Thunderstruck II LogoThere are only a handful of developers out there that have made really iconic slots and Microgaming is most certainly one of them. Riding on the success of its earlier Thunderstruck game, the developer chanced it with a sequel. Much to the surprise of an industry that’s so used to seeing sequels and remakes fall flat on their face, the Thunderstruck II slot machine not only matched its predecessor in terms of popularity, but in many ways managed to outstrip the original in terms of prevalence and popularity.

The 243 ways to win video slot stormed to popularity off the back of its super feature rich gameplay, as well as its compelling theme that's based on ancient Norse mythology. Owing to the theme, you can expect the entire pantheon of Norse gods to appear on your reels, including the obvious Thor and Loki, and even Odin and Valkyrie – all with associated bonuses. In this Thunderstruck II slot review, we’ll run you through each of these characters and what their function in the game is, as well as enlightening you to all the inner working of this spectacularly popular game.

This isn’t just going to be your average Thunderstruck II review, oh no! We’re going to delve into everything you might possibly want to know about this game in a full Thunderstruck II slot guide. You may think you know Thunderstruck II, but until you’re read in full this Thunderstruck II guide, you’re never going to get a full playing experience out of the game.


Gameplay And Return To Player (RTP)

Thunderstruck II WildsIf you’ve played the forerunner to the Thunderstruck II game, you’ll be blown away by the sequel’s graphics and gameplay. The animation of the Scandinavian setting is impressive, while the symbols of the gods (Loki, Valkyrie, Odin and Thor), Thor’s Hammer (Bonus symbol), the Thunderstruck II logo, the Ship and Thor’s Home all fit wonderfully into the theme. The only somewhat incongruous element is the fact some poker card symbols are used on the slot (9 through Ace), but we’ll happily look past that in this Thunderstruck II game review given the quality of the rest of the game (nothing’s perfect).

So, let’s address the fact that the Thunderstruck II slot RTP rate is 96.65% – definitely one of the highest of a game, which is so feature rich, so intricately put together and so popular for its compelling gameplay. While other Microgaming slots have high RTPs, not many manage to offer such a high one as the Thunderstruck II RTP, which is no doubt a compelling reason for many players to get on board to play the game.


Extra Spins and Bonus Codes

Thunderstruck II Expanding Wilds Big WinEach of the Norse god characters in the Thunderstruck II slot game come accompanied by exclusive extra spin bonuses, each sold as special features (despite, actually, just being extra spin bonuses). In order to claim Thunderstruck II slot extra spins, you need to trigger the following bonuses:

  • Valkyrie Bonus – Rewards you with 10 extra spins with a 5x muliplier. Extra spins are retriggerable during this round.
  • Loki Bonus – Awards you 15 extra spins with a Wild Magic feature. Wild Magic symbols create additional wilds.
  • Odin Bonus – Enjoy 20 extra spins with a Wild Raven feature. The Wild Raven transforms random symbols into 2x or 3x multipliers.
  • Thor’s Bonus – Get your hands on 25 extra spins with an up to 5x multiplier with the Rolling Reel feature. Consecutive wins increase the multiplier.

While we’re aiming here to be the most comprehensive Thunderstruck II slot game review, what we can’t do so easily here is fill you in on when you can find a Thunderstruck II slot bonus code. There are tonnes of casinos out there that carry the game, many of which will allow you to use a Thunderstruck II bonus code to gain access to special bonuses and Thunderstruck II extra spins. However these bonuses come and go and any that we fill you in on here are subject to change — needless to say.


Tips And Tricks – How To Play

Thunderstruck II Slot Bonus This is the part of the review where we’re meant to offer you some Thunderstruck II slot tips on how best to improve your chances of playing the game, and how to play Thunderstruck II slot. The tricky thing with giving Thunderstruck II tips is that the game is so perfectly balanced, it basically boils perfectly down to a game of chance. Because instead of paylines, there are simply ways to pay, there’s no real advice we can offer you on adjusting paylines to benefit you the most. And seeing as all the great bonus features are triggered randomly, it’s tricky to offer any real concrete advice on special ways how to play Thunderstruck II.

The best advice we can offer on how to play Thunderstruck II is simply to get spinning and start getting a feel for the game. As anyone who has played Microgaming slots before will attest, the developer makes games which are easily accessible to everyone from slots veterans to pure newbies. So, get your hands on the game and find out how best to play it through experience.


There’s little doubt that the Thunderstruck II game is and will remain one of the most iconic online and mobile slots in the industry. It may be a couple of year old now, but it still feels super fresh and its popularity shows no signs of abating. This slot is so bonus feature rich, and it’s become famous in the gaming community for all the extra opportunities to win that it affords players. Find Thunderstruck II at any decent casino which carries Microgaming slots.

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