Is Depositing By Phone Bill At Mobile Casinos Overrated?

Mobile casinos offer depositing by phone bill options more and more often. People, too, tend to choose Pay By Phone or similar payment options over the online banking solutions. It might seem like an overrated trend though because phone bill deposits have some inherent flaws that are too severe to ignore. These cons aren’t numerous, but they might definitely turn the table. Let’s take a look at these drawbacks and why phone billing is a popular method anyway.

depositing by phone billMore and more people turn to depositing by phone bill at mobile casinos. However, paying this way has some inherent flaws that prevent it from becoming a universal payment method. Many people don’t seem to care though and prefer phone bill deposits anyway. We here at Fable Casino also offer Pay By Phone billing option in response to the popular demand. It begs the question: is depositing by phone bill as good as people say or is it overrated, if ever so slightly?

We admit it, we’ve made more than one case for Pay By Phone deposits in our other posts. We aren’t here to contradict ourselves. However, phone bill depositing isn’t perfect and there are some things that people should anticipate. That’s what we’re going to look at and decide if mobile depositing is just an overrated trend or a solid alternative to e-wallets and mobile banking options.

Flaws Of Depositing By Phone Bill

To be precise, there aren’t a lot of flaws here but they’re quite severe, especially for some people.

No Withdrawal

money behind barsFirst of all, payments by phone bill might be fine, but that’s only when it comes to depositing. If you want to withdraw your winnings, methods like Pay By Phone are out of question. This also applies to Boku, Payforit and any other phone bill payment services. They simply don’t allow withdrawing and they probably never will, it’s simply how this works.

In consequence, using a single payment method is never enough, unless you’re losing all the time. If you win, though, you’ll have to switch to another payment method. Why choose Pay By Phone in the first place, if you could simply deposit via the same service that you use to withdraw?

Depositing Limits

overrated depositing limitsNot only is withdrawing unavailable, depositing is also flawed. The greatest disadvantage of depositing by phone bill is that deposit limits apply to the method. Of course, all the methods have some limits that regulate how much a person can deposit per transaction. However, when it comes to Pay By Phone, the limits are the worst of all the services.

You can never deposit more than £30 per day. This drastically reduces the size of a deposit you can make and the amount of money you can spend over time. This works as a prevention of over-spending as well, but who needs it when mobile casinos allow self-imposed limits anyway? Therefore, the limit might seem overrated to many.

Besides, depositing limits also lead to other significant drawbacks. With a small deposit, the profit you can make from a welcome bonus is limited too. What’s the point of a £1,000 bonus if you can only get one per cent of that? The same applies to other promotions. Besides, many of them require a minimum deposit that’s out of the league for Pay By Phone billing. This makes it completely useless for bonus hunters!

Not All Mobile Casinos Accept Phone Bill Payments

thumbs downFinally, depositing by phone bill isn’t accepted as widely as many other payment options. Even when they are, different casinos choose different services. While you’ll find Pay By Phone at Fable Casino, some other casino operator will prefer Boku instead. So, if you choose a single phone bill option there will only be so many casinos to choose from. The situation is completely different for, say, Skrill, which is available pretty much anywhere.

Granted, mobile deposits are getting more and more popular. Casinos add new payment options all the time, so this argument is losing relevance over time. It could also be argued that if a casino doesn’t have a mobile deposit option that you use, you can always find a different casino or switch to another phone bill depositing method. It’s very easy to do, anyway.

Phone Bill Depositing Overrated?

pay by phone casino banking methodThese were all the cons of phone bill depositing. As you can see, that’s not a lot of them. If you thought there are more, you’re probably mistaking myths for true facts. Nevertheless, the real drawbacks are quite serious, so it isn’t clear if the method is overrated. To answer the question once and for all, we’ll have to weigh these cons against the advantages of the method.

Pay By Phone and other phone bill services are very secure and completely anonymous. Your casino won’t get your bank details this way. They’re also super fast and requires no internet connection, which means the internet frauds can’t see them. Finally, depositing by phone bill is easy and requires no setup. So, you can just start using them without any registrations and new passwords to remember. Oh, and unlike some e-wallets and bank transfers, Pay By Phone transactions require no service fees.

So, it would still pay to deposit via phone bill and switch to another method when making withdrawals. The advantages are too solid and numerous to ignore and the increasing popularity of mobile casinos make it even better. Simply put, phone bill depositing isn’t overrated. There might be some people who prefer to make large deposits, but the majority feels comfortable with the £30/day plan. This doesn’t mean you must feel this way too.

Three Practical Reasons To Use Many Payment Methods

There are many reasons to use many payment methods. We’ll just give three reasons that are the most important for players here at Fable casino. For one thing, you can’t use methods like Pay by Phone on their own, because they don’t allow withdrawal. Using many payment options also makes it easier and much more convenient. Finally, keeping your funds in different places on the internet, like e-wallet balance and mobile banking account, makes them safer.

many payment methodsHow many payment methods are you using at Fable casino? After our post about mixing banking options, it might be more than one or two. However, there’s more than one reason to use three or even more payment methods. In this post, we will give a few reasons why exactly you should consider doing so.

This doesn’t mean that there are no disadvantages to having many banking accounts or using many different services. However, it never hurts to try your options, does it? Besides, it’s not like we have all these options for making payments at Fable casino so that you could just pick one and stick to it. You’re free to switch between them as much as you want!

1. Makes Pay By Phone A Viable Option

pay by phone casino banking methodIf you’re using only one payment method, it can’t be Pay by Phone. That’s because it only allows depositing, so whenever you have to withdraw, you’ll be forced to use some other banking method. The same applies to a few other options as well, including Paysafecard. While Paysafecard is on par with many e-wallets at best, phone billing offers you something that you won’t get any other way.

