PayPal On an Account Blocking Frenzy – Will Yours Be Next?

paypal blocked accountPayPal has raised many eyebrows recently with numerous account blocks. Some of the banned PayPal users include far-right activists, anti-fa organizations and, a little earlier, ASMR artists.

This has led many people to question PayPal’s decisions and the reasoning behind it. If the company is triggered so easily, who can be sure that their PayPal account won’t be the next to go?

In this article, we’ll look at the reasons why the top payments provider worldwide limits and blocks accounts. Also, we’ll provide some tips on keeping your e-wallet safe:

  • Keep your profile updated
  • Contact the company when you’re travelling
  • Contact them when you’re expecting an unusual amount of money

Why Does PayPal Block Payments?

paypal ban antifaThere are many ways to get your account blocked, as is evident from the recent examples. Unfortunately, the company isn’t always clear about their true reasoning.

When asked about this after the recent bans of various anti-fascist organizations, the representatives were vague:

“We have and continue to remove accounts that we deem to be promoting hate, discriminatory intolerance or those that are involved in perpetuating violence.”

The PayPal ban ASMR creators had to endure was received as similarly controversial. PayPal dubbed ASMR as “sexual content”, which is an understandable reason to limit someone’s activity.

The problem is, most of this content isn’t sexual at all. As a result, more people are starting to doubt PayPal’s decisions. Apparently, being an activist or a creator is getting risky as PayPal enters an account blocking frenzy.

PayPal Blocked Funds for 180 Days

paypal freeze moneyDespite these seemingly subjective interpretations of their own policy, PayPal does have specific rules in place. Safety is a top priority here, which is why anything suspicious might get you into trouble.

All you need to do get your PayPal account frozen for six months is:

  • Not updating your account information or leaving these fields blank
  • Issues with credits or debts in the past
  • Breaking the user’s policy, e.g. the aforementioned hate promotion or providing sexual content
  • Have someone complain about your business
  • Receiving an unusually large amount of money quickly

When the company freezes your money in the e-wallet, you can’t access any of it. Unlike the indefinite ban, you can still get the funds back after 180 days. However, that can cause many problems if you need the money now.

PayPal Banned Account

Getting your account completely banned is just as easy. In fact, the same reasons apply as the ones listed above. On top of that, there are some other ways to lose your PayPal wallet without a prior warning:

  • Creating your PayPal account before you’re 18
  • Sending or receiving illegal funds, selling illegal goods
  • Having a link with another account that engages in restricted activities
  • Using PayPal while in another country where the service isn’t allowed

In short, you’ve got to be really careful when using this service.

Then again, in the recent examples with content creators and activists, this didn’t even matter. You might be following the rules and still get your money frozen or e-wallet banned.

Is Gambling a Red Flag?

paypal casino chipPayPal can be used for gambling online as well as many online casinos accept PayPal payments. You can use this service to deposit money into your casino bankroll and withdraw your winnings back to the wallet.

Can online gamblers be sure that this activity won’t put them on PayPal’s radar, though?

You’re all good if:

  • You gamble on a legal site
  • You’re in a country where it’s allowed to do so
  • You aren’t underage

We all know that PayPal used to be sceptical about this gambling business. While they aren’t as tense now, it’s difficult to predict whether they won’t change their mind again.

Luckily, as for now, it’s completely safe to gamble with PayPal. Thousands are doing it every day and transferring money with ease.

Keep Your PayPal Account Safe

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that your account will be safe forever. The people featured in the latest PayPal news didn’t expect this to happen either.

On the bright side, there’s something you can do to minimise the risk:

1. Update Your Profile

time for updateAlways keep your PayPal profile up to date. This means you should fill out all the information there is to fill and update it. Did you change your phone number or e-mail? Did you get a new bank card?

PayPal needs to see these changes or else they might get suspicious. And suspicion is often all it takes to lose your account and all the money in it for 180 days.

2. Travelling with PayPal

travelLet them know when you’re planning to use the service abroad. If you don’t, they’ll think your account has been hacked and used by fraudulent foreigners.

This may seem like a lot of trouble, but you’re in trouble anyway if you’re planning to skip this step. In fact, you don’t even need to be abroad. Logging in from a different device or an unusual IP is already a risk.

3. Stay Consistent or Stay in Touch

arrowsAre you expecting to receive a large amount of money while your previous income was small? Or, perhaps, you suddenly start receiving money in irregular intervals after a period of inactivity because you just began freelancing?

Changes in money transactions or user behaviour can also attract unwanted attention. You should either stay consistent in your user’s habits and money transactions or stay in touch. Contact the staff and let them know about the changes you’re expecting soon.

Remember all this to keep your PayPal account safe and sound.

The Pocket-Sized Revolution: How Bitcoin is Changing Pay by Phone Gambling Forever

bitcoin phoneIf you’ve never considered gambling with Bitcoin before, you’re missing out.

Cryptocurrencies have been around for long enough now that even regular, non-Bitcoin users have at least heard about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology it’s based on can be difficult to understand, at first. All you need to remember is that Bitcoin is a completely decentralized internet currency or “crypto currency”.

