safari slot reviewHot African sun, exotic wildlife and a dusty safari road, which you take to capture the amazing animals with your camera… The game we’re going to review is all about this safari adventure, but animal photographs aren’t all you may take home from the journey.

Featuring several diverse bonuses and two progressive jackpots, Safari slot by Magnet Gaming is actually more impressive than the simple title suggests. While you won’t win a fortune in the base game, a local jackpot can really change your life and, who knows, maybe provide the chance to visit African safari in real life?

Gameplay and Return to Player (RTP)

safari slot reviewSafari is a 3-reel slot with eight paylines, avalanche reels and increasing multiplier on each consecutive win. Despite such an impressive base game mechanic, the maximum win in a single base game spin is only 125x your bet per payline, but reaching a 5x multiplier is hardly possible in the first place. What makes this game highly lucrative is the bonus features, which are stuffed with cash prizes and jackpot games.

Thanks to these bonus rounds, Safari slot RTP reaches an incredible 97%. We could hardly imagine we’d see a slot with such a low house edge that supports a progressive jackpot at the same time, but here you go. Safari is like a rare exotic animal in its own right.

As we already mentioned, the base game won’t make you rich. The bonuses might, but you’ve got to trigger them first and that’s easier said than done. The fact that there are four of them in total doesn’t help much, even though it isn’t a small number of features by any standard.

As a result, it didn’t take us many spins to decide that Safari is a high variance slot. Making ten losing spins only to win 15x our bet afterwards is the usual scenario you can expect from this slot.

Safari Extra Spins and Bonus Codes

safari slot jackpotAlthough you would need some incredible luck to make a decent profit out of several dozen extra spins on Safari slot, you should take a look at Plush Casino offers. The site is known to offer bonuses for Magnet Gaming slots including extra spins, win boosts, deposit matches and tournaments to make them even more advantageous for the players.

Alternatively, joining Plush Casino is enough to claim some bonus cash to use on Safari slot. Whatever the size of your first deposit, you will get 200% more, 100% more on the second deposit and 50% extra on the third deposit. As long as the wild animals align correctly, this is more than enough to claim the big prize. And you don’t need any bonus codes either!

Tips and Tricks – How to Play Safari

safari slot bonus jewel of africaAside from the usual strategies for slots, such as changing the bet size and keeping an eye on your budget, winnings and losses, there are several tips and tricks you should remember when playing various bonus rounds on Safari slot.

You won’t really know how to play Safari slot to the max if you don’t familiarize with the various bonus features. In half of them, you’re just an observer, but Jewel of Africa and Treasure Hunt bonus rounds require active participation and decision making from the player.

So, in the Jewel of Africa bonus, you’ll ride across Africa looking for valuable gems. The map shows the roads you can take and they’re divided into segments which you move through as you roll dice. It’s up to you to select the path and blue destinations should be your priority. Although they’re difficult to land on, only there can you find the jewel of Africa (worth 125x your bet) and chances to win the super jackpot.

Similarly, in the Treasure Hunt bonus, you’ll be exploring another grid map in search for pieces of a golden monkey. Unlike the previous bonus, you can freely choose where to stop this time and the moves aren’t limited. The game ends as soon as you are blocked or reveal the whole map. The key here is to reach the checkpoint that increases the cash prizes before hitting an empty square, which deletes your progress.

As for the monkey parts which grant a jackpot chance upon collecting the set, they’re either accessible or not (due to a randomly generated map), regardless of your actions, so you shouldn’t worry about that. Instead, try to avoid the empty squares and only hit them right after reaching one of the checkpoints to maximise the profit and last longer.


safari treasure huntThe design of Safari slot is well done and the idea of a perspective of a safari jeep driver is definitely amusing, even if the actual graphics don’t feel very modern. The game doesn’t have a soundtrack either, which makes it less attractive to those who come for a spectacle as well as the winning potential.

Speaking of the latter, however, Safari slot delivers. The bonus games are all intriguing and lucrative in different ways. The jackpot game is very simplistic, but we doubt that anyone would want to complain about that if they actually hit the top prize. So, don’t waste any more time and start looking for those lions! And if you don’t know where to start, just read below.