Updated on March 2o, 2018.

We did this update so that our players can rest assured that all the information below is correct and current. Whilst Gonzo's Quest is now almost eight years old, it still stands as one of NetEnt's most popular games ever and one of the most played tiles here at Fable Casino. This is why ensuring that this slot review is as informational and accurate as possible is important, as we know that new players will definitely want to give it a spin! 


Gonzo's Quest Logo

The Gonzo's Quest game is a modern classic. It's one of the most popular slots here at Fable Casino and almost certainly at other sites too. Produced by NetEnt, this slot machine has also stood the test of time as it was actually first released way back in 2010! So, what is it about the game that keeps attracting players? Well, in this Gonzo's Quest slots guide, we'll attempt to answer that question by discussing the slot's gameplay, bonus features and design. Furthermore, we'll be divulging our top tips and tricks to maximise your wins!

Gonzo's Quest is a five reel, twenty payline game, which actually means it sports quite a traditional format. Convention, however, stops there, as this slot is packed full of innovative mechanics. For starters, Gonzo's Quest was one of the first slots ever to incorporate an ‘avalanche reel' feature and it also boasts some of the best graphics we've ever seen in a mobile slot. We'll talk about the benefits of these things later in this Gonzos Quest slots guide. Yet, for now, what you must understand is that this slot was a highly original and has since become one of the most influential games around.

Gonzo's Quest RTP (Return To Player) and Gameplay  Features

Gonzo's Quest Gameplay ScreenshotWhilst the Gonzo Quest machine is highly regarded as one of the best slots ever made, it doesn't actually include that many bonus features. This is because at the time it was released, slots weren't so jam-packed with extra bells and whistles. This, arguably, makes Gonzo's Quest a whole lot better as the gameplay is relatively simple, thus making it easy to to grips with.

The Gonzo's Quest mobile slot is also a slot for all sorts of gamblers, as whether your playing the original Gonzo's Quest or Gonzos Quest Touch (the mobile version), you can play for as little as 20p up to £50 a spin. This means that both casual players and high rollers can enjoy the game and benefit from a maximum win of 500x your wager.

Visually, the Gonzo Quest slots game is stunning and whilst there may not be many bonus rounds to trigger, the gameplay is still highly enjoyable and exciting. This is because of the attention to detail that's present throughout the game. NetEnt are renowned for being one of the most aesthetically pleasing software developers, and Gonzo's Quest is a perfect example of this.

The game is based around conqueror Gonzalo Pizarro and his journey through the Amazon jungle in the hopes of finding the lost city of Eldorado. The symbols on the reels are all fitting to the theme as they are represented by different coloured Mayan themed icons. Furthermore, Gonzo accompanies you as you play and even dances when you win big!

One of the biggest things to consider when thinking about gameplay, however, is the return to player rate. This is the the percentage of all wagered money a slot game will pay back to players over time and so the higher the RTP, the better. The Gonzo Quest RTP is relatively average, at 96%, yet this doesn't inherently make the game bad. This is because we must weigh up the Gonzo's Quest slot RTP against it's volatility too. Gonzo's Quest is generally considered to be a medium to high volatility title, which means it doesn't pay out that frequently, but when it does, you're in for a treat. Essentially, whilst staying mindful of the Gonzo RTP is important, you shouldn't get too weighed down by this fact.

Gonzo's Quest Free Spins And Bonus Codes

Bagging yourself some free spins Gonzos Quest isn't a hard task, as the Free Falls Bonus feature will do all the work for you. The bonus round is activated when you land three or more Free Fall scatter symbols on consecutive reels. At the start of the round, you will be rewarded with an initial 10 free spins Gonzo's Quest and the multiplier meter at the side of the game will also change.

In the base game, the multiplier meter displays values of 1x, 2x, 3x and 5x your win. However, in the Free Falls round, the multiplier values rise to 3x, x, 9x, and 15x your win. As you can imagine, this has the potential to reward you with some huge amounts!

As Gonzo's Quest is one of the most popular slots of all time, finding a Gonzo's Quest bonus code shouldn't ever be too difficult. Here at Fable Casino, in addition to our welcome package which is available for all new players, we also run both weekly and seasonal promotions that allow players to walk away with bonus cash. You can use any of these bonuses to play Gonzo's Quest for for free, which means that a Gonzo's Quest slot bonus code is only ever a deposit away – bet you're glad you read this perfect Gonzo review now!

Gonzos Quest Tips And Tricks – How To Play

Gonzo's Quest Avalanche Feature ScreenshotTo be honest with you, we don't have any super secretive tips on how to play Gonzo's Quest. As we mentioned earlier in this Gonzo's Quest review, you'll get a hang of the game quite quickly as the Gonzo's Quest machine is relatively simple. That being said, there are two very important things to take into consideration when playing: the avalanche reels feature and the fact that the game has a medium to high volatility.

One of our best Gonzo's Quest tips is to simply pay close attention to the Avalanche Feature. Although we've touched on this innovative mechanism already during this Gonzo's Quest slot review, we think it's important to let you know exactly what the feature means for you gaming experience.

Essentially, the avalanche feature means that if a winning combination lands on the reels, the symbols will explode and disappear, making room for new symbols to fall into their place. This means that without even spinning the reels again, you may be able to trigger another winning combination! The feature continues so long as you keep winning, which makes it particularly lucrative. Whilst there isn't much you can do to increase your chances of triggering the feature, it's vital that you understand how this works, in order to learn how to play on the Gonzo slot successfully.

Perhaps one of the most important Gonzo's Quest slot tips, however, is to make sure your playing with a clear strategy. As we mentioned earlier, Gonzo's Quest RTP is fairly average, but it does have a medium to high volatility. Medium to high variance slots can be unpredictable and can leave players feeling a little disappointed. This is because they may not pay out much for a long time. Therefore, to achieve a Gonzo's Quest big win, you need to have budgeted well. Medium to high volatility games require you to have a slightly larger bankroll than low volatility games, so that you can survive any unlucky streaks you may encounter.


There's a reason that the Gonzo's Quest slot onya (as they'd say in Turkish) is still popular and throughout this Gonzos Quest slot review we hope we've shown you what this is. Players all over the world enjoy Gonzo's Quest as fundamentally, it's a well designed, beautiful and rewarding game – all the things you'd want from a slot, really! The Gonzo's Quest slot machine is a perfect example of NetEnt's capabilities as a slot developer and we'd recommend any slot fan — novice or seasoned player — to go try out Gonzo Quest slot live at Fable Casino now!

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