The mark of any half-decent slots developer these days is the ability to offer variety in their collection of games, and there’s not many developers who do this better than Quickspin. It certainly is an industry leader when it comes to crafting slots that demonstrate creative flare while communicating a sense that Quickspin really know what the players want out of their casino games at the same time.

Yet, which are the best Quickspin games? Obviously that’s in a large part down to personal preference, but here at Fable Casino we’ve got some picks. Check them out!

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If you want a little more info about these games before you commit, you can read more information on our selection of Quickspin slots below.


Spinions Beach Party Slot

Quickspin Spinions Beach Party With the unquestionable popularity of the minions characters from Despicable Me launching a whole franchise in their own right, it only seems logical that it would spawn slots, which don’t QUITE steal the branding, but fly just close enough to the copyright boundaries that everyone knows what they’re driving at. That’s how Quickspin spawned Spinions Beach Party, a slot which is as colourful and high energy as it is nonsensical.

Although bold, the animation and aesthetic of this slot is kept pretty simple. The more you play, the more you realise that’s a rule throughout the slot itself. Sticky wilds are the main bonus feature of the game and although you might accuse the creators of being a little unimaginative in this regard, that doesn’t mean those sticky wilds are any less lucrative. If you can put up with the manic cartoons and soundtrack, then you can expect big wins from this slot.


Razortooth Slot

Quickspin RazortoothYou might wonder why a slot called ‘Razortooth’ clearly features a sabretooth tiger as its main emblem. We reckon you can either chalk that one up to creative thinking or ignorance — we’ll let you decide which. This slot has a huge number of ways to win and was in fact the very first 243 ways to win slot that Quickspin put out. Since this release there have been a number of other game which feature so many paylines, but this is the first and one of the best, and we reckon deserves a place on this list.

Like so many Quickspin slots, this game is really all over the place, with the chance to enjoy random wilds, extra spins and stacked wilds. Razortooth offers the wildest adventure of any Quickspin game, with a woodland setting and reels populated with all kinds of wild beasts. If you’re usually a fan of animal themed and action packed games, then this one might well be perfect or you.


Phoenix Sun Slot

Quickspin Phoenix Sun Well, we’ve covered a couple of classic Quickspin games, which have defined what we can expect from the developer, so why don’t we not take a look at one of Quickspins most recent releases in the form of Phoenix sun? If you though that the developer was being ambitious in offering players the chance to play a 243 ways to win game, then you’re going to be completely blown away by the 7,776 ways to win in Phoenix Sun.

Phoenix Sun isn’t really just one game, but a morphing slot that changes as you play. The 5×3 reels that you start off quickly become expanded as you reveal Phoenix symbols. In total, you’re able to turn your reels into a 5×6 configuration, greatly increasing your chances of winning and making more combinations far more likely to occur.


The Wild Chase Slot

Quickspin Wild ChaseThough this slot is somewhat formulaic when it comes to gameplay, the theme really carries the slot with a heist/car chase narrative, which populates the reels with diamonds, jewels, designer watches and cash, as well as the faces of those trying to make off with the stolen goods. As we say, the game play is simple, but there’s still plenty of bonus features involved in the game to make it worth having a spin.

For instance, whenever two or more wild symbols appear on your reels, you’re in store for a re-spin, while wilds also allow you to claim multipliers on your wins. If you’re looking for high octane fun based around fast cars and exciting slots action, then giving Quickspin’s fantastic The Wild Chase a spin might be a great option for you.


Second Strike Slot

Quickspin Second StrikeYou might be a little surprised by our final entry into our list of favourite Quickspin games, but while Second Strike might be unassuming and relatively unknown, those players who are familiar with it know then are plenty of reasons to love this slot. The basic game is a very standard slot format, with a 5×3 reel and classic fruit machine symbols. However, the magic happens when you secure a win on that first reel and get a spin on the outer track of the game.

That’s right, every time you win on the main game, you’re offered a bonus spin on the boarder track of the game. If the symbol landed on in this second spin matches those in the winning combination, you’re in store for your winnings to be doubled! Does the name of this game make a little more sense to you now?

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