We’ve written a good deal about Pay by Phone specifically and phone billing generally. That’s because it’s a quick, extremely safe and easy to use. It doesn’t require a registration or any managing either. Therefore, using more than more payment method is a good strategy because you’re then able to pay by phone. Just make sure that the other option you’re using allows withdrawing. On a different note, using even more methods can be useful too, regardless of your relation to phone billing.

2. Makes Payments Easier And More Convenient

casino paymentThe obvious advantage of having a few available options at all times is convenience. You can switch between them immediately and at your whim. Why would you need to switch in the first place if you’ve got your favourite method you always use? That’s a fair question many would ask. And we’ve got many answers to it.

For one thing, some bonuses at Fable casino may sometimes apply to just a single or a few specific payment methods. Even if you liked it, you wouldn’t be able to use it without those specific methods. Sure, you can always set them up when the need arises, but you will have to pick them up eventually.

On the other hand, some payment method may require you to deposit funds into them before making casino deposits. What if you're too lazy to do that or don’t have the funds at the moment? Well, you can always use a method that allows to pay into casino directly or uses another source of money altogether. Not all the banking methods require bank cards, you know. Others may withdraw funds from your mobile account, e-wallet balance or even lend them as a credit.

3. Makes Your Funds Safer

safety checkPeople who often travel on their own tend to keep their money in multiple places rather than their wallet only. This strategy is useful online too because it makes your funds safer in the worst case scenario. This is very unlikely to happen, but virtual attacks are a thing and payment operators aren’t immune to them.

So, if someone actually gets access to your account, they’re naturally going to make as much of it as they can. Luckily, it’s only this much they can do if you’ve got just a small portion of your funds over there. Using many payment methods allows to do just that – divide your funds and keep them in separate places. If anything goes wrong, you won’t lose it all.

One might argue that spreading out your funds also increases your chances to suffer from internet attacks. The more accounts you have all over the place, the greater the chance of running into a problem. In theory, this is true. However, the difference isn’t great at all because the chance is very low in both cases. Using a single payment method will always mean much greater damage if it does happen, though. To ensure that it doesn’t, keep your account details safe and use different passwords whenever possible.

Pay By Phone Is The Safest Way To Casino Deposit Using Your Mobile

Pay By Phone is the only mobile phone bill depositing that uses a security code in order to protect your payments whenever your make deposits at an online casinos. Pay By Phone is by far, the most secure mobile depositing method that you’ll find at any online casino. In this guide, we’ll take a look at what Pay By Phone does differently to competitors like Boku Mobile and Payforit, in order to protect its users better than ever before.

Uupdated on the 21 March, 2018

In this update, we've added more information about the different types of payment methods available for mobile casino users. We also sought to clarify why we've selected the Pay by Phone method for use here at Fable Casino. We hope this guide now serves as a one stop shop for all your Pay by Phone and phone bill deposit queries.

Pay by Phone LogoFable Casino is a both a mobile friendly casino and an SMS deposit casino, offering players mobile optimised slots and casino games, whilst also giving them the option to deposit using their mobile phone. The mobile depositing method that Fable Casino has chosen to support is Pay By Phone, which stands head and shoulders above its competing mobile depositing services such as a Boku payment casino and Payforit, in our opinion anyway.

Pay By Phone takes all the best parts of mobile depositing, such as its increased security and speed, and refines every aspect of its service. In this guide, we'll take a look at how Pay By Phone works, how it weighs up against Boku deposit casinos and casinos using Payforit depositing, and why it's the mobile phone bill depositing method that you should be using if you value your mobile casino safety.


What Are The Safest Casino Deposit Methods?

There are a lot of common factors, which all mobile phone bill depositing services share. Every pay by phone service allows users to charge any payments to their mobile phone credit or phone bill. If you're a Pay As You Go user, then you can pay using phone credit, whereas a contract customer will have the charge added to their end of the month phone bill, listed as if it was a premium text message charge.

Mobile phone bill depositing is very safe overall, although you might not be aware of that from a first glance. Every mobile phone bill depositing service requires just your mobile phone number to start the payment. Then, each mobile phone service has an additional level of security which makes it impossible for someone to remotely pay for something using your mobile phone.

That being said, there are a few different mobile payment services available for casino users and, like everything in life, each comes with it's own advantages and disadvantages. In this section, we'll discuss the three biggest mobile payment services (Boku pay by mobile, Payforit and Pay by Phone) and weigh up how safe each is.


Boku LogoBoku is by far the most popular mobile casino SMS deposit method, as there are hundreds of pay by Boku casinos around. A casino Boku payment requires you to to respond to an SMS, to verify the payment. This makes mobile casino Boku sites incredibly safe compared to other e-wallet services. Whilst e-wallets can be hacked remotely if someone has your login details, the idea with Boku is that someone can use your mobile phone number to begin the payment process, but can't complete it since they don't have your mobile phone itself.

However, the method doesn't account for if your mobile is stolen. If someone has access to your handset, they can easily visit a deposit by Boku pay by mobile casino, and proceed to casino pay with Boku on your behalf. It's this flaw which makes the Boku deposit method not as safe as it first seems as it does allow for a Boku mobile payment hack to occur.

How To Use Boku Pay By Mobile

Although Boku does have it's safety drawbacks, it's a very appealing option for many players who wish to play at a pay with Boku casino.  Luckily Boku is very easy to use, and  you can actually complete a deposit by phone bill Boku transaction in just four simple steps. Do note, however, that as Fable Casino does not accept Boku payments, you will have to find another mobile casino with Boku.

  1. To make a Boku casino deposit, you first need to visit the banking page of your Boku casino 2018, click deposit and select ‘Pay with Mobile'.
  2. Enter the amount you wish to deposit with Boku and provide your mobile phone number.
  3. Reply ‘Y’ to the SMS verification message.
  4. Your casino pay by Boku deposit should be available to use immediately.This means you can enjoy slots pay by Boku straightaway, as well as everything else the casino pay with Boku has to offer, such as Boku payment betting, Boku payment games and Boku live casino rooms.


