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Updated on the 1st March 2019

We've updated this article to reflect:

  • The increase in popularity of Bitcoin casinos
  • The new technology which has made accessing them easier than ever before

We hope that by reading this guide you'll get a good sense of what's available to those who want to explore the endless possibilities of bitcoin gambling.

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Bitcoin casino industry is growing fast and for good reason. The exciting extra element of risk associated with the volatile cryptocurrency make them even more exciting for gamblers.

Like all the fiat currencies, BTC can be used for everything. Buying, investing, paying for services and, of course, online gambling.

It’s a progressive platform that constantly evolves and only exists virtually. Hence, the best Bitcoin casinos are often where innovative technologies, solutions and better user experience is found.

Bitcoin gambling sites are home to the newest 3D casino games and top software providers like NetEnt. Players also play there for frequent no deposit bonus offers and free spins.

Sounds like your cup of tea? Scroll down and become a pro Bitcoin casino gambler yourself.

Table of Contents

  1. The A-Z Guide to Bitcoin
    1. Bitcoin Payments
      1. Bitcoin Digital Wallet
      2. How & Where to Get BTC
      3. Casino Deposit Guide
      4. Can You Play for Free?
    2. BTC Casino Strengths & Weaknesses
  2. Inside a Bitcoin Casino
    1. Bonuses
    2. Games
    3. Casino Types
      1. White Label
      2. BTC-Only
    4. Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash
  3. FAQ

The A-Z Guide to Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency, created more than 10 years ago, way before the other virtual currencies emerged. Since then, it’s been growing and gaining enormous value.

The users like using it for various reasons. This includes the autonomy from any bank, government or company. Instead, it operates on its own encrypted algorithms and the community itself powers the transactions in a process called mining.

Therefore, no fees apply to Bitcoin payments and its users don’t share their personal information with anyone. In fact, all the transactions can be viewed online on a platform called blockchain. However, they’re encrypted too, hiding the user’s identity and the transaction’s purpose.

image of steel vault door

Bitcoin Payments

When it comes to making casino deposits and withdrawals, Bitcoin ensures unparalleled privacy and security. There’s no way to trace the payments using Bitcoin and it keeps your personal information safe.

That’s why so many people are switching over instead of using their bank cards and exposing their sensitive data online.

To start gambling with BTC, you first need to exchange money into Bitcoin. Plus, you need a place to safely tuck it in because banks and most e-wallets don’t accept funds in BTC. If you know how to do it, jump straight to the depositing section.

Otherwise, here’s all you need to know about getting the Bitcoin and keeping it safe.

Bitcoin Digital Wallet

The internet is full of e-wallets created specifically for Bitcoin or multiple virtual currencies. All you need to do is sign up to one and create a wallet of your own.

You can’t go wrong with these services right here (available online, on a desktop and/or mobile phones):

  • Space
  • Electrum
  • com
  • Wasabi
  • Armory
  • BitPay
  • BitGo
  • Edge

All of them may look different at first, yet the main idea remains the same. With your new wallet, you’ll be getting a private address that you’ll use to access your funds. It’s also the same address you’ll have to provide when making casino transactions.

It’s very important to keep it secret. If anyone else found out about it, they could take your bitcoins as if they were their own. Since nobody monitors or regulates the transactions, there would be no way to claim your funds back.

At the same time, make sure that you yourself don’t lose or forget the address. If this happens, you won’t be able to access your wallet. Some people have lost millions worth of BTC in this exact way.

person launching wasabi bitcoin wallet on smartphone

How & Where to Get BTC

With some kind of a digital (or hardware) storage set up, it’s time to fill it up with bitcoins. This can be done in one of many P2P or regulated Bitcoin exchange platforms. Each has different features but all offer a way to buy or exchange money into BTC.

Here are some sites that we offer for newbies:

  • Coinmama (quick, easy and has an in-built wallet)
  • Binance (only 1% exchange fees)
  • Coinbase (the top choice)
  • LocalBitcoins (popular P2P platform)

Keep in mind that the value of BTC is ever-changing. When you buy it, you’ll pay its current value. So, it’s best to keep an eye out and try to buy when the value is relatively low.

Bitcoin Casino Deposit

Now, let’s say you’re ready to use your funds at a casino that accepts the cryptocurrency. Luckily, this means that the hard part is already over. The rest looks just like paying with any other method:

  1. Just enter your casino and go to the deposit screen
  2. Choose Bitcoin and select your deposit size
  3. Provide your BTC wallet details required
  4. Confirm and wait as the funds are sent to your casino balance through the blockchain

The processing part usually takes no more than a few seconds. In fact, the same applies to withdrawals too. Bitcoin casinos are famous for paying out winnings in hours or even less than that.

This even includes the cautious operators which carefully double-check all withdrawal requests. As soon as they do that, the payment is confirmed and transferred in moments.

Play with Bitcoin for Free?

If you want to play for free to win real money then, unfortunately, you can’t. However, you can always enjoy Bitcoin gambling in free mode or use a no deposit bonus.

It gives you bonus cash to play for real wins before you cash in any of your own BTC. There are other bonuses too, detailed here, which allow playing with extra funds. Each casino offers varying opportunities to play for free, at least partially.

