Big Bad Wolf Feature ImageWho’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Well, none of you should be. In this Big Bad Wolf guide, I will tell you the story of a delinquent villain that will huff and puff and fill your wallets with gold. You read that right—it’s one of those times when it actually pays to support the villain. The more houses he blows down, the higher your chances of scoring complete combinations and the more rewards you’ll enjoy. There are wild little pigs, extra spins and a tonne of fortune to be made. Trust me: once you have read this Big Bad Wolf slot guide, you won’t be able to wait to play it. So let's jump straight into this extensive Big Bad Wolf game review.


Gameplay And Return To Player (RTP)

To appreciate the brilliance of this game’s setup, I must first regale you with the original fable. I’ll make it quick. The first of the pigs builds a house of straw. Then, the Big Bad Wolf comes by and sings:

“Little pig, little pig, let me come in.”

“No, no, not by the hair on my chinny chin chin.”

“Then I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house down.”

Indeed, the house of straw is blown down and the first pig is, sadly, devoured. The second pig tries and to fend off the wolf with a house of sticks, but he fails too. The third finally succeeds with a house of bricks… only for the cunning wolf to climb down the chimney instead!

Big Bad Wolf GraphicsIn Quickspin’s version, you’ll find typical slot symbols arranged like bricks into a 5×3 reel/house. Quickspin calls these Swooping Reels, as all symbols that make up a winning combination are “blown away” and new building blocks fall from above. Blocks will keep getting blown away and dropped in for as long as there are winning combinations on the reels. So, you’ll get plenty of payouts within each spin!

In the Big Bad Wolf slot game, each brick is either one of eight regular symbols—the three pigs, A, K, Q, J and 10, the beehive wild symbol or the Big Bad Wolf scatter symbol. These symbols can make up any one of 25 paylines in the game. You, the player, will bet on this happening from as little as 25p and up to £250. However, getting similar symbols aligned on the reels aren’t the only way you earn your dough…

The Big Bad Wolf slot RTP is so high that it will be a delight for all players to hear. At 97.34%, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if this Big Bad Wolf RTP is the highest among every other game to come out of Quickspin! Having said all that, your chances of recovering your wagered money will be much easier compared to almost all other slots in the industry. As trivial as this seems, this may just be the best piece in this Big Bad Wold slot game review puzzle.

This slot may be inspired by a childhood fable, but there’s nothing childish or tacky about it. Rolling off the Quickspin slot production line, the Big Bad Wolf game packs in the industry’s cutting-edge animation and graphics power. The blocks don’t just fade off the screen — instead, they are blown away with the might of the wolf’s lungs! I’d dare say that it is animated better than most of your toddler’s cartoons. Of course, the mathematical gaming engine under the hood is nothing to be snuffed about either. Again, the reputable Quickspin brand means that all games coming out of their studios are mobile optimized and you can be sure that all of them will perform flawlessly, even on the smallest of screens.


Extra Spins And Bonus Codes

Now that you are probably convinced that Big Bad Wolf is a slot worth playing, a Big Bad Wolf slot bonus code or two, or perhaps some Big Bad Wolf extra spins will come in a bit handy for you. More often than not, players put more importance on the bonus features of a game and tend to ignore the readily available promotions that are already out there.

Put it this way: every extra spin that a casino offers you is basically the same as a extra spin from the bonus feature of a game. In this case, all you have to do to get some Big Bad Wolf slot extra spins is to get to our promotion page and make use of every bit of the freebies that are available. If you’re lucky, we might just be offering a Big Bad Wolf bonus code that may give you an additional bonus.


Tips And Tricks – How To Play

Big Bad Wolf Wild WinGameplay, check! Bonus Codes, check! Now, onto how to play Big Bad Wolf and giving you some Big Bad Wolf slot tips… You’ll reap most of your returns when the little pigs turn Wild. For every second consecutive win on the reels, one of the three pigs will turn into a wild symbol. If luck is on your side, you could even get six(!) consecutive Swoops, after which all three pigs become Wilds! Just keep an eye on the tracker on the top-right hand side of the screen. I find it quite nerve-racking to watch the Wild meter go up and down.

There’s another element that causes quite the frenzy that I would like to highlight in this Big Bad Wolf slot review. You’ll stumble upon it every time you get at least three Wolf Scatter symbols. The frenzy begins with 10 extra spins. Of course, the action heats up even further…

Here are some Big Bad Wolf tips. If you can collect three Moon symbols on the last reel, you’ll activate the Big Bad Wolf Blowing the House Down feature! It’s a twist on werewolves gaining strength at full moon. With three moons, the Big Bad Wolf will blow down the entire wooden house! Get six Moons and the Big Bad Wolf really ups the ante. He’ll blow down the brick house and you’ll get two additional extra spins, as well as 2x multiplier on top of every spin. Now that you know how to play Big Bad Wolf slot for maximum wins, let’s wrap this review up.


It’s one thing for a slot to boast great features. In my opinion, what really sets good slots apart from the great ones is the frequency of these features happening during the game. What makes Big Bad Wolf truly impressive is its enviable payout percentage of 97.34%. This means that there is no shortage of extra spins, multipliers and consecutive wins during the game. In the Big Bad Wolf slot machine, you’ll be knee-deep in the action at all times. I'll let you in on a little secret in this Big Bad Wolf slot game review – even if it seems a little quiet, all you have to do is hold out for a little while longer and wait for the torrent of wins to flood your virtual wallet!

There’s something very satisfying about the Swooping Reels and it has to be told in this Big Bad Wolf review. This feature really jacks up your adrenaline as you wait for consecutive wins. Every once in a while, your patience is rewarded and the flurry of new blocks and wild symbols take over your screen. When this happens, the game rounds just go on and on, adding loads of coins to your account! Of course, nothing beats the moment when the Big Bad Wolf blows away the entire house of symbols!