e-wallets pay by phone comparisonE-wallets are indispensable alternatives to bank card payments, but what if we compare them to Pay by Phone? These ways to deposit and/or withdraw are very different, but both are also very popular. It just so happens that each has specific advantages that show very clearly in comparison to the drawbacks of the other. You’ll find an in-depth description of these advantages right here.


How E-wallets Are Better

There’s a reason why PayPal is the top online payments solution worldwide. It isn’t nearly as popular at casinos, but our community has other favourites that have similar advantages. Skrill and Neteller are fine examples of e-wallets and this is why people choose them.


Deposit And Withdraw

casino mobile payments gowinWhen comparing to Pay by Phone, the mere withdrawal option becomes an advantage. Phone billing doesn’t allow this commodity, so people who use it have to rely on other payment methods quite often. Every time they want to withdraw, they have to select payments by cheque, wire transfer or something entirely different. E-wallet users skip this fuss altogether.

This also means that their withdrawals are processed faster, too. E-wallets have an exceptional speed and reliability. While Pay by Phone bill is just as great, withdrawal methods like wire transfer can take weeks. Three days is better than a week in comparison, so withdrawal option is a major plus.


Device Compatibility

Pay by Phone doesn’t allow making payments via devices other than a phone. Yes, you can use it at an online casino just as well as at a mobile one. However, you will have to use your phone anyway. E-wallets like Skrill and Neteller, however, are available across devices. The former even has its own mobile version called Skrill 1-Tap.

This only means that if you want to play on desktop, you will probably want to deposit via desktop. If you want to play on mobile, you will deposit via mobile, too. It’s not so straightforward with phone billing where desktop players will still have to use their mobiles first. We agree that it’s only a tiny advantage, but some people might care about tiny details just as much.


Virtually Limitless

limitlessE-wallets have very high deposit and withdrawal limits. They’re so high that it’s up to each casino to decide what their maximum transaction size will be. In most cases, casino limits are lower than those set by the e-wallet operator. Plus, it’s these online banking methods that have the highest limits at any given online casino in virtually all cases. That’s why an e-wallet is arguably the best payment method for claiming casino bonuses.

Pay by Phone is the precise opposite. Not only does it have a low deposit limit, it’s actually the lowest it can get. It’s £30 per day, no matter the number of transactions or the number of different casinos, even. In this light, comparison is almost an unfair thing to do because e-wallets seem to be many leagues ahead.


How Pay By Phone Is Better

Now that we have brought Pay by Phone to ruin, it’s time to redeem it! E-wallets do have some compelling advantages over phone billing, but the same goes the other way round. Here are some particular examples.


Only Phone Number Required

phone numberPay by Phone is very easy to set up because it doesn’t require a whole lot. In fact, everyone can use the method as long as they have a mobile device with an active phone number. This means even people under 18 can use this service as long as they keep out of casinos, of course. (Pay by Phone has many more uses than just casino depositing.)

In comparison, Skrill and similar banking solutions don’t work without bank cards. You’ll either have to connect your bank card directly or use another e-wallet or payment method that needs funding from a bank card. Even if you do have a bank card, which is very likely, you may not want to use it for gambling. That’s where phone billing comes in handy.


No Account – No Fuss

What’s more, Pay by Phone requires no registration. There are no accounts because your phone number is a sufficient method of identification. So, there are no registration forms, no filling of blanks and no need to impart your personal data.

You guessed it right, this also means that there are no login screens. The step is skipped altogether, which makes the depositing process so much faster. E-wallets are not nearly as convenient in comparison. Not only you’ve got to think of a new password and fill forms, it’s necessary to log in every time. Even if you know your password by heart, this takes precious moments that could be saved by phone billing.


Superior Security

mobile phone securityWait a minute… Is Pay by Phone even safe if the phone number is all the identification it requires? Even if another person knows your phone number, they still can’t use your phone credit. If they tried, you would get an SMS right to your mobile device, notifying you of this. Not only that, you’d have to confirm it to actually authorize the process. It’s an offline security system and there’s no way anyone could break it.

While e-wallets have an exceptional encryption and security, it’s simply incomparable to that of depositing by phone bill. So, Pay by Phone wins this one, too.

In the end, both e-wallets and phone billing at Fable Casino seem like good options. They all have their pros and cons, but each is unparalleled under certain circumstances. In short, Pay by Phone is better if you’re planning to play on mobile only. If you plan to play both on desktop and mobile devices, e-wallets are a viable option. Or, you know, you can always use both.

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