Bitcoin Casino Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Private and totally anonymous payments
  • Safe and secure (especially with hardware wallets)
  • Extremely fast depositing and withdrawing
  • Lots of no deposit bonuses at casinos
  • Often includes provably fair games technology
  • Zero transaction fees for Bitcoin payments


  • Buying bitcoins often includes fees
  • Some BTC casino sites aren’t as strictly monitored
  • Volatile currency value

Inside a Bitcoin Gambling Site

Whether you’re a pro gambler or a newbie, Bitcoin gambling sites will hold your attention indefinitely. There are many kinds of such sites and they come with many exciting casino games, bonuses and gamification.

They’re often partners with dozens or even hundreds of software providers. They offer boosts, bonus codes and reloads to keep you going. Most importantly, they offer anonymous and secure gambling like no other market in the UK.

Read on for specific details about various best Bitcoin casino sites.

Bonus Deals and Promotions

Every mobile Bitcoin casino has decent bonuses and promotions. So, before you choose a site, it’s good to know what’s on offer and what deals you’d like the most.

Thankfully, information on Bitcoin casino bonuses is promoted clearly at most casino lobbies. You’ll usually find casino bonus deals there or in the promotions section. Expect the usual promos like:

  • No deposit bonuses
  • Free spins
  • Deposit and reload matches
  • Cashback
  • Game-specific promos like free chips, Bitcoin poker bonuses and more
  • Cash drops
  • Prize raffles or tournaments with holidays, real money or item prizes

The most sought after of these all is any bonus with no deposit required. It’s pretty amazing and is easy to claim. Using it, you can explore the website and grow your bankroll without cashing in your own money.

image of bitcoins and game dice

Of course, other deals will always attract your attention too. Who wouldn’t like some extra funds to gamble with, anyway? Whether it’s a bonus code or a simple deposit that grants it, it always makes a difference.

Gambling at a Bitcoin casino simply wouldn’t be the same without the free offers.

Gaming Software

When it comes to the entertainment and gambling software, payment methods play no part in affecting what’s on offer. In fact, Bitcoin is available on many websites that allow deposits with other methods too.

What we mean is that there’s an equal variety of games at Bitcoin and other online casinos. This includes casino slots, table games and even titles linked to progressive jackpots:

Video SlotsVideo PokerLive Dealer
Jackpot GamesBlackjackBaccarat
Scratch CardsRouletteBingo

On top of it all, there are card games, dice games and roulette. They’re available in single-player and with real dealers too. Modern live casino games can support players in different currencies simultaneously too.

The bottom line is:

It could be high-roller table games or low variance slots. It could be NetEnt, Microgaming or Quickspin titles. Whatever you enjoy the most, your best Bitcoin casino will offer it.

BTC Casino Types

There are websites which only accept Bitcoin and there are sites which accept all kinds of payment services. Some of the latter casinos don’t even put the BTC element first.

However, if you want the best experience possible, you should stick to sites which capitalize on Bitcoin specifically. This might mean better bonuses, faster payouts and BTC-specific customer support assistance.

roulette ball with a bitcoin casino logo

White Labels

White labels casinos are great for several reasons. They have been established by known developers to cater to the surge in Bitcoin popularity. However, they don’t carry that developer’s name.

These are websites that have the same quality in terms of games offering, software and security as their branded counterparts.

One of the biggest perks of these sites is that they often carry large white label promotion bundles. That’s where the best deposit bonus and free spins deals are found, on top of other advantages.

White label casinos may offer Bitcoin payments exclusively or inclusively alongside other methods.

BTC-Only Sites

These Bitcoin casinos don’t do business in real-life currencies. Thus, they can focus on the BTC market and users entirely and shape their services accordingly.

Since this is a much narrower niche, it often results in great bonuses or loyalty deals as well. It’s often very easy to play there and claim your winnings.

The problem is that not all such sites are regulated, so it’s important to stay cautious. Don’t play on websites that don’t have a Gambling Commission licence. Otherwise, you’re putting your funds at risk.

Bitcoin VS Bitcoin Cash

There is a difference that exists between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. The latter is actually a much different animal to its parent.

Bitcoin Cash is functionally different from the original virtual currency. They aren’t interchangeable either when it comes online gambling.

Hence, you should check the type of a Bitcoin casino before you sign up. Otherwise, the kind you’ve got tucked away in your wallet might not be usable there.

The good news is that you can find Bitcoin casino slots to play with either type. They’re all taking advantage of the boom in crypto casino gambling.

bitcoin cash logo


💬 1. How to claim Bitcoin casino bonuses? 💬

Be it a deposit bonus, free spins offer or live dealer promotion, claiming one is very easy. Depending on the offer, you may only have to log in. Other bonuses might require you to make a deposit and choose a bonus in the process.

Then again, other casinos may require a bonus code to activate it. You should always read about the current promotions in your chosen casino. They'll have all the information necessary for using the offers successfully.

💬 2. What are provably fair games at top Bitcoin gambling sites? 💬

Not all the new Bitcoin casinos offer provably fair entertainment. Besides, only a selection of games is provably fair. You'll immediately notice when it is, though, as that's a feature casinos are proud of.

This involves a complicated system allowing the players to put the games to the test. With it, you're able to see if the software is actually random or not.

💬 3. Are Bitcoin gambling sites legal? 💬

Yes, totally. Many an online casino with Bitcoin wallet payments are licensed by the Gambling Commission. This means that you can enjoy online gambling and withdraw your winning freely no matter what currency you use.

In fact, most of the Bitcoin casino reviews online are of approved websites only.