Pay by Phone Logo If you’re a regular player at Fable Casino and especially if you’re into using phone bill deposit options, you will probably have noticed that instead of other services (like Boku or Payforit),.

We've opted to offer Pay by Phone for our players’ mobile deposit needs. It’s certainly not the most common mobile deposit payment intermediary, so we thought we’d take a minute to offer you some reasons why we’ve chosen to use this service.

No Re-Entering Of Phone Number

Input Phone Number With other mobile billing options like Boku or Payforit, the crux of the deposit is when you enter your mobile phone number into the interface at your chosen casino, and it’s to this number your confirmation email is sent. Though you probably know your mobile phone number by heart (though, obviously you also might not), entering it again and again every time you want to make a deposit via phone bill is laborious and boring.

Pay by Phone takes a way more common sense approach to this part of the depositing process. Its designers asked themselves ‘What’s the one thing every single player does when they sign up to a new mobile casino?’, and the answer, of course, was: enter their phone number.

So, instead of asking you to re-enter your number every time you want to deposit, Pay by Phone simply uses the number you first entered when you signed up to our casino, saving you time and effort.

Simple Code Verification

One of the other key differences you’ll discover between Pay by Phone and services like Boku and Payforit is that the latter two will send you a confirmation SMS and require you to respond to it by SMS indicating whether you wish the payment to go through or not. Meanwhile, Pay by Phone simply provides you with a six digit code. You’ll receive this code via SMS, but instead of responding to the message, you just need to copy the code and paste it into the casino interface.

We think that this system works an awful lot better, as it’s guaranteed to go through instantly – rather than leaving you wondering if your message has been received – and saves you from ever accidentally confirming payments you did not intend to make, or have been made fraudulently. It’s just an extra bit of convenience and security.

Extra Security

You might be concerned that automatic signup to use Pay by Phone deposits when you sign up to a casino might make you less protected, but in reality we think you are safer using this against other phone bill deposit models.

The basis of this belief is that when you first get signed up to use Pay by Phone, you’re sent a four digit pin code via SMS which you have to enter at the start of every deposit you make using the service. This effectively works as a password into your ‘account’ and makes sure that you don’t make any accidental payments, and no one can fraudulently use your number to make a payment without your permission.

Other Uses

Pay by Phone Parking Although unrelated to mobile gambling directly, Pay by Phone is the mobile depositing payment intermediary that carries the highest number of other uses along with it. By this we mean that players who might opt for a phone billing deposit option are most likely to have used Pay by Phone if they’ve used phone billing to pay for things like bills or car parking in city centres.

We hope that this familiarity will make it easier for users to get their heads around using the service, and make it possible to deposit even quicker. We also believe that the broad uses and popularity of the service simply goes a long way to demonstrate its quality.

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