bitcoin phoneIf you’ve never considered gambling with Bitcoin before, you’re missing out.

Cryptocurrencies have been around for long enough now that even regular, non-Bitcoin users have at least heard about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology it’s based on can be difficult to understand, at first. All you need to remember is that Bitcoin is a completely decentralized internet currency or “crypto currency”.

The technology of the Blockchain allows users to verify data without there being one single authority overseeing all transactions. It’s a foolproof system whose unparalleled security leaves a lot of other online payment options running for their money (no pun intended.)

So what does this mean for smartphone gambling?

Practical Gambling: Buy Bitcoins with your Phone Credit

Nowadays there are more and more Bitcoin casinos appearing. These run exclusively on Bitcoin and have a fail-safe “provably fair gambling” system integrated in their sites.

If you’re a smartphone gambler who is used to the practicality of pay by phone casino, then just wait till you try playing at a Bitcoin casino.

With the pay by phone system, you have the ability to group your casino deposits with your phone bill. It’s a very secure way of gambling, as you haven’t directly linked your casino account to any bank account or specific online wallet.

But with Bitcoin?

It’s even more secure. All you need is a Bitcoin app on your phone, where you’ll be able to have access to your private Bitcoin wallet.

Deposit funds in there, and you can make wagers on your chosen mobile casino without having to go through complicated bank apps or other less secure e-wallets.

You’ll still be paying by phone.

And the best part?

You can buy Bitcoins via your phone credit. So you’ll still essentially be gambling without even having to look at your bank account. And your phone bill will provide you with a paper trail.

But that’s not all.

Full Smartphone Security: Swiss Businesses as Prow-heads of Fintech

We’re entering into an era where access to your finances and records has never been simpler.

On October 9th 2018, Geneva will host a Bitcoin Conference where cryptocurrency experts and analysts will discuss how Blockchain technologies can be implemented for much more than opening an online wallet.

The main points of discussion for this year’s panel will be the concept of voting via smartphone, thanks to the Blockchain-powered eID system.

The idea is to enable users to safely do all of these things via their phone:

  • File tax declarations
  • Register residence
  • Use passport services
  • Vote

So really, Bitcoin tech goes way beyond just gambling.

How many times have you squinted at casino terms and conditions, wondering if it would be safe to give them your personal data? How often have you been paranoid when hearing stories about casinos swindling their players’ money and data?

Imagine a world where you could store and transfer even the most sensitive data with your phone.

Technically, that ultra-secure world is already beginning to exist. The Swiss city Zug is known to be Switzerland’s “crypto-valley”, because it has a functional Blockchain system used by several businesses and projects.

In fact, 75% of Swiss businesses plan on integrating Bitcoin technology within the next 3 years. Zug citizens who use Bitcoin can even withdraw fiat money in Bitcoin ATMs.

So if you choose to opt for Bitcoin for your mobile gambling, you’ll be preparing yourself for the fintech revolution that is right on our doorstep.

So what do you think? Are you ready to take the step and get going with Bitcoin?

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