Hot as Hades Slot LogoMicrogaming, as a slot developer, loves a good narrative in its games and one slot that this is super evident is the Hot as Hades slot machine. Hades is the name of the underworld in Greek myth as well as the god who oversees it. So, in a single name, the developer got both the setting and main character for this smoking slot, and a little pun on the place and the man being ‘hot.’ Follow any Hot as Hades guide and you’ll find out quickly that this is more than just your average slot. In this game, you’re on a quest, which means the stakes are high (if you want them to be) and the fun is palpable.

Having featured this slot pretty much since it came out, we figured that it was about time that we here at Fable Casino provided our players with a full Hot as Hades review. Yet, more than just reviewing the slot, we hope that this post will serve as a full Hot as Hades slot guide, allowing you to better understand the game and get the most out of playing it. This is why we’ve gone into the fine detail of the slot, so that you can really turn up the heat and still handle yourself.


Gameplay And Return To Player (RTP)

Hot as Hades Slot GameplayIf you’ve seen any Disney Pixar film from the late 90s or early 2000s, you’ll have a weird déjà vu when seeing the animation and graphics of the Hot as Hades game. With bright bold colours and large than life characters, the game brings the pantheon of Greek underworld mythology to the world of slots like never before.

No Hot as Hades slot review would be complete, of course, without a mention of the Quest for the Crystal Helm bonus game. This is effectively a ‘Pick a Prize’ game, which Microgaming has managed to spin into an entire quest narrative. What it boils down to is travelling through a number of levels, each themed around a different god, with the aim to take a Crystal Helm from Zeus, which pays out the biggest prize of the game.

As with any slot game, one of the most important aspect of this title that we’re sure you’re wondering about is the Hot as Hades slot RTP. While we always remind players that the return to player rate is simply an average, it’s a good indicator of how likely a slot is to pay out. It also relates to the volatility of a game, meaning you can tell what kind of risk it poses. You’ll be pleased to hear that, depending on your game settings, the Hot as Hades RTP sits between 96% and 97%, which is a comfortable risk for any average player.


Extra Spins And Bonus Codes

Hot as Hades Slot Big WinBoy, is the Hot as Hades extra spins round an awful lot of fun! Triggered entirely randomly (that’s right, no way of telling when they’re coming), you’ll be rewarded with five extra spins, with a multiplier of anywhere from 2x all the way up to the Super Big Win value of 150x your initial wager! We wish we could spend more time in this Hot as Hades game review talking about these extra spins, but you really just need to try them out for yourself to get your head round them.

One of the most common questions we get here at Fable Casino – as a purveyor of the Hot as Hades game – is whether there is a Hot as Hades slot bonus code that players can use at our site in order to improve their takings from the game. Usually, the players that ask are after things like Hot as Hades slot extra spins, with the expectation that this will help propel their bankroll upwards. We’re sorry to break it to you guys, but at Fable Casino at least, you’re not going to get a Hot as Hades bonus code right now. That’s not to say that we won’t be featuring one in the future, or that the game is any less worth playing, but we don’t feature a promo code right now.


Tips And Tricks – How To Play

Hot as Hades Slot Crystal Helm So, you’re on the lookout for Hot as Hades slot tips? Well, good job you’ve come to the right place, as we happen to know everything there is to know about how to play Hot as Hades slot! For instance, although the paylines are fixed on this 5 reel, 20 payline game, you’re able to adjust the value of each payline so that you spin a total of £0.20 per spin all the way up to a maximum of £50 per spin, meaning that you can chance the value as you play to match your fluctuating bankroll. That’s not the end of our Hot as Hades tips, however. This is a medium variance slot, which means that while you can take some risks, you’re still better off being a little conservative with your wagers to ensure you don’t blast through your cash too quickly.

For more advice on how to play Hot as Hades, you don’t really need a full Hot as Hades game review, but rather take a quick look at the information supplied on the slot itself. Everything you need to know from controls to symbol values can be found in the information tab of the game, within easy access while you play.



So, now that you’ve read the Fable Casino Hot as Hades slot game review, you should not only have a much better idea of what to expect when you’re planning on playing the slot, but also know some things that will help you perform better when playing the Hot as Hades slot game.

Like most of the slots Microgaming has put out in the last couple of year, Hot as Hades is a visual delight that expertly pairs killer graphics, compelling gameplay and unique features. This might not be the most original game theme wise, but what it’s doing with that theme is ground breaking, and well worth checking out. Hot as Hades is available to play at Fable Casino right now!