depositing by phone billMore and more people turn to depositing by phone bill at mobile casinos. However, paying this way has some inherent flaws that prevent it from becoming a universal payment method. Many people don’t seem to care though and prefer phone bill deposits anyway. We here at Fable Casino also offer Pay By Phone billing option in response to the popular demand. It begs the question: is depositing by phone bill as good as people say or is it overrated, if ever so slightly?

We admit it, we’ve made more than one case for Pay By Phone deposits in our other posts. We aren’t here to contradict ourselves. However, phone bill depositing isn’t perfect and there are some things that people should anticipate. That’s what we’re going to look at and decide if mobile depositing is just an overrated trend or a solid alternative to e-wallets and mobile banking options.

Flaws Of Depositing By Phone Bill

To be precise, there aren’t a lot of flaws here but they’re quite severe, especially for some people.

No Withdrawal

money behind barsFirst of all, payments by phone bill might be fine, but that’s only when it comes to depositing. If you want to withdraw your winnings, methods like Pay By Phone are out of question. This also applies to Boku, Payforit and any other phone bill payment services. They simply don’t allow withdrawing and they probably never will, it’s simply how this works.

In consequence, using a single payment method is never enough, unless you’re losing all the time. If you win, though, you’ll have to switch to another payment method. Why choose Pay By Phone in the first place, if you could simply deposit via the same service that you use to withdraw?

Depositing Limits

overrated depositing limitsNot only is withdrawing unavailable, depositing is also flawed. The greatest disadvantage of depositing by phone bill is that deposit limits apply to the method. Of course, all the methods have some limits that regulate how much a person can deposit per transaction. However, when it comes to Pay By Phone, the limits are the worst of all the services.

You can never deposit more than £30 per day. This drastically reduces the size of a deposit you can make and the amount of money you can spend over time. This works as a prevention of over-spending as well, but who needs it when mobile casinos allow self-imposed limits anyway? Therefore, the limit might seem overrated to many.

Besides, depositing limits also lead to other significant drawbacks. With a small deposit, the profit you can make from a welcome bonus is limited too. What’s the point of a £1,000 bonus if you can only get one per cent of that? The same applies to other promotions. Besides, many of them require a minimum deposit that’s out of the league for Pay By Phone billing. This makes it completely useless for bonus hunters!

Not All Mobile Casinos Accept Phone Bill Payments

thumbs downFinally, depositing by phone bill isn’t accepted as widely as many other payment options. Even when they are, different casinos choose different services. While you’ll find Pay By Phone at Fable Casino, some other casino operator will prefer Boku instead. So, if you choose a single phone bill option there will only be so many casinos to choose from. The situation is completely different for, say, Skrill, which is available pretty much anywhere.

Granted, mobile deposits are getting more and more popular. Casinos add new payment options all the time, so this argument is losing relevance over time. It could also be argued that if a casino doesn’t have a mobile deposit option that you use, you can always find a different casino or switch to another phone bill depositing method. It’s very easy to do, anyway.

Phone Bill Depositing Overrated?

pay by phone casino banking methodThese were all the cons of phone bill depositing. As you can see, that’s not a lot of them. If you thought there are more, you’re probably mistaking myths for true facts. Nevertheless, the real drawbacks are quite serious, so it isn’t clear if the method is overrated. To answer the question once and for all, we’ll have to weigh these cons against the advantages of the method.

Pay By Phone and other phone bill services are very secure and completely anonymous. Your casino won’t get your bank details this way. They’re also super fast and requires no internet connection, which means the internet frauds can’t see them. Finally, depositing by phone bill is easy and requires no setup. So, you can just start using them without any registrations and new passwords to remember. Oh, and unlike some e-wallets and bank transfers, Pay By Phone transactions require no service fees.

So, it would still pay to deposit via phone bill and switch to another method when making withdrawals. The advantages are too solid and numerous to ignore and the increasing popularity of mobile casinos make it even better. Simply put, phone bill depositing isn’t overrated. There might be some people who prefer to make large deposits, but the majority feels comfortable with the £30/day plan. This doesn’t mean you must feel this way too.

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