castle builder slot reviewWho told that you couldn’t play RPGs at a casino? RabCat proved everybody wrong when they released Castle Builder slot game in 2014. It’s a unique online casino game for that sole reason – it’s a hybrid of a slot and a role-playing game. But is it actually a good game? We’ll find out in this Castle Builder slot review.

By the time of its release, the slot was received quite favourably. It was like nothing anyone has seen before. In this Castle Builder slot guide, we will pay special attention to the objective of the game. Since it’s an RPG, your goal isn’t just to win cash. You also have to build castles in three different kingdoms. As a master builder, it’s your duty to build a fancy castle for each princess of the realm, so that they could attract wealthy princes.

Of course, you do so by spinning the reels which contain building materials. Land them in place correctly and your castle will rise before your eyes. Once a castle is finished, a royal wedding will take place and you’ll get the reward depending on the suitor you choose. In this Castle Builder guide, we’ll share our tips on doing that in the most profitable way.


Gameplay And Return To Player (RTP)

castle builder slot gameplayCastle Builder game is a 5×3-reel slot with 15 paylines. The minimum bet is 15p and the maximum is £30. It’s a low variance game, mainly because it doesn’t have a lot of lucrative features in the base game. You’ll get some chances to win more, but it’s definitely not a game to choose if you want to make a profit. Surprisingly, Castle Builder RTP is over 96%. However, if some other Castle Builder slot game review said that it’s great, we’re here to question it.

Yes, as a game it’s not too bad. It’s interesting and certainly innovative in the context of slots. As a slot, however, it isn’t amazing. It has no bonus rounds, no scatters, no random bonuses or anything. The only special features in the game mechanics are wilds and a pick-me bonus upon each castle completion.

As a result, you’ll quickly lose money while you focus on the RPG part of it – the castle building. Don’t get us wrong, Castle Builder Slot RTP isn’t bad (around 96.5%). It’s just that most of the profit will come from the bonus at the end of each chapter. While these are around 10-30x your bet, you’ll rarely finish the base game having more than you had started with.

Hitting a combination of five lowest paying symbols won’t even return your initial bet. Add the fact that building each castle is basically the same process and you’ll see that this Castle Builder slot machine isn’t so special after all. Now, we’re only talking in terms of mechanics here. If we were to look at the general atmosphere, the slot is actually quite amazing. There are many different locations, different music and a storyline behind all of it. However, not everyone may be satisfied with the aesthetics only.



Extra Spins And Bonus Codes

Looking for a Castle Builder slot bonus code? At Fable Casino, we have all kinds of promotions and offers that are designed to suit even the pickiest player. Just visit our promotions page and you’ll find more than one offer that you can use as Castle Builder bonus code.

Some other offers could be even used for Castle Builder extra spins. Using those, you could effectively save dozens of pounds and build a few castles for free. We’re not saying that Castle Builder slot extra spins will be available all the time though, as our promotions change every month. So, just check our offers and then return to this Castle Builder review because you won’t win much if you don’t know how to play it effectively.


Tips And Tricks – How To Play

castle builder slot game royal wedding featurePlaying Castle Builder is a unique experience, because we have a whole new objective to complete. If you don’t know how to play Castle Builder slot, just remember that there are two things to focus on. First of all, you have to build castles. You do this by scoring with building material symbols. The larger your combination, the better your building blocks are and the faster progress. Score enough times and your castle will be complete in no time.

Another thing to focus on is, of course, getting rich. However, there aren’t many Castle Builder slot tips to give here because the base game is quite simple. As already mentioned, there are no special features in the base game. At least we have wild symbols, but other than that, it’s just bare spinning.

Of course, the more wilds you land the better, because they’re among the highest paying symbols and stand for any other symbol when counting the wins. If you manage to get a payline full of wilds, you’ll get 1,333x your bet. This has never happened to us, however.

Our Castle Builder game review wouldn’t be any special if we didn’t give any Castle Builder tips to increase your winnings. When you complete a castle, you’ll have to choose one of three admirers for a princess to marry. Each one will bring you a different amount of money as a reward.

The key here is that you won’t know how rich each admirer is until you choose one. To choose well, don’t focus on their appearance, because it’s often misleading. In fact, choose the poor, the weird or the creepy guy. That’s how to play Castle Builder!



castle builder guide reviewCastle Builder game is perfect for those who want their slots to have a storyline. While castle building can get repetitive, it’s still quite fun to explore all the different kingdoms and learn about the different royal families.

However, it’s not a slot that’ll make you rich. While making a profit is totally possible, hitting a big win is a different story. As we emphasized in this Castle Builder game review, the base game is simply too bare for that.