The technology of the Blockchain allows users to verify data without there being one single authority overseeing all transactions. It’s a foolproof system whose unparalleled security leaves a lot of other online payment options running for their money (no pun intended.)

So what does this mean for smartphone gambling?

Practical Gambling: Buy Bitcoins with your Phone Credit

Nowadays there are more and more Bitcoin casinos appearing. These run exclusively on Bitcoin and have a fail-safe “provably fair gambling” system integrated in their sites.

If you’re a smartphone gambler who is used to the practicality of pay by phone casino, then just wait till you try playing at a Bitcoin casino.

With the pay by phone system, you have the ability to group your casino deposits with your phone bill. It’s a very secure way of gambling, as you haven’t directly linked your casino account to any bank account or specific online wallet.

But with Bitcoin?

It’s even more secure. All you need is a Bitcoin app on your phone, where you’ll be able to have access to your private Bitcoin wallet.

Deposit funds in there, and you can make wagers on your chosen mobile casino without having to go through complicated bank apps or other less secure e-wallets.

You’ll still be paying by phone.

And the best part?

You can buy Bitcoins via your phone credit. So you’ll still essentially be gambling without even having to look at your bank account. And your phone bill will provide you with a paper trail.

But that’s not all.

Full Smartphone Security: Swiss Businesses as Prow-heads of Fintech

We’re entering into an era where access to your finances and records has never been simpler.

On October 9th 2018, Geneva will host a Bitcoin Conference where cryptocurrency experts and analysts will discuss how Blockchain technologies can be implemented for much more than opening an online wallet.

The main points of discussion for this year’s panel will be the concept of voting via smartphone, thanks to the Blockchain-powered eID system.

The idea is to enable users to safely do all of these things via their phone:

  • File tax declarations
  • Register residence
  • Use passport services
  • Vote

So really, Bitcoin tech goes way beyond just gambling.

How many times have you squinted at casino terms and conditions, wondering if it would be safe to give them your personal data? How often have you been paranoid when hearing stories about casinos swindling their players’ money and data?

Imagine a world where you could store and transfer even the most sensitive data with your phone.

Technically, that ultra-secure world is already beginning to exist. The Swiss city Zug is known to be Switzerland’s “crypto-valley”, because it has a functional Blockchain system used by several businesses and projects.

In fact, 75% of Swiss businesses plan on integrating Bitcoin technology within the next 3 years. Zug citizens who use Bitcoin can even withdraw fiat money in Bitcoin ATMs.

So if you choose to opt for Bitcoin for your mobile gambling, you’ll be preparing yourself for the fintech revolution that is right on our doorstep.

So what do you think? Are you ready to take the step and get going with Bitcoin?

PayPal: Online Gambler’s New Best Choice for Casino Deposits

paypal funds nowThe new Funds Now feature by PayPal grants instant payouts to the casinos accepting deposits via PayPal. So, gambling sites are now much more likely to prioritize PayPal as their main casino payment method.

Therefore, users who are willing to start using PayPal can expect significant advantages.

  • Casinos will likely introduce bonuses exclusive to PayPal depositors
  • PayPal will become a more popular online casino payment method
  • PayPal users at online casinos might get better terms for already existing bonuses
  • The casino e-wallet will become more valuable to casino operators and their customers

All this can be expected thanks to that single but highly promising feature. The instant payouts of casino profits gained from PayPal transactions can mean a lot to some operators. As a casino player, you won’t see it happen, but you will definitely feel its impact as you gamble.

PayPal Launches Funds Now

paypal casino and slotsPayPal is continuously trying to stay at the top of its market. Funds Now is a perfect example of this, giving PayPal an edge over its competitors.

The new ‘Funds Now’ feature is dedicated to businesses which use PayPal to make their transactions. What it does is pay out the company profits from PayPal as soon as they get them. In this case, it’s when a casino player makes a deposit.

Meanwhile, other companies that process casino deposits and withdrawals aren’t that swift. It can take days or even weeks for the casino operators to claim their own casino profits. So, PayPal’s competitors like Skrill and Neteller aren’t as beneficial in this respect.

PayPal’s Funds Now makes their payments platform a better choice for transactions than ever.

Funds Now for Online Casino Operators

In short, PayPal casinos in the UK have an advantage they’ve never had before because:

  • Funds Now is a free feature, meaning all trusted PayPal casinos can get it
  • It has already launched in the UK
  • It provides the operators with more flexibility and new opportunities

PayPal is offering the feature at zero cost, so there’s no reason not to take it. Besides, it’s already making an impact in some countries. The United Kingdom is one of those countries too.

With the new feature, PayPal allows claiming and reinvesting the profits without the need to wait. It’s something that no online casino operator would say “no” to. It gives them more flexibility and better business opportunities.

It’s no wonder that online casinos look forward to a feature that’s both useful and free.

What This Means for Online Punters

Since PayPal has become more appealing to the casino businesses, they’ll try to use it more too. One of the ways they can do it is by offering PayPal deposits and withdrawals at their online sites.