Payforit LogoPayforit is another well known mobile depositing brand, and there are many payforit casinos around. This offers players who want to visit a pay by mobile casino not boku another option and it's also a very safe mobile depositing method. In contrast to Boku's pay via SMS casino service, Payforit casinos require you to enter a random six digit code which is texted to you every time. This means there's no need to reply to the SMS message, yet your payment is still secured by the single use code.

That being said, casino Payforit services still do not account for if someone has stolen your phone. If someone else has access to your phone, they can make a mobile casino Payforit mobile payment, as they'll also have access to the single use code. Whilst this risk can be avoided with mobile passcodes and biometric safety measures, it still means that Payforit is not 100% secure.

Where Can I Use Payforit?

Fable casino does not accept Payforit or Boku payments, as we have chosen to use another pay by SMS casino method which we believe to be more secure. We'll talk about this in more detail later in this guide, yet if you are still searching for a Payforit casino, the good news is there's plenty of websites that use Payfor it around.

Pay By Phone

The third and final SMS casino payment method we're talking about today is Pay by Phone, and it's actually the SMS bill casino method we accept here at Fable Casino.

pay by phone fable casinoWhen you sign up with a pay by text casino, which uses Pay By Phone as a depositing method, you'll be given a four digit code, known as your Pay By Phone pay as you go validation number. Every time you go to deposit using Pay By Phone, you will be asked for your four digit validation number.

This applies for both pay as you go phone users and pay monthly phone users, as Pay by Phone accepts both types of customers. The service works like any other sms payment casino method in that if you're a pay as you go user your deposit will be subtracted from your exisiting phone credit, or if you're a pay monthly phone user, you'll receive a charge to mobile casino on your monthly phone bill.

The difference, however, with Pay by Phone rather than other deposit via SMS casino services is that Pay by Phone is entirely secure. This is because the method takes into consideration what happens if your phone is stolen.

The four digit code given to you when you make your first Pay by Phone casino SMS payment is short, so it's easy to remember and therefore you can delete the number off your phone. This is more secure than anything other pay by phone services have to offer and why we think it's the only SMS pay casino method which offers safe mobile casinos.

If someone has your mobile and uses a pay by Boku casino or Payforit casino, then they can still make a payment as they'll receive the SMS deposit mobile casino message, which they need to respond to or get the six digit code in order to authorise the payment.

On the other hand, with Pay By Phone, if someone has your mobile and tries to make a casino pay SMS deposit, there is nothing to worry about if you've deleted that four digit validation code. The best part is that you have a different number for every deposit by SMS casino you use with Pay By Phone, so even if someone knows one of your codes, they can't use it at any place that Pay By Phone is available.

Someone with your mobile, however, can use Boku mobile pay with SMS casinos and Payforit SMS casino deposits wherever they go, since the login process is always the same.

Pay By Phone Securely At Fable Casino

fable casino welcome bonusPay By Phone has fewer steps in its depositing process than any other casino deposit SMS service out there. You don't even need to enter your mobile phone number, as its service is tied directly to the casino. All you need to do is enter a four digit code that you have memorised, without needing to hunt down an randomly generated key or send back an SMS.

With speed and security on its side, there are very few reasons to miss other mobile depositing services. Pay By Phone is safe, fast and most importantly, available at hundreds of incredible casinos, including Fable Casino.

At Fable Casino, we are very proud to offer all of our players the ability to make SMS casino deposits, without any need to worry about security breaches. Moreover, as we know that finding a great mobile casino pay by SMS service is important to our players, and so we hope that everybody feels catered for.

As Fable Casino offers the ability to make casino deposit by SMS via Pay by Phone, this means you can enjoy casino games pay by sms, mobile slots pay by SMS, and even progressive jackpot slots pay by sms, all under one roof!

If you head to Fable Casino right now, you can make your first deposit and receive a big deposit match welcome bonus right away. From there, you can enjoy hundreds of top of the line pay by sms slots and other casino games, and start taking part in our amazing array of rewarding bonuses and promotions. So what're you waiting for, visit Fable Casino now to start enjoying a pay by phone casino no Boku, no Payforit required!

Skrill 1-Tap Mobile Depositing – The Best Mobile Casino E-Wallet

Skrill has been around for many years and it’s been the most popular mobile casino e-wallet all this time. The mobile version called Skrill 1-Tap provides fast and convenient mobile depositing. It processes withdrawals faster than other banking methods and it saves you time and money because no fees are applied to these transactions. The advantages are numerous and while there are a few drawbacks too, they don’t weigh down this payment option. Many players at Fable Casino are using Skrill – maybe you should check it out too?

Updated 20th of March, 2018

We'ved edited this post o reflect changes to the Skrill 1-Tap service. Furthermore, on the request of our readers, we've also added a step-by-step guide to creating a Skrill account and some troubleshooting advice. We hope this creates a one-stop page for all your Skrill 1 Tap questions and queries! 

There’s probably no need to introduce Skrill. It’s one of the oldest casino deposit methods around. The majority of mobile casinos accept payments made by Skrill. While new payment methods and new mobile casino banking companies are springing up everywhere, Skrill retains its place at the Olympus of digital payments. One of the main reasons for this is that it has developed a mobile version called Skrill 1 Tap and today, we’re looking at this mobile depositing method and whether you should use it or not.

Skrill: Then And Now

skrill casino banking methodThe company started its business in 2001 under a different name and in a completely different environment. Back in the day, online and mobile casinos were not even a thing yet. Skrill was just another online banking service. As soon as online casinos started popping up, the e wallet Skrill quickly became the number one for casino depositing and withdrawing methods.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of companies that use Skrill and, as such, there are two versions of the service that this company offers. One is the regular Skrill e-wallet that players at online casinos use. Another is called Skrill 1-Tap, which is basically the mobile version of the same thing that can be used at mobile casinos. The ‘1-Tap’ part refers to the fact that it only takes one tap to make a deposit on mobile.

