Candy Kingdom Feature ImageIf you are looking for an online slot game experience that is fun and easy-going yet fancy enough for an adrenaline rush, look no further than Candy Kingdom. If you are a Candy Crush addict or know one, chances are you would be familiar with the concept of the game. The spin on this one however, is the fact that you get to win money while you’re at it.

Does that pique your interest? Then go ahead and log on to your nearest device be it a desktop, laptop or even our mobile phone. Yes! Gone are the days where people have to mill about slot machines at the nearest casino. Candy Kingdom is an experience brought to you by Danish developers, Magnet Gaming for an amazing experience of a popular slot game.

Gameplay And Return To Player (RTP)

Candy Kingdom Small WinNow the crux of the game is as simple as can be. All you need to do is watch out for the candy symbols. The candy symbols consist of a variety of candy symbols with adorable names like Mrs Droplet, Mr Triangle, Mrs Star and Mr Heart. Once these symbols match each other as they fall side-by-side on a flat edge, you win. Oh, do note that touching corners doesn’t count.

With a reel layout of 5×5, the trick is to catch matching symbols either diagonally or horizontally to create winning combinations. Players from all walks of life are welcome to play this game as the wager ranger is extremely affordable. All it takes to play is a mere 25p to £10 pounds per spin.

Candy Kingdom comes with 25 paylines and no matter the amount of your wager, you need not worry about losing all of your money. The game boasts a 96.5% Return to Player (RTP) rate with a low variance of payouts. In other words, you will have the chance to win at almost every turn of the game (albeit smaller amounts). So, all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy looking at colourful candy for a potential profit from the comfort of your home.

Extra Spins And Bonus Codes

If you are still unsure of whether you want to spend your hard earned money on Candy Kingdom, don't worry – there are many casinos out there that offer amazing welcome packages that you can take advantage of.

Take Fortune Frenzy Casino for instance. All new players can receive up to £500 on top of 100 free spins when you register and deposit a mere £10! In specific, players will receive a 100% first deposit bonus. All of the free money that you receive here can be used in the Candy Kingdom slot.

Tips And Tricks – How To Play

Whilst the frequent payouts that all players will enjoy in Candy Kingdom are good and fun, it is undeniable that all the potential big wins lies within the bonus features of this game. In this section of the review, we will solely cover a few tips and tricks on how to play Candy Kingdom to win more money.

Candy Kingdom Bonus Trigger

This is where things get interesting – in order to stand a chance to win the massive jackpots that Candy Kingdom sports, you will first have to trigger any of the bonus features. With three bonus games available, you are bound to have a blast and hit the jackpots as you go.  The three bonus games available in Candy Kingdom are as follows:

  • Candy Collector: After being triggered by two scatter symbols, you will be awarded 20 extra spins. These aren’t just normal extra spins either. In the gameplay of these spins you should aim to collect chosen candies which in turn fill up a box to the left of your reels. Filling the box up with three stars will trigger the small jackpot whereas filling the box up with three hearts will trigger the large jackpot.
  • Cake Spinner: Arguable the most fun feature of the lot, you will be given the chance to spin cakes in exchange for cash prizes. Once activated, you will be presented with a set of five small cakes and one large cake. The small cakes determine the sizes of the cash prizes that you win and the big cake will determine which jackpot you stand a chance to win.
  • Waffle Mountain: You will need four scatter symbols to trigger this feature. That said, this feature will be the hardest to come by. Waffle Fountain is essentially a board styled mini game that comprises of a few levels. As you progress through the “mountain”, you will collect various cash prizes along the way. Similar to that of the other two features, finding three stars and three hearts will trigger the small and large jackpot respectively.

Candy Kingdom GameplayOne feature to look out for while playing the game is the win multiplier in the gameplay of Candy kingdom. Once matched symbols are rewarded, they disappear, and new symbols delicately fall in to take their place. But the most awesome part of playing Candy Kingdom is the fact that you activate a win multiplier every time you get a win! This simply means that winning consecutively will catapult your bank balance to new horizons very easily.

The next aspect of Candy Kingdom that deserves attention from us is the Super Jackpot present in this game. Having a go at the three unique bonus features in this game gives you a chance at the progressive jackpot with the ultimate prize being the Super Jackpot!


Candy Kingdom is simple, pretty and lucrative enough for safe and entertaining gaming. It is guaranteed to give you the ultimate sugar rush and brighten up your day. For me, playing this slot reminded me of the times when I was still a kid and was given ice-cream. Without you knowing, there will be a smile on your face!