Even if they do so already, it would make sense for them to make PayPal e-wallet more popular. After all, if more players deposited by PayPal, more funds would be available to the house instantly.

As a result:

We can expect new business strategies that emphasise PayPal online and mobile e-wallet. That’s where the casino players should pay more attention.

As PayPal increases its appeal to the casinos, casino operators will, in turn, try to sell the players on it too.

PayPal Casino Gambler's Exclusive Offers

There are many ways a casino can lead the player to use PayPal instead of any other service. A bonus for PayPal depositors or even a slight change in payment-related terms could do the trick.

Thus, a PayPal casino that wishes more of its players used PayPal deposits and withdrawals could offer:

  • Special bonuses i.e. 25% reload match or 25 free spins when using PayPal
  • Tournaments or prize raffles for PayPal users exclusively
  • Removed casino fees on PayPal deposits and withdrawals
  • Lower minimum deposit limits for PayPal
  • Altered bonus terms where using PayPal would be more beneficial

We don’t have to tell about the creativity of online casino bonuses and features. So, you can expect a lot of original and new opportunities for PayPal users.

Considering the bonuses your PayPal casino might offer, PayPal is likely to become the new best choice for casino transactions.

PayPal Casinos Set To Gain Momentum As PayPal Perpetually Grows

paypal casino sites growthPayPal casino sites are expected to gain momentum as PayPal itself continues growing.

The company’s stocks are sky-rocketing at an enviable rate these days. All of this is thanks to the many new features and services PayPal has introduced in the recent years.

The latest of these new features is a P2P update for PayPal app that was launched on 23 August 2018. This has changed the app to favour user personalization and peer-to-peer payments.

The full effect of this improvement is yet to be seen, but things are looking pretty good for PayPal.

How PayPal Casino Sites Are Involved

PayPal has a strict policy regarding gambling, which they see as a risky business. Therefore, to be able to use PayPal payments for gambling, each casino operator needs individual approval from PayPal.

Here’s what they say about gambling in their policy:

PayPal prohibits [gambling] activities, even where the specific activity is lawful and/or is not legally defined as gambling, unless the transactions are associated with an approved merchant.

This has led PayPal casino sites to become less widespread than casinos with other payment options.

However, it doesn’t change the fact that more than 240 million people use PayPal. It’s an easy and safe method or transferring funds, which is perfect for online gambling.

The bottom line is:

As PayPal increases its volume, their services will become more attractive than ever. Most importantly, this concerns PayPal casino online deposits and withdrawals as well as e-commerce and P2P payments.

PayPal’s Growth in 2018

PayPal casinos are a small part of this business, yet it’s the current leader in the online payments market. Just take a look at their statistics and see for yourself:

  • PayPal shares have increased by 25 per cent this year and reached the all-time high
  • PayPal, Venmo and Xoom (all PayPal services) had over 40 million downloads over the last four quarters
  • 600,000 daily users used the PayPal app in the second quarter of 2018; that is a double of what its competitors achieved
  • PayPal shares and revenue surpassed most expectations of the industry experts

What’s more, they don’t seem to be stopping now and the company plans to grow even further.

Venmo’s Success and P2P Update

venmo success paypalVenmo, the main P2P app in the US, is in large part responsible for this success. It is run by PayPal and it has succeeded in the peer-to-peer payments niche, attracting millions of Americans.

Plus, PayPal has monetized the app in 2017. As a result, it is now as valuable an asset to the company as the main PayPal app itself.

Then, the P2P update came on the aforementioned PayPal app. While you could make person-to-person payments with it before, it is now easier to do than ever.

PayPal For All Online Transactions

So, we will undoubtedly see a rise in the popularity of PayPal in all markets. It makes sense because the company is offering a united platform for all kinds of transactions. Users will be able to do loads of operations using one single method, such as:

  • Buy items and services
  • Send money to friends
  • Donate cash
  • Gamble
  • And more

This means only one thing:

Although these updates and changes don’t concern PayPal casino sites directly, the gambling industry will still feel the change. There have always been many good reasons to play at PayPal casinos.

However, they will be even more alluring now as our life without PayPal is becoming unimaginable.

So why gamble elsewhere when PayPal has got you covered in the casino world as well?

Pay By Phone Payments At Real Casinos Growing Overseas; Will UK Casinos Follow?

Animated Smartphone PaymentPay by phone casino payments provide online casino players with a simple, secure and easy payment method, and it comes as no surprise that this is one of the most popular online casino depositing methods.

However, in the classic UK brick and mortar casino, pay by phone casino payment methods haven’t caught on with quite the same speed.

This is in contrast to their overseas counterparts who appear to be embracing phone payment technologies more and more.

For example, in August of 2018, the Solaire Resort and Casino in Manila came to an agreement with the Asia United Bank. The AUB PayMate app allows merchants to accept payments transacted through the Chinese electronic payment services, Alipay and WeChat Pay. This means that patrons of Solitaire can use these phone payment techonolgies for any purchase at the resort.

