treasure coast game reviewAre you looking for an opportunity to relax and just enjoy your life? We’re sure many of you would agree that there’s no better way to do it than by spending some time at the beach on a warm summer’s day. Treasure Coast offers exactly that, but you also get an opportunity to win some money at the same time.

Aside from the calming atmosphere of the sea, the coast in this game hides many treasures, so you won’t just be sitting all day. As soon as the opportunity comes, you’ll get the chance to search for gold under the sand, explore an abandoned bunker nearby or even benefit from a local boat race. Treasure Coast is full of exciting features waiting to be discovered today.

Gameplay and Return to Player (RTP)

treasure coast slot gameplayFeaturing unique graphic design and dynamic visual elements, Treasure Coast is not only nice to look at, it’s a great slot to try your luck on. The game features a three by three square grid with eight paylines. There are twelve symbols in total, five of which are related to various bonuses.

While such a small reel layout may remind you of a classic slot, Treasure Coast is everything but. Aside from unusual payout line positions and way more special symbols than you're used to, you can also enjoy automatic re-spins and after every single win. Not only that, these re-spins get increasing win multipliers as you trigger more and more of them, up to 5x.

Having such an amazing base game mechanism, it’s no surprise that Treasure Coast slot RTP is 96.5%. However, we couldn’t say that wins are frequent in the game, so it’s a high variance slot we’re dealing with, especially since it features two progressive jackpots!

Treasure Coast Extra Spins and Bonus Codes

treasure coast big winFor the UK players, Treasure Coast extra spins, bonus codes and similar offers might be scarce, but that’s not to say non-existent. For example, various Nektan casinos come up with bonuses for Magnet Gaming slots (such as Treasure Coast slot) sometimes. All you have to do is research a little bit or wait until an offer shows up and just be there to claim it.

No bonus codes are necessary either. Simply join a casino like Pots of Luck, make a deposit during the promotional period (which is usually a certain day of the week) and you’ll automatically get extra spins or another kind of a bonus. And if you can’t find an offer, the welcome bonus can be used on this progressive jackpot slot just as easily. As long as your deposit is at least £10 (and you’ll need no less to succeed at Treasure Coast slot), 100% bonus will be yours to use as you see fit.

Tips and Tricks – How to Play Treasure Coast

treasure coast slot bonus gameYour ultimate goal at Treasure Coast is to win the super jackpot, of course. There’s no single way to do it, however, because most of the bonuses include an opportunity to trigger it in one way or another. All the bonuses trigger just like any win. You simply need to fill any single payline with the special symbols dedicated to a particular bonus round.

The ‘Let’s Play!’ bonus is the only one that triggers as soon as a single symbol shows up, but it doesn’t feature a mini-game either. As for the Boat Race, Forgotten Gold and Flag Hunt, these bonuses need three aligned symbols and include a bonus round.

In the Boat Race, you will trigger other bonuses, cash win or a jackpot game. In the Flag Hunt, picking up the wind is the key to snatching that jackpot flag. Finally, Forgotten Gold is an exploration of a three-levelled bunker where you can seize the chance for a jackpot multiple times.

Treasure Coast Bonus – Lost and Found

treasure coast lost and found bonusHowever, all of these bonuses are completely based on luck and you have no say whatsoever. Only the last bonus, called ‘Lost and Found’, is different. In it, you can sometimes select the direction to move with your metal detector. This means that some tips are due so that you choose correctly and maximise the profits.

In short, your goal is to collect all the treasures under sand castles. It’s easier to do it with more moves, so additional moves are also a noteworthy object. However, aside from aiming for what’s obvious, there’s more to the game. You’ll notice that the area is filled with objects like mats and balls you can’t step on.

Getting close to them will decrease the possible directions for the next move, increasing the chance of going elsewhere. Using this to your advantage can massively increase your odds of landing where you actually want to if you combine such enclosed areas with treasures that align in a straight line (that's where you can go).


To sum up the Treasure Coast review, this relatively new progressive jackpot has more in it than it first seems. The base game features some promising bonuses like a multiplier after every win. The list of bonus features is also impressive and includes various exciting extra games. Although it only has a small grid, playing the game won’t get boring soon especially since the opportunity of winning big is very real on every single spin.