Jackpot Logo In the whole online and mobile casino industry, there’s no bigger prize than a progressive jackpot. While normal slot jackpots can only promise you fixed multiples of your wager, progressive jackpots are able to grow and grow as long as they’re not claimed, until one lucky player comes along and wins a life changing sum of money. Like anyone who knows anything about slots, we here at Fable Casino are huge fans of progressive games, and as such, it’ll come as no surprise that there’s a number of progressive jackpot games in our roster.

‘But’, we hear you cry, ‘which are the best progressive jackpot games at Fable Casino?’ – we’re glad you asked. While with every kind of game, your choice of progressive slot will boil down to your personal preference, there’s certainly some games we rate more highly than others, and we’re happy to share our opinions with you. So buckle up, settle in, and prepare for the Fable Casino top jackpot slots pick.

Divine Fortune

Divine Fortune Slot LogoOne of the newest additions to the Fable Casino roster, Divine Fortune from NetEnt is arguably also our most high tech and good looking progressive jackpot slots. It’s a beautiful and complex game which asks you to put your faith in the hands of the gods, who will decide whether to bless you with good fortune or hold the luck back. This game is certainly one for the superstitious, or those who thing they can appease the gods of fortune in the hopes of landing a fortune of their own.

King Cashalot

King Cashalot Slot Logo No one’s richer than royalty! That said, I think the Queen isn’t even that rich any more, she’s like 200th richest person in the country, and that’s after JK Rowling, so let’s just say wealth is something inextricably linked to the concept of royalty! No more so is this true than with a certain king, who just happens to be the protagonist of this slot: King Cashalot. We reckon the developer here was trying to riff on ‘Camelot’, but as everyone knows, the famous king there was Arthur, and Camelot was simply his castle… anyway…

Chilli Gold 2

Chilli Gold Slot LogoWhat is the first thing you think of when you hear the words ’progressive jackpot’? I’m willing to bet that the image in your head is that of a guy in a sombrero trying to sell you some chillies or something. Well, if that isn’t the image those words conjure in your mind, then you’ve clearly not been playing enough Chilli Gold 2. The theme might be a head scratcher (be sure not to get any in your eyes) but the wins are red hot.

Stellar Jackpots with Dolphin Gold

Stellar Jackpots with Dolphin Gold LogoGold! Jackpot! Big wins! DOLPHINS! As a slot that definitely falls under the categorisation of ‘WTF?’, Stellar Jackpots with Dolphin Gold is and remains one of the most popular jackpot slots at Fable Casino. While it might sound like a bit of a car crash of a slot, you’ll be blown away by the winning potential of these friendly, shiny, marine mammals. Few of our games team such a cookie theme with such a high winning potential; this is one for players who appreciate the bizarre.


Tunzamunni Slot Logo Throughout the less than proud history of the British Empire, we had wilful miscomprehension of native pronunciations to thank for all kinds of things – how do you think ‘pyjamas’ made it into the English lexicon? Well, playing on that idea, Tunza Munni is an Aztec themed game which has transformed ‘tons of money’ into the style of an ancient South American tongue (think ‘Moctezuma’). Aside from the mild cultural appropriation, this slot has an awful lot going for it!

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