Will UK brick and mortar casinos take note of such moves and implement similar ones? Do they even offer any form of phone payment service to their customers?

In this post we will explore:

  • Why online casinos offer pay by phone casino as a payment method
  • Whether pay by phone casino payment methods are available at UK brick and mortar casinos
  • Our prediction for the future of mobile payments at physical UK casinos

Pay By Phone Casino UK – Why Do Casinos Offer This Depositing Method?

Online gambling is a huge force which, in reality, is dominating the whole gambling sphere. Brick and mortar casinos welcome far fewer gamblers through their doors in comparison to their online counterparts.

The power of online gambling is unquestionable, and there appears to be no turning back from this. The switch to online gambling over brick and mortar casinos mirrors the trends happening throughout shopping and retail, as customers opt to shop online rather than the high street.

Pay By Phone Green TilesIn the early days, online casinos quickly cottoned on to the value of offering a phone payment method for depositing.

The pay by phone casino payment method could offer players an enticing option of simpler and depositing when compared to the standard options such as card and debit payments. And happy customers mean one thing; more business.

The pay by phone casino method proved to be a huge success and it remains one of the most popular depositing methods at online casinos to this day.

Boku is the most popular pay by phone casino method, utilised by a huge number of online casinos. Pay by phone is another very popular pay by phone transaction service.

Do Brick And Mortar Casinos Offer A Pay By Phone Method?

Brick and mortar casinos have not embraced pay by phone payment methods with quite the same enthusiasm.

Considering the popularity of mobile depositing, one would think that brick and mortar casinos would deploy some kind of phone payment method into their arsenal. However, the evidence is that pay by phone payment methods are being largely ignored by the brick and mortar casino bosses in the UK.

We cannot help but think that the physical casinos are missing a trick here. Phone payments are becoming increasingly popular in the commercial world, with technologies such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and PayPal enabling effortless transactions.

Ultimately, phone payment possibilities could result in a significant increase in brick and mortar casino revenue. The bottom line is that these services afford simplicity, security and quickness which is exactly what the modern-day gambler seeks when depositing.

Surely, the consequence of this would be happier customers and a higher likelihood of more depositing from them.

Will More Brick And Mortar Casinos Offer Pay By Phone Methods In The Future?

Casino FloorIn our opinion, if brick and mortar casinos are to compete with their online competitors, they simply must start offering mobile payment methods.

We suspect that UK land-based casinos will start to offer mobile payment methods in the coming years. The use of such services is growing throughout the commercial world and if brick and mortar casinos don’t take note and act accordingly, their businesses are going to suffer.

The Hippodrome & Neteller

The Hippodrome in London is one land-based casino, which is utilising phone payment technology. You won’t be able to use specialist pay by phone services such as Boku or Paybyphone, but you can use Neteller via your phone to deposit at the casino.

Neteller is an electronic payment system which links to a bank account or credit card. Neteller allows for instant transactions and is embedded with the tightest security. On their website, Hippodrome state that you can use Neteller at the cashier desk in the casino.

The Unique Selling Point Of Brick And Mortar Casinos

Hippodrome Casino GamblersLand-based casinos do offer something which online casinos can never truly replicate and that is the atmosphere of the physical casino. The buzz of the land-based casino; the noise, the lights and glitz of it all it is something quite unique. If brick and mortar casinos can merge this with modern technologies and approaches such as pay by phone payment methods, their fortunes are likely to be far more prosperous.

In our opinion, brick and mortar casinos needs to modernise and offering a pay by phone depositing method is one way of doing that. There are stories of phone payment technolgies being utilised by more and more land-based casinos overseas and UK establishments ought to follow suit.

What do you think? Should land-based casinos utilise these technologies or not? Would you be more likely to play at a physical casino if they offered such services? Do you have any stories of frustrating depositing? Comment below if there is anything you would like to share.

World Cup 2018 Teams Rankings & Power Rankings

The dates for the tournament and when squads need to be submitted to FIFA. The dates of all the stages and rounds in the World Cup. Asking whether the power rankings represent the reality of how good the teams actually are, primarily looking at the top 8-10. Considering whether the power rankings match with our predictions for who will make it through in each group. Highlighting that power rankings whilst useful aren’t the whole picture and to be sure to look at other variables when making predictions.

FIFA world cup 2018 russiaWith fewer than 100 days to go until the first ball is kicked in Russia, many of us are putting on our pundit hats. Despite the lack of true foresight in power rankings, they do give us a perception of where teams stand in the world and how well they are performing.

World Cup 2018 Dates

The World Cup commences on the 14th of June and ends on the 15th  of July. That’s right ladies and gentlemen — a full-month of top class football for us all to enjoy!

Provisional squad lists of 35 players must be submitted to FIFA by May 14th. By June 4th, the final list of 23 will be sent to FIFA. The squads will travel to Russia at the end of May beginning their preparations for action. Once the final squads are announced, all the build-up, hype and excitement will truly be in full swing.


