Gold Rush Feature ImageWith the variety of online gaming options out there, picking the perfect slot can be quite a challenge. Fret not as the Gold Rush Valley of Riches slots game may just be the one for you. Developed by Magnet Gaming, this gaming package is an all-star deal.

It has loads of winnings for the taking and a certain friendliness that is unparalleled to most of the other games. The theme is simple: gold. It is built on the adventurous concept of the 19th Century Gold Rush that consumed America. The game has a charming ‘Wild Wild West’ feel about it with impeccable gameplay, features and bonuses.

Gameplay And Return To Player (RTP)

Gold Rush GameplayUncomplicated in its layout, Gold Rush is a three reel slot that is paired with a respectable number of eight paylines. The reels are beautifully laid out against a golden backdrop featuring an idyllic scene. Just like an Old West movie. We loved how all the symbols on the reels are suspended among a pretty, yet rustic landscape.

The game makes an effort to cater to the budget range of practically anyone. With an extremely reasonable wager range, players get to spin with a startlingly minimal investment. All you need is 10p for a spin. That is right. The wager range starts as low as 10p and you may up the stakes all the way to a maximum of £10 per spin.

Maintaining your bank balance will never be much of an issue in this game – thanks to the awesome Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.5%. To make things all the better, Magnet Gaming has designed Gold Rush as a low variance game. This simply means that all players will experience frequent (albeit smaller) payouts throughout this game. That said, your gaming risks will be minimized as you would be recovering most of your money back as you play.

Gold Rush Base Game WinPerformance wise, this game has been meticulously designed with an amazing theme in mind. Throughout the game, Magnet Gaming has remarkably brought all the characters in this game to life. The graphics have a great feel amidst a rolling landscape. The symbols are easy to spot as they are primarily three-dimensional and striking in their presentation.

The layout of the reels also clearly depicts the jackpot values, the paytable and other features in a fuss-free manner. Upon the loading of the game you are greeted by a sleeping bearded man who only wakes up once you start spinning. You have to keep spinning in order to keep his apparent narcolepsy from kicking in. It is funny and endearing to hear his snores. The audio is pretty classic with a rather melodious arrangement of the harmonica and banjo.

Extra Spins And Bonus Codes

Winning with your own money is all fun and good, but nothing in the world can beat the feelings of winning with free money. The reason? Simple – The return on your investment when you win money using free spins or bonuses is actually infinite.

Fortunately for all of us, GoWin is offering just what we want. Upon depositing, all new players are entitled to a generous 100 extra spins on the house! If that wasn’t good enough, you will also receive a 100% deposit bonus. Talk about starting from a position of advantage!

Tips And Tricks – How To Play

Gold Rush Bonus Features

Like it or not, it is the bonus features of a slot that makes or breaks a game. Fortunately for all of us, Magnet Gaming has exceeded all expectations in this department by including a total of four unique bonus features and two progressive jackpot.

The first feature in Gold Rush is the Game Flash and it is activated when three Game Flash symbols appear on your reels. On top of giving you the chance to walk home with three massive cash prizes, you may also trigger the other bonus features and jackpots here.

The second bonus feature in Gold Rush is the Gold Fever. To trigger this feature, you will need at least three Gold Fever on your reels. Alternatively, you can also activate this feature via the game flash. Once activated, you will be rewarded with 20 extra spins right off the bat. Who doesn’t love free spins? If that does not do the trick, you also stand a chance at winning the jackpot Flash or the Super Jackpot Flash.

Gold Rush Normal WinThe Gold Digger bonus game is also a fun and profitable round. It is triggered through the Game Flash or with three Gold Digger symbols. As the name suggests, you will be doing some digging (with some usage of dynamites) in this feature. Blow your way through the rock to find massive cash prizes. Deep in the rock somewhere lies the highly sought after Jackpots.

The next big deal, is of course, the Gold Canyon. It is activated once again, through the Game Flash or three Gold Canyon symbols. In an adventure across the canyons, you will collect cash prizes along the way. Jackpots can also be won here.


If you hadn’t guessed already, we had an absolute blast playing the Gold Rush slot! It has all the amazing features that can attract players from any walk of life. Pure, non-distracted and uninhibited fun is somehow all packed beautifully within this game. We have to admit that we were initially a little sceptic about this game.

The reason being we have played tens of other ‘Wild West’ themed slots before and none of them lived up to the massive potential of its theme. Gold Rush was the exact opposite. The bonus features were not just interactive but filled with some good ol’ action!