karaoke party slots logoMicrogaming has now officially chipped in on the Karaoke crowd with their slot Karaoke Party. It’s a simple game with not much sophisticated graphics about it and is extremely conventional in its presentation. Many may argue that’s like all Microgaming content. We wold argue, however, that is not the case, hence why we created this Karaoke Party guide.

So, if you’re into singing your heart out in front of a crowd of judgmental strangers whilst being a teeny bit drunk, this Karaoke Party slot guide for this Karaoke Party slot machine may just be the right thing for you. If, however, you don’t want to see this Karaoke Party review poke fun of your favourite Friday-night pastime, then we promise we’ll stop and give this Karaoke Party game the honest scrutiny it deserves and nothing less!

Gameplay And Return To Player (RTP)

Gameplay for the Karaoke Party slot game is incredibly simple and represents the standard slot formula with nine paylines altogether. The reel is a very normal 5×3 structure and players can select their coin amount using the slider at the bottom. There are special symbols to align in order to obtain a larger win.

In fact, the formula here seems to cut and dry that it looks almost as though Microgaming cut and pasted the design for this Karaoke Party game from another one of their slots, changed the colour and called it a day. While the symbols themselves aren’t shoddy, nor is the sound design and music, the look of the slot itself is very, very basic. At best, we would call it a good slot for beginners to go with, because of how uncomplicated it is.

karaoke party slots reelThe Karaoke Party slot RTP on the other hand makes up for this, we feel. Between 96% and 97%, it makes for a strong return on your money. However even this is fairly standard and unexciting. If the Karaoke Party RTP is anything to go by, it teaches us that some software developing companies are indecisive somethings. Why not one or the other? Why does it have to be in between?

In any case, as bottom line as the gameplay for Karaoke Party is, it isn’t terrible by any means. It’s just a little too basic for our taste. But, hey! If that’s your thing or you just want a simple, nice and easy video slot to get to grips with, Karaoke Party is your thing. There does need to be a point where players start and, like we said, this game is easily one of those titles where that could happen.

Extra Spins And Bonus Codes

Karaoke Party Slot special symbolIf you’re still interested in this game despite what we have said in this Karaoke Party slot game review, we have a Karaoke Party bonus code for you to enjoy, so that you can have a fuller experience playing this game. The first Karaoke Party slot bonus code is for the lustrous Go Wild casino, where you can claim up to Karaoke Party slot extra spins to use to your heart’s content. Simply sign up to the site and make a deposit in order to claim them.

The second bonus code we have to offer is even more Karaoke Party extra spins. These can be taken up at Omni Slots where you can again just sign up and claim 20 extra extra spins to use on this particular slot game. And finally, sign up to Vegas Slots or BGO today and claim up to £400 in welcome bonuses to use on this game. This wouldn’t be a very good Karaoke Party game review if we didn’t get in at least three of the potential bonus codes in there somewhere. So, please! Enjoy. It’s on us.

Tips And Tricks – How To Play

Karaoke Party Slot scatterWhen it comes to giving out tips on how to play a video slot, we usually dish them out to readers, because said slot has an unconventional or unusual element to which challenges the norm and may not be something the player is used to. Therefore, they will need a kind of guide in order to better understand the game and maximise the potential wins they could get out of it.

When it comes to Karaoke Party slot tips, however, that sort of thing seems almost redundant. In a sense, you have played Karaoke Party before – it’s like so many other slots out there it’s practically a clone. So, why would you need a guide on how to play Karaoke Party? Well, like we said, it’s a slot that would fit very well with beginners in the online gambling community. What kind of Karaoke Party slot review would we be if neglected new players?

Playing Karaoke Party is really simple. You have the spin button in the middle of several other buttons at the bottom of the reel. Click it to spin the reel once or you could select ‘Auto-Spin’ and it will do it for you. This will happen until you unselect it. You can select your coin value (however much you want to wager) by selecting the plus and minus arrows next the little numerical figure beside the spin button. As far as Karaoke Party tips go, there’s not much else to it than that. But at least we did our job and informed you on how to play Karaoke Party slot.


karaoke party slots logo bannerOverall, we’re not overly impressed with Karaoke Party. If you were looking for a more favourable Karaoke Party game review, then we’re sorry to disappoint. It’s a very basic game and that doesn’t do much for us. While it’s good for beginners, for veterans of the iGambling community, it’s same old, same old. That, by no means, is us saying it’s bad. Just slightly uninspired.

You can play it alright, but don’t expect many surprises. If that’s all you want from a video slot and this Karaoke Party slot game review has done little to change your mind, then great! You do you. Just don’t expect us to rave about it because, honestly, we don’t think it’s worth raving about.