World Cup 2018 Schedule

  • On 14th June, the World Cup begins with Russia taking on Saudi Arabia (16:00 GMT)
  • From 15th June to the 24th June, the group stages will be in full force, with three games every day at separate times.
  • From 25th June to the 28th June, it’s crunch time in the groups. Each group will complete with the final two fixtures taking place at the exact same time. Each individual group will be decided at different times.
  • On Saturday 30th June the knockout phase begins and things hot up. Two fixtures will be played every day until 3rd
  • A couple of days off before the quarter finals. Friday 6th and Saturday 7th July will have two quarter finals on each day.
  • 10th and 11th July will each have one semi-final.
  • 3rd Place Play Off on Saturday 14th.
  • World Cup Final on 15th.


What can we make from the Power rankings of the World Cup 2018 teams?

FIFA World Cup Germany TeamTruthfully, power rankings can be unrepresentative, but there can be no argument with the current top two.

Current title holders, Germany, have a squad brimming with quality and currently occupy top spot. Last year’s Confederations Cup winners are aiming to be the first team since Brazil in 1958 and 1962 to retain the World Cup. In the modern-day age, this would be a phenomenal achievement.

The selection Joachim Low has at his disposal in midfield is astonishing: Ozil, Kroos, Khedira, Can, Draxler, Sane, Gundogan and Gotze. Yes, it’s quite frightening. Whilst they lack a true in-form striker, you would be very brave to rule out the Germans as serious contenders.

Currently placed in second are Brazil, who boast a squad, which rivals Germany’s. Many people’s favourites to lift the trophy, Brazil are showcasing a type of football which the Brazilian public hasn’t experienced for some time.

In attack, their selection of players capable of producing moments of magic is unmatched. In 2014, the reliance on Neymar stifled the team, but now they possess a host of in-form and hungry attacking players. Willian, Neymar, Douglas Costa, Firmino, Coutinho and Gabriel Jesus — it’s a gifted array of attacking talent.

Add to that a steady and balanced midfield with an experienced defense and in-form goalkeeper, and Brazil appear to be the complete package. If we look further down the rankings, let’s see if the rankings can provide us with any further insight.

Portugal, in third, are currently one place above Argentina. Despite their Euro 2016 win, it would be a huge surprise if Portugal end up victorious. Meanwhile, Argentina can certainly put up a serious challenge considering the talent they have to choose from.

Belgium sit in fifth and they undoubtedly have several quality players. Whether they can gel as a team is another question. They also lack real tournament experience.

Spain are currently sixth, which is probably about right. They are an exceptionally talented squad, but their last two tournament outings have been rather forgetful. Nonetheless, they still have the experience and ability to go all the way in Russia.

Poland and Switzerland, sitting in 7th and 8th place respectively, do not have the ability their rankings suggest. Looking further down the list, the rankings are generally representative of the actual quality of each country.

Despite the top ten being somewhat misleading, you can glean a pretty good idea of where each country stands in relation to one another from the power rankings.


Power Rankings In The World Cup 2018 Groups

FIFA World Cup TrophyWe can get an inkling of what might happen in the groups through the power rankings.

Group A: Uruguay are the highest-placed team and Egypt are second. Uruguay are definite favourites to win the group, but Russia could pip Egypt to second place.

Group B: Spain and Portugal are firm favourites to go through in Group B. Portugal currently sit in third place in the rankings however, most would favour Spain to top the group.

Group C: France sit ninth in the rankings and should top their group. According to the rankings, Peru should join them. Denmark sit just behind them in the rankings. We favour Denmark to join France in the last 16.

Group D: Argentina sit fourth in the rankings and should finish 1st with no real problems in this group. We pick Croatia to progress with them. But, Nigeria and Iceland should not be ruled out. Nigeria are a far better team than their ranking of 52nd would suggest and Iceland could also cause problems. Any of the three can feasibly qualify with Argentina.

Group E: Brazil should finish top, which their ranking suggests. Switzerland’s position in the rankings does not represent the reality. Costa Rica sit above Serbia in the rankings. Any of these three could join Brazil in the knockout phase. Despite being the lowest ranked team in this group, we pick Serbia to join Brazil.

Group F: Germany are 1st in the rankings and should top this group. Mexico are 17th in the rankings and will probably qualify with the holders. Sweden, just below in 19th, could challenge Mexico.

Group G: Belgium, 5th in the rankings, should top this group closely followed by England, which is what the rankings suggest.

Group H: Poland currently sit 7th in the rankings, a seemingly inaccurate place. We favour Colombia to take 1st, with Poland in second, but Japan and Senegal definitely have the ability to qualify themselves.

The bottom line is that the power rankings are a useful tool to get an idea of who to look out for, but certainly do not tell the whole picture. Many variables inevitably come into play, and you should certainly not base your predictions solely on the power rankings.

World Cup 2018 Winner Predictions

FIFA World Cup 2018 is a matter of many different speculations as many strong teams are about to meet face-to-face this summer. Many groups consist of equally powerful participants, so it could be virtually anybody’s game. Take a look at our World Cup 2018 winner predictions to find out whom to bet on when the time comes. Spoiler alert, we believe that Brazil win will World Cup 2018, but Argentina can also pull it off, as well as several other teams.

world cup 2018 winner predictionsWe’re now less than three months away from the starting matches of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia. It’s the perfect time to take a closer look at the eight groups and try to predict how it will go down.

