Starburst Slot Logo Way, way back in 2014, NetEnt made a commitment to its loyal players that it would release at least one game each and every month of the year from then on, and golly have they stuck to that promise.

Over the last three years, not only have we a steady stream of slots coming at us from the developer, but the quality has just gone up and up. And yet, if you as any player to name a NetEnt slot they love, chances are they’d give you a game which came around long before they made their monthly commitment: the Starburst slot machine.

The interstellar themed game has garnered an awful lot of popularity over the years and we’ll cover the many reasons for that in this Starburst review. However, aside from its starry, colourful and eye-catching theme, one of the main reasons that the game has enlivened the imagination of so many is the Starburst extra spins so many casinos offer as part of promotions. We’ll cover this later on in our Starburst slot guide, but suffice to say, the game has always been popular among bonus hunters.

So, let’s get on with our Starburst guide, where we’ll run you through the bare bones of what the game is like, and how it’s played, as well as all the bonus features, and information about extra spins and bonus codes.

50 Free Spins – All Yours At Various Casinos

Starburst is one of the games that gets the most used in promotions and special offers of all kinds. Four years after its initial launch, it still tantalises gamers around the world.

That’s why online and mobile casinos often times choose to feature Starburst as their star-studded game to run promotions on. Free spins bonanzas for new players, special offers for making a deposit, Starburst free spins just for the hell of it – we’ve really seen it all out there!

We think that it's simplicity is key when it comes to spending 50 free spins; there's not much that you can mess up. The sky is the limit when it comes to playing through 50 free spins on Starburst.

And while the free spins are great, it’s the free re-spins is what will keep you going. In theory, it might just be 50 free spins that a casino awards you, the reality could be more like 100 Starburst free spins or even 150 Starburst free spins!

Do note that 50 free spins will come with wagering requirements attached. Check the terms and conditions of the bonus before you accept it to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Gameplay And Return To Player (RTP)

For a game which enjoys so much popularity, the gameplay is actually relatively straightforward – perhaps that’s just a big part of the game’s appeal. Across its five sparkling reels sit 10 glittering paylines. The symbols of the Starburst game are fully indicative of the theme, with multi-coloured stars and glimmering gems of every hue adorning the reels. Spinning the reels projects a flurry and blur of shapes and colours, ensuring that this slot is a lot more visually appealing than your average.

While the aesthetic might be full of colour and wonder, the bonus features keep things refreshingly simple. There are only three main bonus features in the slot – the Starburst Wilds (represented by that beautiful multi-coloured star), free re-spins (which are triggered when you’ve had a win of a successful spins), and of course the fabled extra spins (but we’ll get into them later on in our Starburst slot review). The absence of feature creep means the game is super easy to understand and follow.

So, you have all the basic info about playing the game and its features, but there’s probably one element you’re still wondering about: the Starburst slot RTP rate. As you know, the RTP – or, return to player – rate, is the percentage of your initial wagers you can expect to see again over an infinite number of spins on the game.

We’ve good news here as the Starburst RTP rate is a perfectly respectable 96.1%. While this isn’t the highest RTP of any of NetEnt’s games, it’s certainly high enough to make the game worth playing, and with all the extra spins you can expect to enjoy in the slot, it might prove a little higher in reality. Oh yeah, let’s talk about those extra spins…

Extra Spins And Bonus Codes

Starburst Slot Big Win The number one reason that the Starburst slot game is such a commonly known title (and let’s be honest, probably the reason why you’re reading this Starburst game review right now) is that the slot has an awfully long history of association with casinos offering Starburst extra spins as part of promotions and bonus offers. The association runs so deep that this game is pretty much the go-to game for extra spins at any NetEnt carrying casino.

So, you’re probably wondering where you can get your hands on some Starburst slot extra spins, and whether you’ll need a Starburst bonus code in order to claim them. Well, to be honest, these extra spins offers associated with Starburst are so common in the industry, that they’re a part of many casinos’ welcome bonuses without the need for a Starburst slot bonus code. It’s not just welcome bonuses either, there are plenty of casinos which offer returning players the chance to cash in on Starburst extra spins.

£5 Free Starburst – No Top Secret

Sometimes, it’s not 50 free spins that are on offer, but a much more flexible bonus arrangement. Namely, the highly coveted £5 free Starburst credits is the ultimate bonus for many casino bonus junkies.

If you’re lucky to come across one, it will most usually be as a new player. Online and mobile casinos want to lure you in and make you into a regular player. And what better way than with free spins on their most popular game?

There are various strategies you can employ when you use the £5 free Starburst credit:

  1. High volume of bets – a small wager will ensure you can play through a maximum number of spins
  2. Moderate volume of bets – keep things moderate and bet an average sum for an average number of total spins
  3. Low volume of bets – the riskiest of the strategies, this decreases the number of wagers and ups the size of each bet

The strategy you might want to choose for the £5 free Starburst promotion will also depend on the terms and conditions that are set out for the bonus. In other words, you might be limited to a minimum and a maximum bet per spin when using this bonus cash.

Tips And Tricks – How To Play

Starburst WildsAlmost all players who know this game are after Starburst slot tips; that is to say, advice on how to play Starburst. The thing is, the Starburst game is so straightforward, that anyone with even a basic knowledge of slots will be able to take to it in no time. So, instead of offering you tips on how to play Starburst slot, we’ll instead offer you this piece of advice: find casinos which are offering extra spins on the game, and play there! You can always claim extra spins on the slot, so there’s no excuse to always be playing for the full value of a spin. You can really play the system on this one.

We’re sorry if those Starburst tips don’t live up to your expectations, but be sure that this Starburst game review has your best interests at heart. And if you follow our simple advice and refer to our gameplay section above for more playing notes, you’ll be just fine!


How best to finish up this Starburst slot game review than having a look back over what you can expect from this slot? While what might catch your eye first is the gripping, colourful and beautiful graphics, and the emotive soundtrack, but you’ll soon get enraptured by the game’s easy to follow mechanics and gameplay, and find yourself hooked in no time.

The best feature of the slot? Hands down the ample opportunities you as a player have to claim massive numbers of extra spins on the game. Whether it’s triggering them in-game or simply claiming them at the many casinos which offer extra spins on the game as part of bonuses and promotion. There’s basically no reason you should have need to pay for a spin!

All-Time Favourite Starburst Mobile Slot

There you have it – our comprehensive Starburst mobile slot review! If you only like to read the beginnings and the ends of articles, we don’t blame you. Here’s a quick recap.

  • Starburst was launched in 2014 by NetEnt
  • It is one of the most well-received slot launches of all time
  • It’s reputation as a money maker is unparalleled
  • The variance of Starburst is versatile
  • Free re-spins can really help you up your winnings exponentially

As you can see, the Starburst mobile slot is the true winner when it comes to online and mobile gambling. The developers NetEnt have really struck gold here and have done it by keeping things simple, visually appealing, yet thrilling at the same time.

The free re-spins, whenever you get a winning combo, is a true out-of-the-box feature. Well, it was any way back in 2014. It seems that people cannot get enough of it.

And who wouldn’t? Each and every one of your wins is further amplified by a possibility for another spin – at no extra cost to you!

Keep an eye out for Starburst mobile slot free spins and who knows? Maybe you make a small fortune and can go off on that holiday you’ve always dreamed of!