jewel heist slot reviewAs the name of this new slot suggests, the game we’re about to review should be interesting to those who like the theme of criminals, break-ins and shady characters in general. In Jewel Heist slot, you’ll join the master thief Julie on her quest to lift as many precious jewels from the treasury as possible. Of course, you won’t be left empty-handed for your effort either. The game includes multiple promising bonuses and two amazing jackpots.

In the base game, you and Julie will be lurking around the target, coming up with a plan for a perfect heist. When the correct symbols line up, you’ll know it’s time to act and turn your plan into reality. Break the glass, cut down the doors, avoid the security lasers and leave with a bag full of colourful jewels. Although there are many perils to avoid, the big prize is well worth the risk involved.

Gameplay and Return to Player (RTP)

jewel heist slot rtpSpeaking in slot game terms, Jewel Heist is a 5×3 grid slot with 17 paylines that pay both ways. Thanks to this, Jewel Heist slot RTP significantly increases and stands fairly high at 96.5%. Despite such a decent theoretical return, the game has an impressive variance, making it perfect for people who want to win much but don’t always have the budget to pull it off on other similar slots.

Jewel Heist has eight jewel symbols which pay up to 10x per payline and three special symbols which activate bonus rounds which eventually lead to the progressive jackpot chance too. There are no wilds or multipliers, but the bonuses compensate these downsides in full.

Jewel Heist Extra Spins and Bonus Codes

jewel heist slot bonus mapMagnet Gaming is quite a big company in Denmark, but it isn’t that much known in the UK as most casino operators stick to the software that’s been around for many years. However, some other sites not only offer these games, they also give some bonuses and extra spins on top.

One such casino is GoWin. Depending on the time you read this review, it may or may not have a bonus for Jewel Heist, but it’s totally possible since various boosts for specific slots are available over there all the time. Whether it’s extra spins, win boosts or just a cash bonus to use on Jewel Heist slot, don’t be surprised to find it on the GoWin casino promotions list.

And if it offers no bonus code at the time, you can still join it to claim an impressive welcome bonus, no bonus codes needed. Simply deposit an amount you intend to use and get 200% bonus on top. That’s three times more Jewel Heist spins than your deposit is worth!

Tips and Tricks – How to Play Jewel Heist

jewel heist bonus gameThe key to winning at Jewel Heist is bonus rounds. What we love about this game is that every single bonus can lead to both the small and super jackpot games and the possibilities are endless there. As fits a high variance slot, you should try to activate the bonuses with as high a bet as possible because it sticks throughout the bonus and effectively increases your profit many times.

If you’re playing this slot in the first place, you probably want to win big, so there’s no point in sticking to minimum bets. Of course, you should change the bet size as you see fit because it might take quite a while before you trigger any of these bonuses.

Speaking of them, each bonus has its own scatter symbol. For different bonuses, you may need to collect from two to four symbols in a single spin. The bonuses include cash prizes and mini-games like hidden vaults you have to pick to reveal their bonuses, jewels to snatch and more.

As for the jackpot game itself, you’ll see five columns with a prize on top of each one. The game will randomly select one prize but there’s something you can do to increase the likelihood of the super jackpot win. Just like in other progressive jackpot slots, the higher your bet, the better the chance to win really big.


jewer heist line comboJewel Heist is a well-made, high-quality slot with good graphics and effects, lucrative and immersive gameplay and numerous different features. There are many ways to reach the jackpot chamber and even if you don’t snatch the top prize, cash prizes on the way to it are still really impressive.

Now that you know how to play Jewel Heist, we suggest you seek out a bonus and give it a go for a rush of adrenaline, not unlike the one you’d feel if you actually decided to rob a bank. This, however, is completely legal, and with the skills of an experienced thief, you’re bound to succeed sooner or later.