That's because the sooner you start analysing the world’s most powerful football teams, there better are your chances of placing a winning bet when the time comes!

So, without a further ado, here’s our take on the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

World Cup Predictions

wold cup 2018 group ABelow, we provide the group list and the teams that we believe will qualify for the elimination stage. Stay with us for an explanation of our World Cup 2018 winner predictions.

Group A

  • Uruguay – 1st
  • Egypt – 2nd
  • Russia – Out
  • Arabia – Out

Group B

  • Spain – 1st
  • Portugal – 2nd
  • Morocco – Out
  • Iran – Out

Group C

  • France – 1st
  • Peru – 2nd
  • Australia – Out
  • Denmark – Out

Group D

  • Argentina – 1st
  • Croatia – 2nd
  • Iceland – Out
  • Nigeria – Out

Group E

  • Brazil – 1st
  • Serbia – 2nd
  • Switzerland – Out
  • Costa Rica – Out

Group F

  • Germany – 1st
  • Mexico – 2nd
  • Sweden – Out
  • Korea – Out

Group G

  • Belgium – 1st
  • England – 2nd
  • Panama – Out
  • Tunisia – Out

Group H

  • Colombia – 1st
  • Poland – 2nd
  • Senegal – Out
  • Japan – Out

World Cup Qualification Predictions

Group A

mohamed salahUruguay is a clear favourite in group A and will likely win all the group matches with the talent that it has. Russia and Egypt are both likely contenders for the second place, though we would bet on Egypt.

With Mohamed Salah upfront and Héctor Cúper coaching The Pharaohs, they stand a good chance at beating the hosts. So, we wouldn’t say that the draw was too favourable for Russia, despite the fact that many FIFA World Cup 2018 predictions miss the potential of the Egyptian team and place Russians above.

Group B

The second group is a nightmare for Morocco and Iran. Everyone’s excited about Spain and Portugal meeting so soon as each one of them could be the answer to the question — who will win 2018 World Cup?

On the other hand, the match between these two teams might not be as spectacular as everyone expects because both teams must be pretty confident in their situation and will try to save their energy for the elimination matches.

As for the other teams, they stand little chance and it would take a miracle to beat either of the two world-class football teams. So, if we had to name a death group in this cup, it would be Group B.

Group C

france world cup 2018 predictionsFrance looks very strong going into the tournament and we've seen more than one World Cup 2018 winner prediction that states France as the main contender. This isn't surprising as they have many capable players and a lot of room for different manoeuvres.

Aside from them, everyone’s got a chance to squeeze through to the next stage. However, Peru is definitely looking better than Australia and has proved their adaptability, which might be exactly what the team needs to reach the top 16.

Group D

Group D is another interesting one where all the participants might surprise and come out on top. This even includes Iceland, which has never participated in a World Cup before but has already beaten Croatia in the qualifiers.

Still, Argentinians are obvious leaders, but we don’t believe that it’ll be easy even for them. With each opponent being quite talented and ready to attack, there is a small possibility that the Argentina World Cup predictions might abruptly end right there.

We chose Croatia as a second place winner for the group due to the strong front with Modrić, Rakitić, Mandzukić and others. They won’t let Iceland beat them again.

Group E

Obviously, Brazil is the top dog and we don’t believe anyone stands a chance against them. All the other teams have enough potential to get to the next round, though they all have little chance to get to the quarterfinals.

While all of these teams are capable of playing good football, their ability isn't that impressive in this world-class context. Plus, our 2018 World Cup winner predictions don't see them going anywhere far due to an extremely unlucky draw.

Group F

world cup 2018 germany coachOne of the biggest reasons why teams from Group E might have a hard time in the next round is Germany. They’re obvious favourites not only in the Group F but in the cup as a whole, which means they’ll probably face the second place winners of Group E afterwards. And our World Cup 2018 predictions game easily sees Germany in the top four.

Other than that, both Mexico and Sweden have a fair chance of proving their mettle against each other. Their match in the group is certainly going to be an interesting one.

Group G

Things are looking pretty well for Belgium and England as their opponents in the Group G are relatively average. Since this isn't Tunisian Cup predictions, we don't see their players winning often against the likes of England and Belgium national teams.

Belgium proves time and again that they’re a dynamic and exceptional team, while England is simply better than Tunisia and Panama. Both of our favourites in this group have good chances in the top 16 too. According to our FIFA World Cup 2018 winner predictions, they'd have to face teams of similar or lower strength to their own.

Group H

A completely different situation can be seen in the last group where all the teams are similarly powerful. Therefore, many FIFA World Cup predictions 2018 come up with different outcomes for Group H and different reasons to back up their statements.

Since no top teams are present in this group, all have a fair chance of winning the group, though Colombia is the most talented.

