Koi Princess slot machine logoIf you want to have a taste of what sort of slots NetEnt can produce, look no further than Koi Princess. Adopting a very anime-style theme with lovely pictures of cherry blossom floating in the background, Koi Princess is one of the games of which people think of when they hear the word the word ‘NetEnt.’ It’s simply a classic and there’s no denying that. But what makes the Koi Princess slot machine such a classic? Is it the theme? The features? A mixture of both?

That's why we have made up this Koi Princess slot guide for you to peruse over. In any Koi Princess review, you will find a sophisticated opinion on the Koi Princess game itself, but few that would provide tips, bonus codes and feature details all in one go, too. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at this popular NetEnt slot and see if it lives up to the hype of being one of its best — enjoy our comprehensive Koi Princess guide!


Gameplay And Return To Player (RTP)

koi princess lobbyThe Koi Princess slot game has a truly unique identity. While many slots out there tend to use an oriental theme as their go-to theme, NetEnt took things a step further and decided to use an anime/manga-style theme from Japanese culture. This includes a cartoon mascot with enormous eyes and cherry blossom permeating the background. The blossom is so realistic you can practically smell it! It is, without a doubt, one of the most visually pleasing titles NetEnt has ever produced.

So if you’re an anime fan, the Koi Princess game is definitely the right game for you. Looks aren’t everything, though, so what about Koi Princess’s gameplay? Well, to put it frankly, it’s packed full of features to the point of being overkill. At the same time, though, that’s what makes it so enjoyable. On almost every spin, you enter a mini-game and this makes winning even easier than it otherwise would be. Sitting at a very comfortable 96.23%, the Koi Princess slot RTP is also a thing of beauty as it means you get quite a fair bit back from each of your wagers.

The Koi Princess RTP may seem like the average for most video slots made by NetEnt (or just video slots in general), but it’s a good average to hit as no serious RTP would ever reach anything higher than 98% and anything over 97% is exceedingly rare. It comes as no surprise that Koi Princess would hit this average. In fact, many could argue that it’s a standard to strive for.


Extra Spins And Bonus Codes

koi princess previewIf you read any Koi Princess slot game review, it comes as little surprise that there isn't going to be a Koi Princess bonus code, seeing as the game is so popular. If you join almost any mobile casino the web, too then they are almost always going to have one as those casinos are almost guaranteed to have NetEnt content on their site. So, your search for a Koi Princess slot bonus code starts off on an incredibly easy note.

To get some Koi Princess slot extra spins, head over to Casumo casino today where you could get up to 200 spins to use on Koi Princess, plus get £1,200 on top of your first few deposits. Simply sign up to Casumo to claim these and make three or more deposits. Next, head over to GoWin where a similar Koi Princess extra spins bonus code awaits. Claim up to £850 in deposit cash, as well as 50 extra spins to use. It’s very easy – all you need to do is sign up to the site and you’re done. Now we’ve got those bonus codes out of the way, let’s carry on with our Koi Princess game review.


Tips And Tricks – How To Play

koi princess netent video slot bonus wheelNo Koi Princess slot review would be complete without at least a few Koi Princess slot tips for you to try out whilst you play the game. As for as strategies go, most of the basic video slot stuff applies here – adjust your paylines and bet amount accordingly then spin. If you're wondering how to play Koi Princess and want to get into the many bonus features this game has, then you’re not going to have such a difficult time doing so. Simply spin and align all the wild, scatter and bonus symbols and a new bonus game will appear.

Out of all the Koi Princess tips we could possibly give you, getting onto as many of the bonus games as possible is probably the best tip. It is far more likely to draw in wins and although some players may feel overwhelmed by how many bonus features there are. Some may even claim it makes the game boring as it makes it easier for the players to win that way. While winning is nice, it loses its appeal when it happens all the time. However, if you love being bombarded by countless bonus features, the Koi Princess slot is definitely the game for you and activating them all is the best strategy you can use. That's all you get from us when it comes to learning how to play Koi Princess slot!



koi pirncess reelOverall, Koi Princess is definitely one of NetEnt’s more attractive slots. With top-tier graphics, which have more or less become the norm for them, as well as a theme that stands out, it’s little wonder why it’s considered to be one of their best games. Used to advertise their content alongside the likes of Gonzo’s Quest and Starburst, it makes for some good variety and the sheer amount of bonus games it has only makes the game feel more varied. Perhaps there are a few too many bonus features, to the point of feeling a bit OTT at times, but because we like that sort of thing, we don’t particularly mind it here either.

To sum up this Koi Princess game review, we’d say that the game is a definite recommendation on our part. It may not be the best game ever produced, but it most certainly is one worth playing at least a couple of times. We hoped you enjoyed this Koi Princess slot game review. If not, we hope you at least got some useful info out of it. Until next time!