What Is Skrill 1-Tap?

skrill mobileSkrill 1-Tap is simply the best ewallet available to use on a mobile phone. Once you have Skrill account connected to your casino, making a deposit or a withdrawal will only take seconds. Once done, the deposits are processed instantly and withdrawals take less time than in most other ways. There’s usually no fee for making such an operation as well.

Making a Skrill mobile payment method is very flexible, because its account can be funded using multiple bank cards. Plus, you can top it up right from the Fable casino deposit screen. So, using this option is like transferring your money between your casino and bank directly, but without the tedious processing times or ridiculous services fees.

E-wallets like Skrill are also very handy for high-rollers or those who prefer to make large deposits. The limits are barely noticeable as literally thousands of pounds can be deposited or withdrawn in a single transaction. So, to sum it up, mobile casino players choose Skrill Tap for these seven reasons:

  • Available on mobile
  • Making a Skrill payment takes just a few taps
  • Skrill 1 tap sign up is straightforward and quick
  • Withdrawal processing is very fast
  • No fees are usually applied
  • Allows using multiple bank cards
  • Allows to top-up right from the casino screen
  • Seemingly non-existent transaction limits
  • There are plenty of Skrill gambling promotions to cash in on

Skrill 1 Tap Registration and Skrill Sign Up

If Skrill1Tap already sounds like the best online e-wallet for you, then the good news is that signing up to Skrill is a walk in the park! Simply follow our simple step-by-step guide to get started with Skrill 1tap today!

  1. To set up your skrill ewallet, you need to visit the official Skrill website ( and click the ‘Register' button on the homepage.
  2. Next you need to enter your email adress and choose a password to create your Skrill login details.
  3. The next step in creating your skrill e wallet account is to enter a few personal details such as your name, date of birth and address. As an international ewallet Skrill accepts different currencies, so you will also have to select which currency you want to make payments with.
  4. The final step in the registration process is to enter your mobile number. This enables you to use top up Skrill with mobile and to use Skrill 1-tap mobile service

Now you're just a few steps away from being able to use the best online wallet around, and from making Skrill online payments. All you need to do now is verify your email address, sign in to the website using your skrill.login details, and add a funding source! After that you can start using your Skrill wallet immediately! Go forth and Skrill it!

The Drawbacks Of Skrill 1-Tap

skrill 1-tapWhile all of this sounds amazing, nothing is perfect. Luckily, there are fewer drawbacks than there are advantages, which is why Skrill is so popular anyway. However, you need to know the other side of the coin too, especially if you’re thinking of switching to Skrill Tap 1. So, here are the drawbacks of this payment method.

The obvious one isn’t much of a drawback actually. It’s the Skrill registration and no, it isn’t difficult or lengthy. It’s just the fact that you need a separate account to use this payment option. The hassle of setting it up and the need to think of and remember yet another password might put some people off.

This also means that you have to go through the Skrill account login process every time you want to make a transaction using Skrill. This is the main layer of protection and it does its job well. But at the same time, the security comes at a price of an increased depositing time. So, the fact that it only takes one tap to deposit is quite wrong, because it requires you to log in before that.

Finally, it could be argued that Skrill and all the other e-wallets aren’t the most convenient ways of banking. That’s because you need to fund the e-wallet account first to subsequently transfer money to an online casino.

Even though this only takes little time and effort, there are other payment methods that don’t have such requirements. In light of these alternatives, using Skrill-1 Tap may feel like making detours. Here are the drawbacks summarised:

  • Requires registration of a separate account
  • Requires logging in every time for protection
  • You can’t deposit before you fund the account first

How to Make a Skrill Casino Deposit At Fable Casino

skrill login screenIf you think that these drawbacks don’t really weigh down this mobile e wallet, you’re clearly not alone. Lots of our customers think the same way and that's why we're proud to be one of many Skrill casinos around. You can use Skrill  to both deposit and withdraw at Fable Casino. Speaking of us, you can use both versions of Skrill here, so it doesn’t matter what device you’re playing on.

How to Set Up a Skrill Account Online Casino: 
Here’s what making a Skrill 1 Tap payment at Fable Casino looks like:

  1. Click on the ‘Cashier’ at Fable Casino and select the deposit or withdraw option
  2. Select Skrill or Skrill 1-Tap
  3. Log in to your Skrill account (using the registered e-mail address and password)
  4. Make adjustments to the deposit or withdrawal amount if needed
  5. Tap the ‘Pay now’ button to confirm
  6. The money will be available in your casino wallet almost instantly

Troubleshooting Skrill One Tap

Experiencing problems with your Skrill 1 Tap mobile account is not ideal, after all it's meant to be one of the best e wallets around! Luckily for you, we've rounded up some of the most common issues Skrill mobile casino users may encounter, and the solutions, so that you can get back to playing as soon as possible.

Are You Visiting a Skrill Mobile Casino?

As there are more casinos accepting Skrill than ever before, it's easy to assume that every casino you visit will be a pay by skrill casino. This isn't the case however, so if you're experiencing pay with skrill casino problems, it oculd be because you're casino of choice doesn't actually accept the method!

You can check if you're playing at one of the many skrill online casinos by visiting their banking page or contacting customer services. Alternatively, you can simply play here at Fable Casino! At Fable Casino Skrill is always offered as a payment method as we think it's the ideal mobile casino banking solution. Furthermore, we think this is just one of the many things which allow our players to have a class 1 casino experience.