Brazil Will Win World Cup 2018

world cup 2018 neymarHaving reviewed the groups in World Cup 2018, it’s time to talk about the winner of it all. Who will win World Cup 2018?

Our guess is Brazil.

Although the team receives a lot of pressure from literally everyone, they’ve got a lot of talent and can actually pull it off for the sixth time in history.

Of course, that’s assuming both Brazil and Germany make a good start and win their groups. If one of them ends up second, the two teams will meet in the top 16 stage and that’s anyone’s game.

Brazil isn’t looking forward to that scenario remembering what happened in the last World Cup in 2014. However, other than that, they should have a relatively easy path to the semi-finals. For all of these reasons, according to our prediction World Cup 2018 winner is very likely to be Brazil.


FIFA World Cup Predictions For The Current World Champions

Now that we hypothetically know who will win the World Cup 2018, what's the place the current champions will end up in?

Unless Belgium doesn't perform exceptionally in their group, we believe Germany will have an easy path to the semi-finals. Otherwise, they will meet Belgium in the quarter-finals and might have a tough time.

We don't see the other teams that could possibly face the champions at that point as a huge threat. However, the semi-finals are a completely different story because that's when Germany will probably face Argentina, which is another likely World Cup 2018 predictions winner.


Can Argentina Win World Cup 2018?

world cup 2018 lionel messiArgentina is the second favourite of ours and they definitely can win this summer. In fact, we think they’ll reach semi-finals to face Germany in the 2nd leg.

Many people believe that asking ‘can Argentina win World Cup 2018?' is basically the same as asking whether Lionel Messi can carry the whole team to victory. However, the whole national team is actually very talented too.

So, even if Messi doesn’t perform as great as everybody wants him to, the team still has a chance of breaking Germany’s coordinated defences and keeping their own base intact against the current world champions and, after that, against Brazil.


World Cup 2018 FIFA

FIFA world cup 2018 russiaIn any case, it seems that a very interesting summer is awaiting us and we’re pretty sure it will bring many surprises. After all, these are just World Cup winner predictions and educated guesses.

On the other hand, professional football can be very unpredictable as you well know. A single mistake can lead to the end of the journey for some and a single goal is enough to turn the tide. Add the penalties, injuries, fatigue, emotional strength of the players, secret strategies and skills of the managers and you'll find that this World Cup 2018 prediction isn't set in stone.

For example, some of the underdog teams that could easily turn the tables are Egypt, Croatia, Nigeria and even Senegal. Iceland, Peru and Belgium might also make impressive runs and silence even the most confident World Cup predictor. In fact, most groups are relatively balanced, so some quality football awaits.

What About Russia?

As for the hosts themselves, they might get through to the top 16, but we don’t see them beating Portugal or Spain and going any further. They’re actually the second lowest ranking team among all the current participants, so most 2018 FIFA winner predictions are not too positive in their point of view.

Anyway, we’re pretty sure they would be happy with just qualifying from their group, but it will take some luck to beat Egypt and Uruguay. At least the opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia is in the host’s favour.

Sword Of Destiny Mobile Slot Reviewed — Epic High Fantasy Slot!

Sword of Destiny has to be on of Scientific Games’ best video slot titles. It has everything from stunning visuals to awesome gameplay. It surely should attract a much larger audience for this alone. After all, it’s hard to come across games like this at the moment. Is there anything it could do better? Well, maybe. Nothing’s perfect, after all. Find out more about Sword of Destiny by reading our full review.

sword of destiny slots gamePerhaps one of the best mobile slots Scientific Games has ever produced, Sword of Destiny embodies the perfect harmony between all the components that every player wants from a mobile slot. Operable on a whole range of devices, this game is most likely to appeal to hardcore fantasy nerds as well as the average slot player. Competent gameplay as well as a plethora of bonus features, there's just something about Sword of Destiny that greatly appeals to us.

It's such a good title that we honestly believe that SG have made a game worthy of competing with the likes of bigger software developers like NetEnt and Microgaming. This could have easily have gone downhill for them but it hasn't and we're here to take a look at what Makes Sword of Destiny great.


Game Mechanics

The reason gameplay with Sword of Destiny is so good is because it is so simple. Some may even call it formulaic but, sometimes, formulaic works best. You've got 5 reels and 25 paylines with a minimum of 50p per spin to a maximum of £250. This range covers most players' budgets and makes the game feel much more dynamic.

sword of destiny win main reel

With an RTP of 95.94%, the game has a respectable edge in the player's favour, allowing the game itself a medium variance. You’ll be satisfied most of the time for every win, seeing as you're stacking money up and up often enough to make it satisfying. Basically, you don't have to try too hard to get a win but it's not too easy that it easily bores you.

The reels in Sword of Destiny are set in a fantasy setting with revolving background images that are both highly detailed and epic to look at. Of course, said images are mostly sexy women with large swords and spellbooks but they’re excellent nonetheless.


