The Vikings Game IconThere's nothing new about Viking themed slots. The huge gaming industry in Nordic countries such as Sweden and Denmark mean that many slots developers not only hail from there, but also use their rich history to provide inspiration for their games. However, whilst Magnet Gaming (who are, in fact, Danish) may not have adopted a completely unique theme for their newest slot, we're still sure it will stand out from the crowd.

Why are we so certain? Well for starters, the slot boasts not one but two progressive jackpots. This means that this slot is definitely lucrative – something that will appeal to most players. Furthermore, the game also comes complete with three quirky bonus games and amazing 3D graphics which are sure to entertain. Read on to find out what else makes The Vikings slot so special and how to play it for maximum effect.

Gameplay and Return to Player (RTP)

The Vikings Gameplay

The Vikings is a five reel, eleven payline slot, which pays both ways. This means that paylines are up for grabs from both sides of the game (left to right and right to left), and therefore there's an increased chance of creating a winning combination on each spin.

The Vikings' paytable is pretty impressive, and the highest paying symbol is the hammer, which will pay out a maximum win of 8,000 credits for a five of a kind combination. The game also benefits from expanding wild symbols which will appear on reels two and four. These will not only fill the entire reel, but they also substitute for all other symbols, giving you plenty of chances to pocket a huge win.

The Vikings can be played from as little as 10p a spin, up to a maximum of £10 a spin and is available across all devices, including mobile, tablet and desktop. This makes it perfect for all sorts of gamers, and it's above average RTP of 96.5% is sure to please too. That being said, the high value paytable and the fact there's two progressive jackpots up for grabs means that the game is actually quite volatile, so budget carefully!

The Vikings Extra Spins and Bonus Codes

The Vikings Big WinAs we mentioned in the introduction, The Vikings is brought to us by Danish software developers, Magnet Gaming. This means that at the moment, their games are still not available at many UK casinos. However, we've hunted around for where you can enjoy The Vikings and pick up some extra cash or spins along the way.

We're happy to report that The Vikings is currently available at Nektan sites. Nektan is a white label gaming brand, who provide a roster of games to many different UK casinos. In addition, sites powered by Nektan are some of the most generous around!

This means that if you are looking for The Vikings extra spins and bonus codes, Nektan sites are the place to be. Not only do the sites all offer their own welcome bonuses for new players, but they also run syndicated promotions and events on a regular basis. This means that a promo code which will give you free spins or extra money to spend on The Vikings is never far away!

Tips and Tricks – How to Play The Vikings

The Vikings Forest Bonus RoundLike many Magnet Gaming slots, The Vikings is enjoyable from the get go, but the fun really starts when you trigger one of the bonus rounds. There are three separate bonus mini games in this slot, and they all offer players the chance to get their hands on one of the two progressive jackpots!

Each bonus round is triggered by it's own scatter symbol, and the amount required to activate the round differs between the games. Each game is played as follows:

  • The Golden Plunder Round – This round is triggered when you find one or more gold coin symbols anywhere on the reels. In this game, all symbols are then removed from the reels and replaced with question marks. Under these tiles lies fourteen gold symbols and one red cross. As you can probably guess, the aim is to avoid the red cross, which ends the round. For each gold coin found, players will earn themselves 200 credits and if all fourteen coins are found they'll be in with a chance of winning the jackpot too!
  • The Dark Forest Round – This round is activated when two or more woodchopper symbols appear on the reels in the base game. You'll then be transported to an overhead view of a forest, and your job is to help the Vikings reach the treasure at the other side. However, click a wrong tile and you may enter a dangerous part of the forest and the round will end!
  • The Vikings Journey Bonus RoundThe Journey Round – This final bonus round is triggered when you find four or more boat symbols anywhere on the reels and it consists of four separate mini games. Players must sail the seas with the vikings, smashing barrels to collect gold, fishing, and navigating through foggy skies. Reach the end of the expedition and you then must defeat the Sea Monster in a battle to the death. Slay the monster and you'll be able to play for the progressive jackpot!


The Vikings is an action packed adventure which is suitable for all sorts of players. Whilst sometimes we feel like too many bonus features can make a  slot feel a little overwhelming, we think Magnet Gaming have managed to pull it off!

Not only can players benefit from a huge amount of chances to win big, but the game performs perfectly across all devices too. This means that whether your a mobile gamer or a classic desktop player, you can enjoy this slot equally. So, with that said, read on to find out where to play The Vikings!