Skrill Deposit Limits

If you are visiting a skrill deposit casino, yet you're unable to fund your casino account you may have reached your skrill deposit limit. Skrill limits all players to depositing a certain amount per period, and per transaction. This is to prevent money-laundering activity and to ensure the safety of it's customers. The standard skrill limit deposit amount is set quite high, so this shouldn't be a recurring problem, but it's always wise to check this first before worrying too much!

Have You Set Up Skrill 1 Tap Successfully?

Singing up to Skrill is an easy affair, but for the service to accept 1 tap payments, you need to tweak your Skrill account settings.  If you experiencing problems making a Skrill casino deposit 1 tap, it may be because you haven't successfully configured the 1-tap service. In this case, you may encounter this error message, ‘you aren't using one-tap login on any devices right now'. To fix this problem, you simply need to check whether your Skrill 1 tap login details are correct, and whether your 1 tap wallet is set up to accept payments.

Contact Skrill

If you're still experiencing problems with Skrill, then it may be time to get in touch with the service. Skrill has two customer service deparments; a regular one and a dedicated VIP team, however both of these teams will be able to help you out! Before you contact them however, make sure you have your skrill number and your skrill account sign up details handy. Furthermore, you should make sure you don't have any outstanding skrill fees to pay before contacting customer service.

Skrill Contact Number: +44 (0) 203 608 1405

At this time, there is no Skrill VIP Phone Number however you can contact the VIP team direct by emailing [email protected]

Pay By Phone Casino Deposits: Guide To Withdrawing

Pay by Phone is one of the most popular casino depositing methods here at Fable Casino as it’s quick, easy and totally secure. However, what happens when you want to withdraw? The payment method doesn’t make allowances for getting your cash out of the casino, which is why you need to withdraw using a bank transfer. In this guide we explain the ins and outs of making such a withdrawal.

Updated on March 19, 2018

We've updated this article to reflect Fable Casino's current pay by phone withdrawal policy. This means you can rest assured that all the information offered below is correct and up to date, so simply read on to learn how to withdraw with ease as a Pay by Phone user at Fable Casino. 


pay by phone casino banking method

Here at Fable Casino, we’re proud to offer a selection of the most popular and useful mobile casino banking methods on the market. Chief among these is our mobile bill depositing method Pay by Phone, which allows players to make deposits directly from their phone bill without needing to worry about credit or debit cards, bank transfers or e-wallet logins. Paybyphone deposits are quick, easy and secure, and among the most popular on our site.

However, if you know anything about pay with phone casino deposits, you probably know that you’re not able to make withdrawals directly through the Pay by Phone service. It's one of the only drawbacks to the method, and as a pay by phone casino UK, we do understand that it is a little inconvenient. This is why we’ve put together this quick mobile casino guide to all you need to know about making withdrawals when you deposit via phone bill.


How To Make A Pay By Phone Casino Withdrawal

Casino Withdrawal In short, you can’t make a Pay by Phone withdrawal. Because the deposit comes via your phone network provider, the withdrawals you make need to come via some other means. This is usually either by cheque or, as in the case of Fable Casino, bank transfer. That’s right, as we're not a cheque casino, we’ll wire the money straight into your bank account which saves you both effort and time.

If you’ve deposited by Pay by Phone at our casino and want to make a withdrawal, you simply need to head to the banking pages of our site and select “Withdraw”. The only option which will be available to you is Bank Transfer and once you’ve chosen your withdrawal value, we’ll start processing your payment. We’ve made this sound super simply and it is, but there are a couple of other things you should be aware of.


Minimum Withdrawal Amount

Not everyone realises this, but it costs us here at Fable Casino a little bit of money to process and transfer money into your account. So, if the value of the withdrawal you’re making is too small, it can actually lose us more money than it’s worth to make it.

This is why with every withdrawal method we have a minimum value you’re permitted to withdraw. For bank transfer withdrawals, this minimum value is £50, meaning you’ll need to have at least £50 in your player account before requesting a withdrawal. If you do attempt to request a withdrawal which is lower than this you may receive a ‘withdrawal too_small' error code, which can be sorted out immediately by simply upping you request amount!


Pending Period

fable casino logoWith bank transfer withdrawals – as with all the withdrawal methods you’ll find at Fable Casino – you’ll find that there’s a pending period before the casino processes each withdrawal. In all cases, this pending period is three days long, giving you — the player — three whole working days to change your mind about making the withdrawal.

If you should change your mind about your withdrawal within the space of the pending period and decide you want to keep playing with the money instead, you can simply head back to the banking tab where you’ll see your post is pending and click ‘Cancel Withdrawal.’ Once you’ve done this, the funds will be back in your account and ready to play with again right away.


Casino VS Bank Processing Time

Bank ProcessingThough most things at Fable Casino are automated to ensure that they happen as quickly and smoothly as possible, not everything can be instantaneous. To ensure that you’ve met all the requirements necessary to make a withdrawal that we’re able to pay you, and that all your information is correct, we have a processing time of up to one working day.

During this time, you can still change your mind. But once it lapses, you will no longer be able to cancel the withdrawal in any way, shape or form. As soon as the phone casino withdrawal time is over and we’re satisfied we’re able to make this payment, we’ll send the money along to you.

The final thing that might hold up your deposit – and is completely out of the control of us here at Fable Casino – is the time it takes your bank to process the payment through their system. How long this takes will depend on when you request your withdrawal and whom you bank with, but the bad news is that sometimes this can take up to 10 days to process!

Mixing Banking Options – What Happens with Deposits & Withdrawals?

It’s come to our attention that come of our players are confused about whether or not they can use multiple banking methods to make deposits here at Fable Casino, and if so, what that means for them in terms of in terms of withdrawals if they use multiple methods to deposit. In an attempt to lay these questions to bed, we’ve created this post which we hope will address these concerns.

casino mobile payments gowinOne of the many questions we get here at Fable Casino about banking at our site is whether players can mix their depositing options, and how much they’re able to deposit with each if they’re combining them. There’s also a concern that they won’t be able to withdraw using their preferred method if they use an alternative payment method once. We thought, then, that we’d spend some time here laying the answers to these questions, to help you get a handle on payments here at Fable Casino.

