deposit limit pay by phone billOnline gambling sites like Fable Casino provide their users with many different depositing options. They range from bank transfers and mobile banking to e-wallets and voucher-based systems. One type of payment is more different than the rest, though, and we’re talking about pay by phone bill options.

The main difference between phone billing and online banking isn’t that they’re designed for mobiles and computers respectively. Many e-wallets are available on mobile devices too. The main difference is that they use either mobile credit or bank cards to fund the casino account.

This leads to a £30 deposit limit of Pay by Phone and other phone billing services – a typical characteristic of these payment options. What’s the deal with such a limit and why is it even there in the first place? Here's an FAQ regarding the matter.


1. What Is A Deposit Limit And How Does It Work?

deposit limit stopA deposit limit at online casinos restricts the amount of money you can deposit. This restriction may apply to a single transaction or a certain period of time, i.e. a day or a month. In case of pay by phone bill options, all of them have a deposit limit of £30 or even less per transaction. In other words, every time you make a deposit using Pay By Phone, you can’t deposit more than £30 at once.

Speaking of the Pay By Phone services that are available at Fable casino, the same limit applies to the period of one day as well. Users of this depositing option can make multiple deposits every day with one condition. The sum of these deposits can’t exceed £30 and it doesn’t matter if you deposit at different casinos or even use it to pay for entirely different services. Transactions are possible as long as they stay at or under the £30 per day zone.


2. Why Do Pay By Phone Bill Options Have It?

Input Phone NumberThis limit is there for a very practical reason. It’s related to the fact that your network provider acts as an intermediary between you and your casino. When you use pay by phone bill options, it’s actually your mobile network provider that pays your casino in lieu of you. The money is either withdrawn from your pay-as-you-go mobile credit or billed to you at the of the month.

The £30 deposit limit is in place, because mobile operators don’t want to risk handling larger transactions. If their customers started depositing hundreds of pounds every day, they could run out of funds before they’re paid back. Thus, the £30 deposit limit ensures that the service is safe for the provider and makes it possible to have such a service in the first place.

At the same time, this limit works as a controlling mechanism for the casino player who pays by phone bill. By putting a cap on the daily expenses, Pay by Phone fights with gambling addiction and unintentional overspending. This is both a side-effect and another reason why deposit limits are there. Many gamblers at Fable Casino regard it as a huge advantage too, though not everyone is satisfied with it.


3. Can The £30 Deposit Limit Be Increased?

increase limitSome of us would like mobile deposits to be just as flexible as payments via bank cards. Or, at least, to have a slightly higher deposit limit. Unfortunately, there’s no way to increase it even if you wanted to. Your casino operator can’t help, because it’s not them that set the limit. The company providing these payments or mobile operator can’t help either, because the limit was agreed by consensus of both parties.

The way things are today, the £30 deposit limit for pay by phone bill options is set in stone. We can only speculate whether it could be increased universally. The £30 seems like an arbitrary number and there’s no clear reason why it isn’t £40 or more. Nobody seems to be showing any initiative in changing it, though.

If the deposit limit is your only concern, we’d recommend trying Pay by Phone out anyway. Despite the few flaws that it has, the method isn’t overrated and you’ll likely enjoy using it as it's very convenient. Just remember that you can switch between a number of different payment methods at Fable Casino whenever you like, so there's no harm done in trying!

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