Space Wars LogoWhile it might sound dangerously close to being a B-movie knock off of Star Wars for the 80s, the Space Wars game is actually a legitimately great slot game that we’re proud to feature here at Fable Casino. Far from trying to emulate the aforementioned film franchise, the NetEnt’s Space Wars slot creates an entire world of its own, populated by squishy cartoon aliens a la Monsters Inc. with a cinematic soundtrack that adds to the gravity of the outer space setting. Get it? Because there’s no gravity in outer space…

We’ve proudly featured the game on our site for a while now and figured it was about time to put together a Space Wars slot review. Yet, not wanting to just churn out any old assessment of the game, we figured we could use this opportunity to create a Space Wars guide. So, in our Space Wars slot guide, we’re not only going to fill you in on the basics of the game, but also offer some tips and tricks to take your enjoyment of the game into outer space. Sorry, is that too many outer space references for one introduction?


Gameplay And Return To Player (RTP)

Space Wars GameplayOk, so the basic premise of the 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 paylines Space Wars slot machine is that there are five little alien species, each trying to get their hands on a powerful crystal. The aliens and crystal make up the six symbols of a game in which you can play for as little as 40p a spin all the way up to a daring £400 a spin. As with most NetEnt games, a simple Space Wars review won’t do this slot– which features stacked wilds and re-spins – justice in terms of looks and feel, because the developer is so great at taking things to the next level.

We’re sure you’re not the kind of misguided player, who seriously believes that the most important thing you need to know about this game is the Space Wars slot RTP (return to player rate), but we’re going to tell you all about it anyway. While it’s not exactly a hard and fast indicator how much you as a player will win (especially on such a high variance slot like this), knowing that the Space Wars RTP is a strikingly high 96.8% probably puts you a little more at ease?


Extra Spins And Bonus Codes

Space Wars Stacked WildsNow, you might be getting to this part of the Space Wars game review hoping to hear about how you can get your hands on some Space Wars slot extra spins, but we’ve got some really bad news for you. Or good news, depending on how you want to spin it. There’s actually no such thing as Space Wars extra spins. That’s right — going against pretty much all NetEnt tradition, this game has been made without any extra spins feature! Not only are there no extra spins in the game, there’s no functionality for them to be awarded as a bonus. There are, of course, always those re-spins that come off the back of every successful win that can often prove to be the most profitable element of the game.

While all those re-spins might be getting you all excited, we bet you’re also wondering whether you can get your hands on a Space Wars slot bonus code to grow your bankroll even further and take a little more advantage of our generosity. While we love bonus and promo codes here at Fable Casino, at the time of writing there is currently no active Space Wars bonus code available to our players. We’ll obviously be sure to let you know if this changes at any point in the future, so you can get the most you possibly can out of the Space Wars game.


Tips And Tricks – How To Play

Space Wars PaytableHopefully you’re not too disappointed by the lack of extra spins in this game, but luckily your friends here at Fable Casino are on hand to offer some Space Wars slot tips, meaning you can learn how to play Space Wars slot in the most rewarding and profitable way. The best advice we can offer is keep your betting at as constant a rate as possible to counteract the effects of the high volatility as well as take advantage of the stacked wilds and re-spins when they come along.

We wish we could fill this Space Wars slot game review with more Space Wars tips, but all the other information you need about how to play this game is already available to you within the information tabs of the game itself. If it’s a question of how to play Space Wars, then it really couldn’t be simpler. Choose your coin value, decide your level (number of coins per line), and simply hit the spin button. If you’re feeling daring, you can choose the Max Bet option where you’ll automatically wager the full value of £400 per spin. Alternatively, hit Autoplay for the slot to spin for a specific number of times automatically or until you stop it.



This might not be one of the best known or most popular NetEnt slots out there, but the lack of attention it enjoys is totally unwarranted for such a great game. If you’ve ever played the developer’s other, more popular When Pigs Fly slot, you’ll find much of the aesthetic and soundtrack of the Space Wars slot game recognisable. Yet, in our books, this game is much better than its stable mate. Even if you’re not a huge fan of the theme, you can’t deny the artistry and skill that NetEnt has put into creating such a good looking and great sounding slot.

And if you really don’t like the theme, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?! We think it’s hilarious and wildly compelling, with original, lovable little characters and so much going on on screen that your eyes boggle. We hope you’ve found out Space Wars game review helpful, and that you’ll consider trying out the game here at Fable Casino some time in the future.