Mixing Payment Options

If you’re always wondering ‘Can I use multiple payment methods?’ the simple answer is yes! Of course you can! We want to make your experience as streamlined as possible, meaning that if you want to do something, we’ll do everything in our power to make sure that becomes a reality! This means, even if you’ve only used one payment method a hundred times, you’re still welcome to switch to another.

pay by phone casino banking methodAll you need to do is head to the banking section of our website, and choose the new payment method you want to start using. Then you just need to choose how much you want to deposit and enter the new details. Of course each depositing method comes with its own requirements and limitations, but you can read all about that in our banking information pages.

Different Deposit Limits

We here at Fable Casino realise that we have an especially strong appeal to the kind of players who tend to be highrollers, or at least like to play with relatively high amounts of money. We get it, the higher the value and risk, the bigger the reward and thrill at the end of the day; so it makes sense that you’ll want to deposit as much as you can with different deposit methods at our casino. The only problem is, however, that different payment methods have different limits associated with them.

Trustly casino banking methodWhile you can check our banking information pages for specific values for the limits on deposits (and withdraws), there’s basically a sliding scale from phone bill depositing – where you’re limited to £10 per transaction – and credit and debit card and other transfer methods – where you can drop up to £5,000 into your player account.

If you want to deposit even more, though, it’s totally acceptable to mix and match depositing methods, if you want money to come in from difference sources. Maybe you want some cash out of one account and some out of another, you can mix cards or transfers quite easily, and if you’re in a pinch, you’re always welcome to use phone bill depositing for an extra boost to your bankroll.

Withdrawing with Mixed Depositing Methods

skrill casino banking methodNow, it’s a well-known fact that you’re only able to withdraw using (where possible) a banking method you’ve previously used to deposit. This, of course, can lead to the question of whether you can withdraw with a previously used payment method, if you’ve used another payment method in the intermediary time. For instance, say you always use your MasterCard to deposit, then one day you happen to used Skrill; can you still withdraw using your MasterCard?

We’re happy to announce that we will allow these kinds of withdrawals, meaning you don’t need to worry about switching up depositing methods at the expense of withdrawals.

E-wallets VS Pay By Phone: The Ultimate Comparison

E-wallets have been created to improve online banking process, but how can they fare against Pay by Phone mobile depositing at Fable Casino? It turns out, that all of these payment methods have their own advantages in certain circumstances. Each can be indispensable under particular conditions. For example, Pay by Phone is better if you’re only planning to gamble on mobile. If you like to play desktop too, e-wallets might be a viable option too.

e-wallets pay by phone comparisonE-wallets are indispensable alternatives to bank card payments, but what if we compare them to Pay by Phone? These ways to deposit and/or withdraw are very different, but both are also very popular. It just so happens that each has specific advantages that show very clearly in comparison to the drawbacks of the other. You’ll find an in-depth description of these advantages right here.


How E-wallets Are Better

There’s a reason why PayPal is the top online payments solution worldwide. It isn’t nearly as popular at casinos, but our community has other favourites that have similar advantages. Skrill and Neteller are fine examples of e-wallets and this is why people choose them.


Deposit And Withdraw

casino mobile payments gowinWhen comparing to Pay by Phone, the mere withdrawal option becomes an advantage. Phone billing doesn’t allow this commodity, so people who use it have to rely on other payment methods quite often. Every time they want to withdraw, they have to select payments by cheque, wire transfer or something entirely different. E-wallet users skip this fuss altogether.

This also means that their withdrawals are processed faster, too. E-wallets have an exceptional speed and reliability. While Pay by Phone bill is just as great, withdrawal methods like wire transfer can take weeks. Three days is better than a week in comparison, so withdrawal option is a major plus.


Device Compatibility

Pay by Phone doesn’t allow making payments via devices other than a phone. Yes, you can use it at an online casino just as well as at a mobile one. However, you will have to use your phone anyway. E-wallets like Skrill and Neteller, however, are available across devices. The former even has its own mobile version called Skrill 1-Tap.

This only means that if you want to play on desktop, you will probably want to deposit via desktop. If you want to play on mobile, you will deposit via mobile, too. It’s not so straightforward with phone billing where desktop players will still have to use their mobiles first. We agree that it’s only a tiny advantage, but some people might care about tiny details just as much.


Virtually Limitless

limitlessE-wallets have very high deposit and withdrawal limits. They’re so high that it’s up to each casino to decide what their maximum transaction size will be. In most cases, casino limits are lower than those set by the e-wallet operator. Plus, it’s these online banking methods that have the highest limits at any given online casino in virtually all cases. That’s why an e-wallet is arguably the best payment method for claiming casino bonuses.

Pay by Phone is the precise opposite. Not only does it have a low deposit limit, it’s actually the lowest it can get. It’s £30 per day, no matter the number of transactions or the number of different casinos, even. In this light, comparison is almost an unfair thing to do because e-wallets seem to be many leagues ahead.


How Pay By Phone Is Better

Now that we have brought Pay by Phone to ruin, it’s time to redeem it! E-wallets do have some compelling advantages over phone billing, but the same goes the other way round. Here are some particular examples.


Only Phone Number Required

phone numberPay by Phone is very easy to set up because it doesn’t require a whole lot. In fact, everyone can use the method as long as they have a mobile device with an active phone number. This means even people under 18 can use this service as long as they keep out of casinos, of course. (Pay by Phone has many more uses than just casino depositing.)

In comparison, Skrill and similar banking solutions don’t work without bank cards. You’ll either have to connect your bank card directly or use another e-wallet or payment method that needs funding from a bank card. Even if you do have a bank card, which is very likely, you may not want to use it for gambling. That’s where phone billing comes in handy.


