Le Chef logoOur plate has been served with Magnet Gaming’s restaurant themed slot – Le Chef. In this cheerful affair, your aim is to aid Le Chef in his goal of receiving stars of approval from the tough-to-please Parisian food critics. With four bonus features and two progressive jackpots, Le Chef can certainly deliver you some considerable winnings!

Gameplay and Return To Player (RTP)

Le Chef Basic Screen ShotThis slot comprises 3 reels and 8 pay-lines resulting in a seemingly very ordinary, uninspiring slot.  The graphics are fairly basic and are unlikely to endow you with awe. However, this simplicity and unassuming style is actually rather refreshing and, perhaps surprisingly, evokes a feeling of originality. The cartoon-style characters and feel of the game is somewhat reminiscent of Walt Disney’s ‘The Aristocats’.

The slot successfully encapsulates a French restaurant and with the perfectly suited French accordion music audible in the background, Le Chef certainly delivers in its attempt to create a slot with a French restaurant theme.

As mentioned, Le Chef is a classic style of slot with 3 reels and 8 paylines. The RTP is a respectable 96.5%. Bets range from 10p to £8, providing decent options for all but the highest spending gamblers.

Extra Spins and Bonus Codes

Le Chef Dish on PlateFor those of you curious about giving this game a spin, you will be delighted to know that it is possible to effectively play Le Chef for free, at least initially.

Vegas 100 is one such casino with many enticing promotions. There is a welcome package of up to £500. There is a 200% match bonus of up to £50 on your first deposit that also includes 50 free spins on Starburst, a 100% match bonus of up to £200 on your second deposit, and a 50% match bonus of up to £250 on your third deposit. This all equates to extra spins which could be used playing Le Chef — yay!

Tips and Tricks – How To Play

Le Chef Cheese Win iPhone 7Truthfully, there aren’t really many tips and tricks to playing Le Chef with the matching of symbols being the aim of the game. Le Chef revolves around three-of-a-kind matches of restaurant/food-based symbols. Three matching symbols on any of the 8 paylines results in coin wins or the unlocking of a bonus feature.

Regular/food symbols:

  • Three croissants = 40 coins
  • Three soups = 60 coins
  • Three cheeses = 100 coins
  • Three cakes = 200 coins
  • Three roosters = 400 coins
  • Three lobsters = 600 coins

But, it’s the bonus features, which are potentially the most lucrative. You will notice four different symbols: ‘Kitchen Time’, ‘Pick a Dish’, ‘Food Critic’ and ‘Bon Apetit’. Each one of these symbols represents bonus features of that name. There are two progressive jackpots within these features which can produce some very healthy wins.

Kitchen Time:

  • Kitchen Time. Three matching Kitchen Time symbols enters you into this feature
  • A free spin-type round. Le Chef either collects dirty dishes, adding them to a dirty pile, or otherwise sells bowls of soup. You are rewarded with every successful completion of either task
  • If enough dirty dishes are gathered, a jackpot is on the cards
  • Different bonus features can be triggered from within Kitchen Time

 Pick a Dish:

  • Pick a Dish. The Pick a Dish bonus feature is triggered with three matching Pick A Dish symbols on any of the paylines
  • You will be taken to an area with a collection of covered dishes sitting on a table. Here you choose dishes at random to uncover. Each plate delivers either bonus feature symbols or coins
  • You can choose to either take the prize or select another covered dish in the hope of a more favourable offering

 Food Critic:

Le Chef Bonus Features Explained

  • Food Critic. Trigger this feature with a match of three Food Critic symbols on any of the paylines
  • Now it’s crunch time for both yourself and Le Chef. Time to impress the food critic
  • A three-course meal will be judged by the demanding food critic. If the food critic approves of your choice of ingredients, you will be rewarded with stars
  • If, on the other hand, the food critic isn’t happy, that will be demonstrated with a frown face. If you are dished a certain number of frown faces, this feature will end
  • With the right choice of ingredients, bonuses are guaranteed
  • If you keep impressing the food critic with your choices of ingredients, you could scoop a big jackpot win
  • You will be pleased to see a cheese symbol, because this rewards you with one more round on this feature

 Bon Apetit:

  • Bon Apetit. With three matching Bon Apetit symbols you will enter into the main restaurant and serving area
  • Le Chef serves the public at an unrelenting pace, aiming to serve the correct dishes to the correct customers
  • Each plate contains different winning amounts and with every successful serve, that specific coin amount is collected
  • You can also win one of two progressive jackpots in the jackpot spin


Le Chef is enjoyable and provides ample opportunities to win quite considerable amounts. It’s a simple style of slot, undoubtedly, but this actually results in a slot which is likeable and hard not to have some kind of affection for. Magnet Gaming have succeeded in their attempt to create a slot resembling a French restaurant, and it can be quite engrossing in the bonus features.

We definitely recommend giving Le Chef a spin. In spite of its shortcomings, we are sure that you will have a pleasurable time experiencing Le Chef’s chaotic Parisian restaurant!