Frozen Diamonds Slot LogoHere’s an icy game, which isn’t going to leave you cold: the Frozen Diamonds slot machine. Set in a desolate, snow filled landscape, there’s way more action in this game five reels and 20 paylines game. In this Frozen Diamonds review, you’ll discover that frozen blocks of ice can contain surprising wins, while avalanches, far from being a disaster, are actually hugely beneficial to you as you play. Yup, that’s a hint about cascading reels, but we’ll talk about that more later, in the gameplay section of this Frozen Diamonds slot guide.

We’ll start out Frozen Diamonds guide simply by telling you that, true to the form of one of the best developers out there, Rabcat has created a slot here which is visually stunning – wonderfully evoking a snowy scene with outstanding, colourful graphics – and inviting players in with a smooth and appealing soundtrack.


Gameplay And Return To Player (RTP)

Frozen Diamonds Slot GameplayIt has to be said, although there are a few interesting elements and features to discuss in this Frozen Diamonds slot review, the game isn’t bursting with all kinds of bonus excitement. No, the Frozen Diamonds game is relatively low key, and compared to other games from the developer, pretty simple and light on bonuses. This is also a game for relatively modest gamblers, allowing as it does for wagers between 20p and £40 per spin. This isn’t going to break the bank, but with a top jackpot of 10x your wager, it’s not about to make you rich either.

Other than the wild symbol, which looks basically like a frozen version of the Starburst symbol from NetEnt’s iconic game, the big feature we need to talk about, is the cascading reels. Each and every time you enjoy a win on any of the paylines, the symbols on that payline will disappear and will be replaced by symbols falling (or, you know, cascading) from above.

This carries with it great potential for subsequent wins, and allows players the chance to enjoy multiple rounds of wins from a single spin. Better yet, if you get three lots of cascading wins in a row, you’ll trigger a extra spins round – but we’ll talk about that more in the extra spins section of the review.

And what about that other all important aspect of the game you want to know about: what is the Frozen Diamonds slot RTP? As you know, the RTP rate is the percentage of your wagers you could expect to see back over an infinite number of spins, and the higher it is the better. Well, the Frozen Diamonds RTP is 96.7% (i.e. with a house edge of 3.3%). This is on the good side of average and, owing to its medium to low volatility, makes this a great choice for inexperienced, casual and budgeted players.


Extra Spins And Bonus Codes

Frozen Diamonds Slot Extra SpinsEarlier on in our Frozen Diamonds game review, we filled you in on how you can trigger Frozen Diamonds extra spins – by getting three or more cascading reels wins in a row. Yet, what does a Frozen Diamonds slot extra spins round look like? Well, when you trigger the extra spins, you’ll either get five or 10 extra spins. While the extra spins round is taking place in the Frozen Diamonds game, you’ll have guaranteed, fixed expanded wilds over the whole second or third reel, greatly increasing your chances of enjoying subsequent wins. You’d be surprised how often this extra spins round get triggered.

We often get the question here at Fable Casino of whether there is a Frozen Diamonds slot bonus code players can use for extra bonuses on the slot. The unfortunate fact is that right now we don’t have a Frozen Diamonds bonus code to offer, however, we reckon that the winning potential of the game means that it’s super easy to survive without one. Just focus on triggering those extra spins and you’ll be fine.


Tips And Tricks – How To Play

We’ve got to that part of the Frozen Diamonds game review where we’re able to offer Frozen Diamonds slot tips on how to play Frozen Diamonds. To be perfectly honest with you, this is one of the more straightforward slots in our roster, so even a total novice would have a decent shot at playing without any trouble.

The best approach to how to play the Frozen Diamonds slot is pretty much to follow the guide of any slot. The paylines are fixed, so you don’t have to worry about being selective there. All you need to do is decide what value you want to place as a wager on each payline and you’re away. The game is simple enough and with a low enough volatility, that it’s unlikely you’re going to bust the bank within a few spins. So, long as you’re wagering relatively conservatively and are triggering the exciting elements of the game – like the cascading reels and extra spins – things will simply fall into place.

As for other Frozen Diamonds tips, just be mindful of those cascading reels and try and take advantage of those valuable extra spins when they roll round.


With its cold as ice setting and hot as fire slots action, the Frozen Diamonds slot game is a game of two personalities. On one side you have the cool simplicity of the slot, which requires you only to choose your coin value to spin and does all the rest of the heavy lifting for you. It’s going to give you regular payouts, and guide you easily as you play. On the other hand, however, there’s the hotter side of the game, with extra spins, cascading reels and fixed wilds, which really warm up your playing experience.

Hopefully, our Frozen Diamonds slot game review will have helped you decide whether or not this game is for you. We reckon this game is better suited to novice players or those on a tighter budget, but really anyone can play with ease and find a good time in the slot.