deep blue iconDive into the deep blue sea as you play one of Magnet Gaming's less well-known slots, Deep Blue. Like other slots made by this developer, Deep Blue is simple to play and easy to grasp. it operates on a 3 x 3 slot reel. There are some long-hidden treasures hidden beneath the depths of the waves and Deep Blue allows you to uncover that. We mean it when we say this but Deep Blue really is a game with more depth than you might think and that is significant.

On the surface, the slot may appear rather generic. We've all seen countless slots based around the ocean, right? What's so different about this one? Well, like the ocean, this slot has much more going on underneath than might be apparent. Although we know it's hard not to judge a slot based on its appearance but we implore you that you give Deep Blue that extra chance. There's certainly more to it than you may think at first and dismissing it off-hand will be an almighty shame. And you don't want to miss out on any awesome bonus codes now, do you?

Gameplay And Return To Player (Deep Blue RTP)

deep blue main reel-minHere's how you play the Deep Blue slot machine. It has a sum of three reels and three rows with a grand total of eight paylines. This makes it pretty standard for your average Magnet Gaming slot game. All paylines are active and players can use them effectively to garner a win. With a slot RTP of 96.5%, winning shouldn't be too difficult either. It means playing will not be too dull or too frustrating. In other words, satisfying on the whole.

To play the game, simply press the spin button at the bottom centre of the reel and see what comes up. You can set your coin value and have the reel autospin so you don't have to continuously press the spin button yourself but it feels like it's more in your control if you do so. The aim of the slot is to get as many of the bonuses and extra spins as possible so that you can gather as many in-game “credits” as possible. Credits are exchanged for prizes. The more of these you manage to acquire, the better.

Extra Spins And Bonus Codes for Deep Blue

deep blue win-minDeep Blue may have some rather cartoon-y graphics which might not appeal all that much to players who want a more mature experience. The cartoon fish and octopus certainly provide a bit of a distraction. Oddly, however, the animation level is quite low energy which may seem like a mistake but actually portrays the calm eeriness of the sea quite well. The sound design helps in this regard.

With that in mind, let's take a look at the bonus codes and extra spins you could potentially earn while playing the game. While you play Deep Blue, you can earn extra spins by aligning the right symbols and activating the extra spins round. In total, you'll get 15 free spins if you align three symbols in a row and 18 if you get four or more. You can get more of them while you spin these extra spins, but only if you again get the right symbols.

On the other hand, if you play this slot over at NetBet casino today, you can earn hundreds and hundreds of extra spins on a near-daily basis. Aside form that, the welcome bonus is a generous 100% of your initial deposit of up to £200. Play their game of the week or collect an awesome bonus nearly every day of the week. It's a great way to get started on your gambling journey there and a great way to play the Deep Blue slot.

Tips And Tricks – How To Play Deep Blue

deep blue iphone main reel-minSo, what's the best way to play the Deep Blue slot so that it is most profitable ? There's no easy way to answer such a question but we do there there's a few tips that can help you on your way. The RTP is advantageous here, at a rate of nearly 96.5%, so we think that the medium variance will be beneficial overall.

Firstly, as is the aim with all other Magnet Gaming titles, the objective is to earn as many in-game credits as you possibly can. While you can get these by getting the right combos in the main game, it would be much more profitable if you were to get onto one of three bonus games. We've already mentioned the extra spins but there is also a multiplier round and a coin-collection round that is crucial to earning much, much more than you currently have.

Remember, each credit is worth roughly 1p so you need to collect as many as you absolutely can manage to win money. Winning the jackpots (both super and normal) are greatly beneficial in this regard. Remember, the more you bet the higher the risk and therefore the return will be much higher too.


While there are many, many slots that have an underwater theme (Magnetic Gaming has more than a fair few themselves) but that doesn't mean Deep Blue is by any means worthless. The theme could do with some work but that's something you can easily overlook if you consider all the positive aspects. For one, the RTP is high enough for things to be worthwhile and the bonuses are fun and engaging.