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Magnet Gaming has a fondness for underwater slots, as is evidenced by their Deep Blue slot. Fish Tank, on the other hand, rather than take place deep beneath the ocean, takes place inside a…. Well, a fish tank! Arguably, it is more well-known than Deep Blue with much better graphics and animation, but is by all intents and purposes on the same level of gameplay, as if the case with all other Magnet Gaming titles.

Why not take a dip into the Fish Tank slot and see if you can't score a win? The slot has a 3 x 3 reel structure, meaning that making a win is simpler than most other slot machines. There are a lot of other, hidden treasures too in this game and in order to unlock them, you'd have to play the game yourself to see whether such things tickle your fancy. Today, we're gonna talk about them in depth plus show you where you can find all those awesome bonus codes that you should use to get a better experience overall.

Gameplay And Return To Player (Fish Tank RTP)

fish tank extra spinsHere's how you play the Fish Tank slot machine. It has a total of three reels and three rows with a grand sum of eight paylines players can use to earn a win and score in-gmae “credits”, as is the case with most other slots by Magnet gaming. All paylines are active and players have a medium variance with 96.5% RTP. This allows for a satisfying experience overall without being too difficult or too easy for players to make use of.

To play the game, just press the spin button at the bottom centre of the reel and see how the symbols align. You can set your coin value and have the reel ‘auto-spin'. This saves you from pressing the spin button yourself continuously  but it feels like it's more in your control if you do it manually. At least, we feel that way. The aim of the slot is to get as many of the bonuses and extra spins as possible so that you can gather as many in-game “credits” as possible. Credits are exchanged for prizes. The more of these you manage to acquire, the better.

Extra Spins And Bonus Codes for Fish Tank

fish tank bonus gameFish Tank's graphics are rendered in 3D, which really makes the slot pop. With stellar animation, too, this makes the game come alive in a way that Deep Blue doesn't. There's constant movement and makes for an engaging experience overall. We think having it in 2D wouldn't be the same, although it won't affect gameplay in any way because it's the same as all other slots made by Magnet Gaming.

In either case, we bet you're waiting to hear how you can win extra spins in-game and by earning them externally through bonus codes at a casino. Well, in-game the Algae Attack feature of Fish Tank allows you an initial 25 free spins which you can use at no extra cost. On the other hand, if you manage to land the right symbols on this bonus reel, you can get more free spins which is always a good thing, for sure.

However, if you head over to Sloty casino today and sign up, you can get 300 additional extra spins to use on top of a £1,300 welcome bonus. It's an awesome trade off and it really gets you going on your gambling journey over at Sloty casino. Be mindful of all the other things they have in store, too! Plenty of games and promotions to engage with which will doubtless keep you occupied for a long time to come.

Tips And Tricks – How To Play Fish Tank

fish tank iphone main reelSo, what is the best way you can play Fish Tank and make it as profitable as possible? Our only answer to this rather sticky question is to play it smartly and aim to collect as many “credits” as you can. This should be fairly easy to accomplish, the RTP being 96.5% and all, but there are a few tricks you need to bear in mind in order to play this game effectively.

Firstly, the aim of the game is to earn as many credits as possible. This is the case with many Magnet Gaming titles and these credits can be used to exchange for cash prizes. Each credit amounts to approximately 1p so it's best to collect as many as you possibly can to earn a substantial amount. Extra spins should help you on your way to doing this but there are also two other bonus games which present opportunities to do this also.

Bear in mind that you can play Fish Tank from as little 10p to as much as £10. The higher you gamble, the more you get in return so bear this in mind when you try to garner your credits. It's a good rule-of-thumb to remember overall, in any case.


Fish Tank may not be Magnet Gaming's first underwater slot but it's certainly an improvement on Deep Blue in graphics but in terms of gameplay it's almost exactly the same. It may seem better because of the graphics but it is overall a very similar experience. That is by no means a bad thing as this is the case for all Magnet titles we've encountered so far. If anything, this serves as an advantage as you know precisely what to expect.