fable casino table gamesThere are dozens of different table games at Fable Casino. The variety might confuse you, especially if you’re relatively new to casino table games. Which ones are easier to start with and which ones should be saved for later? That’s the questions we will ultimately answer in this guide.

First things first, we have three different types of casino table games at Fable Casino. These are: roulette, blackjack and baccarat. However, that’s not all. There are many different versions of these games, so being able to tell them apart is just as important as knowing the difference between roulette and blackjack in general. Let’s cover them all in greater detail.

Roulette Games At Fable Casino

roulette masterAll roulette games have the same base mechanic. The players place bets on the betting table that includes fields with numbers or colours, which represent the fields on the roulette wheel. Once the bets are placed, the roulette wheel is spun with a ball in it. The place where the ball has stopped reveals the winning number.

The bet types you can make is a separate subject on its own and would require separate posts to cover. Let’s just say that you can place bets that have very diverse odds of winning. Of course, these odds also reflect the win size which might vary from 1x to 35x your bet or even more.

There are over 20 different roulette games at Fable Casino. The differences between them might vary a lot. For example, European and American roulette only differs in the number of fields on the wheel. While European version only has a single zero, American roulette also has a double zero, which decreases your chances to win, but increases the payouts.

However, some other versions are so different that the regular strategies simply won’t work anymore. A good example is Multi Wheel Roulette, which features several roulette wheels to place bets on simultaneously. You will also find different possible bets on different versions of roulette. While all the games include standard inside and outside bets, not all of them include racetrack betting table or possibility to place advanced bets such as Finales en Plein.

If you’re new to roulette, your best bet is to start with the standard European version. Once you’re comfortable with it, explore other versions and compare them to make out the differences. You can play them all in demo mode, so it’s advisable to practice first before putting your cash on the line.

Blackjack At Fable Casino

blackjack common drawBlackjack is one of the most popular casino card games worldwide. It’s a quick game that is easy to learn, but very hard to master. You’re playing versus the dealer and your goal is to get the total of your card values to 21 or as close as possible without going over the top. To begin with, you are dealt two cards and you can hit or stand depending on the situation. If you’re closer to 21 than the dealer, you win.

Live dealer games such as Common Draw Blackjack allows a number of players to join the same table and play at the same time. Of course, there are many other rules that vary from one variant to another. These might include the option to split your initial hand into two separate hands or to surrender for half of your initial bet.

Another difference is the number of decks used in the game. This affects the gameplay dramatically as the number of cards in the deck is crucial when counting the probabilities of what the next card is going to be. Finally, the payout will also differ from one blackjack game to another. This correlates to the house edge of the game and the risk involved.

If you’re a new player, however, you should avoid Blackjack VIP or the live dealer version of blackjack called Common Draw High for the time being. By minimising the minimum bet that you can make, you won’t spend more than you want to while still learning the ropes.

Online Baccarat At Fable Casino

online baccaratBaccarat is another casino card game available at Fable Casino. While not as complicated as blackjack, baccarat isn’t that simple either. The aim is to guess which hand will be higher – yours or the dealer’s. You can bet on either of them and win double your bet if you’re correct. Additionally, a tie will reward up to nine times your bet if you choose to bet on it.

The game is played with a differing number of card decks. All the number cards are worth their face value except 10, which is worth zero. The remaining cards are also worth zero, except ace which equals one. The dealer deals two cards into each hand.

Only the last digit of the sum of your cards counts towards the score, so if you’ve got a five and nine, you’ll have four in total instead of 14. If the final value of a hand is four or less, a third card is dealt and the final values are compared.

Much like blackjack, the strategies of baccarat are all about probabilities and odds. It’s advisable to keep track of the previously dealt cards to gain an upper hand. However, since it’s based on luck more than blackjack, baccarat might be your best introduction into casino card games. It’s easier to pick up and learn as the options involved aren’t as complicated as they are in blackjack. Enjoy playing casino games at Fable Casino!

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