photo of uk gambling commission logo in their officeFocused on the sensitive topics of user complaints, interaction and blocking software, the UKGC asks for the opinions of the people.

They’ve launched an online consultation where they propose changes to Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice and other regulations. Instead of going for it right away, though, they’re asking for the opinions of everyone involved.

According to Paul Hope, The Commission’s executive director:

“We would like as many people as possible to have their say <…>. The proposed changes are intended to accelerate progress in protecting consumers and preventing them from experiencing gambling-related harm.”

Are you a stakeholder, an affiliate or merely a player of casino games? In either case, your views matter to the Commission as they reach out and try to come to a decision that's informed by all the involved parties.

So, visit the government’s website and express your opinion. Perhaps your personal experience or views are exactly what the officials need to make the right decision? Check out the online consultation here and let them know.

What’s This UKGC Consultation About?

picture of a man filling out consultation papersThe Commission has been reviewing three main issues, which they’re concerned about. Each one is covered and explained in the consultation in full detail. It involves:

  • Strengthening interaction with gambling customers
  • Improving the ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution) services
  • Introducing free gambling-blocking software

Customer Interaction

The government wants to see more efficient and stronger practices of identifying and interacting with the customer. This is especially important in the light of risky gambling behaviour and preventing harm ahead of time.

In the consultation, you’ll learn how casinos deal with this currently and offers improvements to the system. If you’re a punter yourself, you may evaluate the situation based on your own experience. This is exactly what the UKGC asks for.


A new scheme for alternate dispute resolutions has been proposed and detailed in the consultation. The regulator is aiming to improve how disputes among casinos and their customers are solved.

The quality might be improved if gambling operators only worked with ADR services that meet certain criteria. You can view these criteria and the whole proposition and tell what you think about it.

Blocking Software

photo of a turnpike road blockFinally, the Gambling Commission proposes that every casino should provide free gambling-blocking software. This way, their users would be able to effectively and easily self-exclude themselves from making bets.

This is a follow-up of the recent evidence that various self-exclusion programmes don’t effectively limit addicted players. In the consultation, you can learn more about this and say whether you agree with the new solution.

Tell What You Think

The UKGC is aiming to make the UK’s gambling market the safest in the world. So, if you want to help them with that, now is the best time to do it.

The current director Paul Hope said that:

“Making gambling fairer and safer is at the heart of how we regulate and better customer interaction, higher ADR standards and facilitating readily available blocking software are all part of this.”

Just visit this page to get started and do your part on fighting the gambling-related harm. You have until the 9th of May to have your say.

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