Bonus Features

Main gameplay is pretty solid for Sword of Destiny, but what about its bonus features? Do they add to the game or add too much detail? Well, it definitely gives the game a much needed extra dimension that makes the experience of playing it much, much more satisfying. There are six in all and they could easily be divided up between two categories.

sword of destiny scatter

The first four bonuses of Sword of Destiny are found on the main reel and are activated randomly. These are the ‘clump wilds', ‘random wilds', ‘wild groups', and ‘symbols upgraded feature'. Each covers a certain part of the reel and provides players with a much needed leg-up on winning much more easily.

sword of destiny wild

As well as this, Sword of Destiny provides two bonus games. The Temple Tower Jackpot allows them to access a ladder which they can ascend and collect prizes from, while the Free Games bonus essentially gives players extra spins and multipliers so their chance of getting a bigger win escalates further. Again, these bonuses make the game feel very three-dimensional and give it the much needed dynamism that's missing in a lot of video slots these days.


Game Performance

Performance, as you can well imagine, is an excellent factor in Sword of Destiny's success. Running on an X-Zone game engine, this gives it the capacity to work not just on desktops and mobiles but on video slot machines too. Want to know how a slot can encompass online and land-based gambling? There's your answer. Aside from this, the game's animation, sound design and graphics are truly spectacular. A lot of money and time must have been invested in this slot.

sword of destiny slots bonus



Sword of Destiny embodies everything we could ever want from a mobile slot. There's no question about it — big developers better watch out because the indie developer can make a game that's just as big and bold as theirs and even beat them. No-fuss gameplay, awesome additional features, very aesthetically pleasing, Sword of Destiny does not get the recognition it deserves. We hope, by reading this review, you have decided to check it out for yourself and in doing so helped the slot gain more traction.

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What's Up For Grabs?

money fallingThe deposit bonus is split into three parts and each one is activated every time you put down a deposit of £10 or more. This only works on your first three deposits, mind, so you can't split up up over more deposits over time. Once you get three of them, then that's it. Here is what you get for each part of the bonus:

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Terms and Conditions

terms and conditionsNow, for the boring bit. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when taking part in this bonus scheme. First, you can deposit a minimum of £10 and can only withdraw once you have gamble 50 times the amount you have wagered.

You will receive each bonus immediately, however you will only have it for 90 days so make sure you use it all up before then. You cannot get it back once it has expired so, please, make sure you use it once you get it otherwise it will go to waste.

That's about it for the terms and conditions. Nothing too bad, right? We at Fable Casino love to provide the best experience possible for, mobile players. Access our site today for your chance to get some get a weekly surprise or a live dealer cashback!

How You Can Use Pay By Phone Billing To Save Money At Mobile Casinos

Pay by phone billing has been labelled as one of the best mobile casino deposit methods. And it is. But not all of its positive aspects are talked about in great detail and the fact that it’s a cost-effective way of putting down a deposit is one of those talking points. We intend to rectify that today by giving you three reasons how pay by phone billing saves you money.

fable-casino-accepts-pay-by-phone-bil-higherWe're sure you've heard this many times already, but there are plenty of advantages when it comes to pay by phone billing. It's quick, easy and makes a convenient payment method when all other options are unavailable to you at the present moment. It's very reliable, too, and saves a lot of headaches in the long run.

Yes, pay by phone billing was made for mobile players. But one of the points that aren't talked about as much is how pay by phone billing can save you a lot of money. It has been proven, after all, that players that tend to use pay by phone billing have spent less money overall than those who do not. It's a curious phenomenon and it's interesting to explore how it works.


Helps Players Keep Track Of Spending

trustly mobile depositWhile it may be one of the easiest and more convenient methods of payment, pay by phone billing is actually pretty good at helping you to keep track of what you're spending. Nobody likes spending outside their means and with other payment services that could very easily happen. But with mobile deposits? It hardly will.

Why? Because it gives you the option to review all the deposits you've made in the last month via your phone bill. Not to mention that your phone keeps all your confirmation texts so you can simply store them up and calculate how much you've spent. There is also a £30 daily deposit limit to help you keep track of what you're spending too.


Helps Players Save On Fees

piggy bankAt mobile casinos, there are usually many ways that players can make a deposit at a mobile casino. Pay by phone billing is only one of them. But those other methods sometimes require membership or transaction fees which can be an extra cost to the player that they don't want. It could even be a simple matter of the casino taking a card fee. All for the privilege of using their services…

With pay by phone billing, no such costs exist. Literally, the entire service is free of charge. The only thing you would ever have to pay is the amount you want to deposit. That is it. There's not even an extra charge on the texts you send. All network support it and therefore do not have to impose any extra costs. That's always a good thing.


Helps You To Never Overspend

casino paymentWe've briefly touched on this, but deposit limits are ever present when making a mobile deposit. That means players are never able to pay more than £30 a day. It's an effective discipline method that prevents you from spending outside your means. Many may see it as a con, especially if they're a high-roller, but it's better to have some restraint then to be constantly spending far too much.

£30 is also the average amount deposited daily, so we'd say the limit is pretty reasonable. That way, you can be sure that you never get too carried away. We find that quite reassuring. Less chance of addiction, that way. We like it when companies look out for us.