side-show-game-page-logoEver visited a funfair? Almost all of us have at some point in our lives but they're never quite as spectacular or as theatrical as Side Show, the 3 x 3 slot made by Magnet Gaming. Step up to the Side Show's epic gaming reel for your chance to win some fabulous prizes! You'll see all sorts: from bearded women, to human cannon balls, to the world's strongest man! All act as symbols in this wonderful game and there is far more to the slot title than just its theme, though that plays a huge part in it.

Side Show is a slot packed full of wonderful features, is simple to play, and can be accessed by many players, old and new. It is beautiful in its simplicity and yet even more so with its sophistication. On the surface, it may seem like a pretty simplistic game but it has a lot more to it than meets the eye. Let's unpack some of the slot's main features and see where it can be played and what bonus codes you can use to get a better experience.


Gameplay And Return To Player (Side Show RTP)

side-show-spinning-minHere's how you play the Side Show slot machine. It has three reels and three rows with a total of eight paylines. All paylines are active and players can use them to garner a win. The slot's RTP is 96.5%, as is the case with most if not all of Magnet Gaming's content. This means the slot has a medium variance and is relatively easy to play but not so easy that it makes the experience unsatisfying on the whole.

To play the game, press the spin button in the centre of the screen so the reel turns. If you get an alignment of three of the same symbols, you can earn a win or activate one of the game's three bonuses plus two jackpots waiting in the wings. These bonuses add extra dimension to the game and help players earn what is known as “credits” which can be exchanged for huge prizes within the game.

Extra Spins And Bonus Codes for Side Show

side-show-sshowtime-minSide Show is quite an attractive game with top-of-the-range graphics that allows players to visually engage with the slot while they play. The animation is slick and the soundtrack is appropriate to the theme.

Bearing that in mind, what's more important is the bonus codes and extra spins you could potentially win whilst playing the game. In the game itself, you can earn extra spins with Side Show by activating the Showtime bonus by aligning three of the Showtime Symbols on the main reel. This gives you 20 extra spins automatically but if you earn a win on this bonus reel, you can earn 20 more free spins!

Meanwhile, if you play this game over at Fairground Slots Casino, you can use up to 500 extra spins once you sign up. Simply join up today if you haven't already and spin the Mega Reel where you could land on the top prize of all those hundreds of extra spins. Even if you don't land on the big 500, you can earn prizes regardless, meaning whatever you get you'll be welcome at Fairground Slots Casino and will be getting off to a good start.

Tips And Tricks – How To Play Side Show

side-show-iphone-base-game-minSo, what's the best way to play the Side Show slot in the most profitable way? There's no simple answer to such a question but we believe that we can give you a few tips to help you on your way. The RTP will play to your benefit here, at a rate of nearly 97%, so we think that the medium variance will be beneficial overall.

First of all, as with most Magnet games, the aim of Side Show is to earn as many in-game credits as possible. While you can win these getting the right symbols on the main reel, it would be much better for you if you manage to unlock to the extra bonuses and by winning the jackpots. In exchange for these credits, you could win some serious cash prizes. Each credit is worth approximately 1p so although that makes a jackpot of up to 1,000 credits might equate to a tenner, that's still better than nothing.

In any case, we advise you adjust your payline accordingly before you make a bet. The higher you go, the higher the risk and therefore all returns on said bet will be much more rewarding as a result.


There are perhaps a fair few slots flying around based around a carnival/funfair theme however Side Show somehow feels fresh compared to those doppelgangers. Perhaps it's due to the graphics and excellent sound design, or perhaps it's due to the three by three classic reel structure.

Either way, it's a rewarding slot to play with and we deeply encourage our readers to give it a try. With a great RTP, plenty of bonus features and a rewarding jackpot, it's a great way to start your iGambling journey if you are new to the industry.