No Account – No Fuss

What’s more, Pay by Phone requires no registration. There are no accounts because your phone number is a sufficient method of identification. So, there are no registration forms, no filling of blanks and no need to impart your personal data.

You guessed it right, this also means that there are no login screens. The step is skipped altogether, which makes the depositing process so much faster. E-wallets are not nearly as convenient in comparison. Not only you’ve got to think of a new password and fill forms, it’s necessary to log in every time. Even if you know your password by heart, this takes precious moments that could be saved by phone billing.


Superior Security

mobile phone securityWait a minute… Is Pay by Phone even safe if the phone number is all the identification it requires? Even if another person knows your phone number, they still can’t use your phone credit. If they tried, you would get an SMS right to your mobile device, notifying you of this. Not only that, you’d have to confirm it to actually authorize the process. It’s an offline security system and there’s no way anyone could break it.

While e-wallets have an exceptional encryption and security, it’s simply incomparable to that of depositing by phone bill. So, Pay by Phone wins this one, too.

In the end, both e-wallets and phone billing at Fable Casino seem like good options. They all have their pros and cons, but each is unparalleled under certain circumstances. In short, Pay by Phone is better if you’re planning to play on mobile only. If you plan to play both on desktop and mobile devices, e-wallets are a viable option. Or, you know, you can always use both.

Why Phone Bill Deposits are Still Relevant in 2018

Phone bill depositing has more competition than ever before, with services like Trustly and Zimpler giving it a run for its money, but seeing as 2018 is nearly upon us, we take a look at why we think phone billing has never been more relevant, and more importantly, why you should still be taking advantage of all the benefits it has on offer. Read on to be enlightened!

casino mobile payments gowinThe New Year is almost upon us, and while we here at Fable Casino are looking forward to the slew of new games we’ve got coming out way in January, there’ll be thousands of players out there wondering what their next casino adventure is going to be. One element that’ll be an integral part of many of those adventures will be phone bill depositing, which remains one of the most popular ways to deposit among mobile casino players.

It’s true that 2016 and 2017 saw some really convincing competitors come to the fore in terms of casino banking, with brands like Zimpler and Trustly offering decent alternatives to phone bill deposits, but we here at Fable are staunch supporters of the payment method, and so we thought we’d take this opportunity to mount defense against the degradation we’ve seen phone billing become the victim of over the last couple of years.

To that end, here are the reasons we think phone bill depositing will still be relevant in 2018:

Still Anonymous

mobile phone securityOf course, one of the big reasons many players opt to use phone bill depositing is a matter of privacy; with phone billing services, you don’t have to share any personal or banking information you don’t want to with the casino you’re playing at. This contrasts with the new competitors like Zimpler and Trustly, who – despite being dedicated to privacy and security – do require you to share a bunch of information with them.

If you’re really security conscious, then phone billing is a great way to ensure you never have to divulge any sensitive information.

Still The Fastest

The other big draw for players to phone billing has always been – of course – the speed with which money finds its way into your casino account. Because the money is coming from the trusted phone companies, casinos really cut down on the processing time of transactions. It the vast majority of phone billing transaction, the money is in your player account pretty much instantly, meaning that if you’re tight for time in 2018, phone billing is a great way to go.

Still The Most Convenient

mobile bankingWhile speed is certainly a big factor in deciding the popularity of a payment method, as is the convenience the given payment method offers. What we mean by this is the easy with which the payment is made, and the other requirements attached to making the payment. Given that phone bill payments can be made with just a phone, and take only a couple of step, not requiring a sign in, there’s not any other payment method we can think of which will be more convenient for you to use next year!

Still Growing

Despite what the competitors out there might have you believe, phone bill depositing is nowhere near being in retreat. While it’s true that the ground on which it sits is becoming a little more crowded out, there’s still an increasing number of casinos out there who are adding phone bill payment capabilities to their sites, and a growing number of players who are seeking it out as their main payment option.

It’s sure now that 2018 is going to be the biggest ever year for phone bill depositing, and you should make sure you’re a part of it!

The Best Payment Method For Claiming Casino Bonuses

When it comes to casino bonuses, things can get a little tricky. There are all kinds of terms to understand and keep in mind. Making the right payments and selecting the right options might seem difficult and confusing. That’s why we’re here to help you choose the best payment method for claiming a bonus at Fable casino. Learn all about different bonuses and promotions, and how to get the most from them by choosing the right payment service. We’ll cover issues like withdrawal speed, deposit limits and more.

mobile casino bonuses best payment methodOur players ask questions regarding Fable casino promotions every day. So, we know from experience that understanding terms of casino bonuses can be tricky. A common issue is related to payment operations. When to deposit? How to withdraw? Do all payment methods work when claiming casino bonuses? We get these questions all the time, so we figured it’s time to state our opinion on the best payment method for claiming casino bonuses.

There isn’t one definite answer because all the methods have their pros and cons. Many things are important in this case, such as bonus terms and limits of the payment methods. So, we’ll look at the different aspects individually and, hopefully, come to a satisfying conclusion in the end.


Deposit And Withdrawal Limits

overrated depositing limitsAll the casino bonuses have a minimum amount you have to deposit for that bonus to apply. At Fable Casino, the welcome bonus applies to the minimum deposits of £10. The other promotions usually start from deposits of £20. We thought of that in advance, however, and accepted only the methods that have maximum deposits larger than £10. This includes all the payment methods, even Pay By Phone.

On the other hand, the maximum deposit limits are different and Pay By Phone isn’t the best choice for claiming the welcome bonus. Since you can only deposit £30 at once, you’d lose a lot of bonus this way. Trustly and Paysafecard also have deposit limits of £700, so you won’t be able to get it all either. The remaining methods allow depositing way more than that at once, which makes them perfect for our £1,500 welcome bonus.


