaaaiiiins. You definitely need a Voodoo Candy Shop slot guide to play.

Yes, the Voodoo Candy Shop Game is definitely an edge-of-your-seat experience, something rare among many slots. It makes you almost forget that you’re playing a slot at all. Does it live up to being a slot, though? Or is it simply a game that relies a bit too much on its gimmick? Let’s take a look in our fully comprehensive Voodoo Candy Shop game review. Or, if you want, you can call it a Voodoo Candy Shop guide.


Gameplay And Return To Player (RTP)

voodoo candy shop reelLet’s start this Voodoo Candy Shop Review by talking about the gameplay. You can enable 5, 10 or 20 bet lines on the Voodoo Candy Shop game. The coin values range from 0.001 credits to 2.5 credits, meaning you have some room to manoeuvre while making your wagers. You make these bets on 20 paylines. Buy your credits in pounds or euros! Voodoo Candy Shop RTP is around 96% and operates on a medium volatility level so the slot is relatively easy to play. Expect regular wins.

This is enhanced by the bonus game in play. With each line won, you have the option to choose red or black. Get it right and you could beget an enormous win. Get it wrong and you end up having your win disappear into the aether. So choose wisely! The Voodoo Candy Shop Slot RTP won’t be much good if you play foolishly. Still, it gives you enough of a wide birth to make some nifty wins all the same. And we’re sure you’ll be playing this game a lot, if not through the game mechanics then through the visuals.

voodoo candy shop symbolsThe Voodoo Candy Shop game has a unique design with a flash-based design. With top-notch graphics and a sound design that makes other slot developers extremely envious, we’re sure this will go up there as one of the more immersive slots ever devised. The reel is spectacularly detailed and operates on the whole black magic and menace atmosphere. It’s designed to look like a shelf in a dark and dingy shop and spinning a winning bet line makes some weird things happen, as black magic should do.

So the slot does exceedingly well on the theme front and successfully creates an identity for itself. Watch out for some of those creepy voodoo dolls, though! They might just be out to get you. If the sound effects aren’t your thing, however, or you think it’s too scary, you can always disable it in the game menu. We know it’s not to everybody’s taste.


Extra Spins And Bonus Codes

voodoo candy shop winThere are not many a Voodoo Candy Shop slot bonus code out there slot but what kind of Voodoo Candy Shop Review would we be if we gave you nothing? Sign up to LV Bet today to claim a £200 welcome bonus plus 200 extra spins which you can use on this slot! It’s the perfect way to start your adventure at a casino and what better game to start with than this one? Like we said, if you’re into the dark arts then this slot if perfect for you, especially for newer players. Sadly, this the only Voodoo Candy Shop bonus code stuff we have for this Voodoo Candy Shop slot review. If we find any Voodoo Candy Shop slot extra spins, we’ll let you know. Having said that, Voodoo Candy Shop extra spins are simple to obtain in-game.


Tips And Tricks – How To Play

Before taking your first step into this spooky Voodoo Candy Shop game, here are some Voodoo Candy Shop slot tips. You must prepare yourself with some of the betting and getting your finances in order. Firstly, make sure you have the right number of lines you wish to be active by clicking the line figures on the left-hand side of the main reel. Your chosen number will appear in the middle column.

You can then go on to select the coin value to make up your total bet. It’s displayed in the box on the left hand green button on the control panel. If you want to bet the maximum amount, then just click Max Bet and you’ll soon be doing just that. That’s one of the best Voodoo Candy Shop tips we can give you.  We don’t want to tell you how to play Voodoo Candy Shop too many times because that would be just boring. Do it your own way! Figure out your methods of how to play the Voodoo Candy Shop slot.



To wrap up this Voodoo Candy Shop slot game review, let’s talk about it’s good points. You can easily adjust your coin value and make use of an effective RTP system by making some simple adjustments. The game itself is fun too! With a quirky theme that oozes atmosphere and quirkiness, it’ll doubtless go down a treat among horror fans and people who are fascinated by black magic. It’s definitely going to turn into a cult favourite if it hasn’t already. Ha! Cult. Get it?

In any case, the only flaw we can find with Voodoo Candy Shop is its RTP, which isn’t very high. But this is a small complaint. It’s mostly just average and doesn’t affect gameplay all that much, not to mention winning is easy. So go ahead and enjoy it! We hope you took something away from this Voodoo Candy Shop slot game review.