Does It Allow To Withdraw?

withdraw casino bonusNot every payment method allows making withdrawals, though. While some casinos block quite a few payment methods from withdrawing, we allow them all. Only Pay By Phone is excluded from this category, but that’s just the way it works. So, unless you used this method to deposit, you won’t have to switch to anything else when you cash out your casino bonus.

One thing that needs to be mentioned here is that you can usually switch between these services. Whatever you deposited with, you can withdraw with a different method altogether. It doesn’t matter if a bonus is involved or not. The only exception is Skrill. If you deposit using Skrill, you’ll have to withdraw the same way too. Not that it’s a problem, as it has very wide limits.


Withdrawal Speed

speedWhen you complete the wagering requirements and secure the bonus winnings, you want nothing more than to cash them out as soon as possible. Although you’ll get them eventually using whatever payment method you choose, some are simply faster than the others. From all the methods at Fable casino that allow withdrawing, it’s Skrill and Neteller that are the fastest.

All the withdrawals have three days pending period at Fable casino and one-day processing time. So, it all boils down to the transfer time, which depends on each service provider individually. Skrill and Neteller happen to complete these payments in just a single day. Other services take three (Trustly), up to five (Paysafecard) or even ten days (bank transfer).


And The Best Payment Method For Claiming Casino Bonuses Is…

neteller casino banking methodEvery method might be just fine when the situation is right. For example, if you want to claim 20 extra spins with the lowest deposit possible and play on mobile, Pay By Phone is a perfect choice. On the other hand, it’s the opposite for a £1,500 welcome bonus at Fable Casino.

If we had to choose a single method, however, we’d say Neteller. It’s simply the most versatile and flexible when it comes to our casino bonuses. It has low minimum limits, high maximum limits and it provides fast withdrawals. Plus, if you use it to deposit, you don’t necessarily have to withdraw the same way, which isn’t the case with Skrill.

Skrill and Skrill-1-Tap are also very decent options, though. The same applies to Trustly and it’s even safer than the e-wallets. If you want to learn more about each particular payment method, you can do that right here. We have analysed their strengths and weaknesses in depth, so you’ll be able to claim those bonuses in no time.

7 Expert Tips On Mobile Phone Deposits

With mobile deposits being one of the most convenient and speedy ways to deposit in a casino, more players are adopting this method of payment. Having said that, there are many perks and benefits of using mobile deposits that are still unknown even to seasoned players. Today we discuss how you can use mobile deposits to its full extent to make your life as easy as possible.

casino mobile payments gowinSurely you’ve come across the “pay by phone” payment option at mobile casinos. It is slowly becoming the preferred option for mobile casino players, simply because of how convenient and speedy each transaction is.

You just reply to a text message and play; meanwhile, the amount is added to your monthly phone bill! While you could use it right from the get-go—without receiving any prior guidance or combing through any small print—here are seven tips from the experts.


1. Keep track of your mobile deposits

First and foremost, you should keep an eye on your text messages. You’ll get SMS-es asking you to confirm your transaction as well as SMS receipts for confirmed purchases. If you get an SMS for something you haven’t bought, contact your mobile network provider immediately.

Once a month, you should also take a quick glance through your phone bill. This would give you a sense of how much you’re spending in total through your mobile phone. It is easy to spend a fiver or a tenner each time, but these small-sized transactions may add up if you’re not careful.

Mobile phone Deposits CarriersIf you want to keep an even closer eye, you can check your transaction history through your mobile network apps. These apps update almost instantly, so you don’t have to wait for your full account statement at the end of the month.

2. Choose your mobile deposit limits

The default amount is £30 per day. This limit is set by all mobile network providers and mobile depositing vendors such as Boku, to ensure that no one is spending above their means. However, you can lower or raise the limit to your preference. To do so, just call your mobile network provider and ask to change the limit for mobile phone payments.

3. Read the welcome bonus and promotional offers carefully

Mobile Phone Deposits TermsWhile this tip should be observed by all mobile casino players, it rings particularly true for mobile phone depositors. Some casinos only provide their welcome package if you add your credit card details to your account.

If these conditions turn you off, you may want to choose another place to play instead. Other casinos also have a minimum deposit amount in order to qualify for your bonus.

4. You cannot withdraw casino winnings via phone bill

Unfortunately, mobile phone bill payment method only allows players to deposit. After all, mobile network providers aren’t in the habit of paying its customers. So, if you deposited using the mobile phone bill option, you can select other ways to withdraw.

You could request to receive your payout via credit/debit card, bank transfer, cheque, PayPal and so on. These options vary from casino to casino, but there’s always support on hand at the withdrawal cashier to help you set it up!

5. Don't let someone else play with your phone

Given how easy it is to confirm a transaction, it is easy for other people—especially kids—to rack up charges on your phone bill. So, treat your phone like a credit card. Just as you wouldn’t pass your card over to strangers, don’t let other people play at a mobile casino on your phone.

6. You can block mobile phone deposits

Whether you want to cool off on your mobile gambling habits or stop using this payment method, the option is always available to block mobile phone deposits and promotions. To do this, you have to contact your mobile network provider and ask them to disable Premium SMS function on your account. They can usually do so instantly and at no extra cost.

The customer support agent may also use the terms Direct Carrier Billing, Premium Rate Service or Third-Party Messaging. All of these terms refer to the mobile phone depositing service.

7. Ask the casino if you are not sure

Mobile Phone Deposits Customer SupportKnow that there is always help on hand and no question is too silly! The more pertinent questions are related to bonuses—mobile phone deposits may be subjected to different wagering requirements.

You must also choose another payment option when you decide to withdraw your funds later. Whatever the question, you should always reach out to the customer service team before depositing. Most casinos have live chat support around the clock, so it’s easy to get help.