mobile casino bonuses best payment methodOur players ask questions regarding Fable casino promotions every day. So, we know from experience that understanding terms of casino bonuses can be tricky. A common issue is related to payment operations. When to deposit? How to withdraw? Do all payment methods work when claiming casino bonuses? We get these questions all the time, so we figured it’s time to state our opinion on the best payment method for claiming casino bonuses.

There isn’t one definite answer because all the methods have their pros and cons. Many things are important in this case, such as bonus terms and limits of the payment methods. So, we’ll look at the different aspects individually and, hopefully, come to a satisfying conclusion in the end.


Deposit And Withdrawal Limits

overrated depositing limitsAll the casino bonuses have a minimum amount you have to deposit for that bonus to apply. At Fable Casino, the welcome bonus applies to the minimum deposits of £10. The other promotions usually start from deposits of £20. We thought of that in advance, however, and accepted only the methods that have maximum deposits larger than £10. This includes all the payment methods, even Pay By Phone.

On the other hand, the maximum deposit limits are different and Pay By Phone isn’t the best choice for claiming the welcome bonus. Since you can only deposit £30 at once, you’d lose a lot of bonus this way. Trustly and Paysafecard also have deposit limits of £700, so you won’t be able to get it all either. The remaining methods allow depositing way more than that at once, which makes them perfect for our £1,500 welcome bonus.


Does It Allow To Withdraw?

withdraw casino bonusNot every payment method allows making withdrawals, though. While some casinos block quite a few payment methods from withdrawing, we allow them all. Only Pay By Phone is excluded from this category, but that’s just the way it works. So, unless you used this method to deposit, you won’t have to switch to anything else when you cash out your casino bonus.

One thing that needs to be mentioned here is that you can usually switch between these services. Whatever you deposited with, you can withdraw with a different method altogether. It doesn’t matter if a bonus is involved or not. The only exception is Skrill. If you deposit using Skrill, you’ll have to withdraw the same way too. Not that it’s a problem, as it has very wide limits.


Withdrawal Speed

speedWhen you complete the wagering requirements and secure the bonus winnings, you want nothing more than to cash them out as soon as possible. Although you’ll get them eventually using whatever payment method you choose, some are simply faster than the others. From all the methods at Fable casino that allow withdrawing, it’s Skrill and Neteller that are the fastest.

All the withdrawals have three days pending period at Fable casino and one-day processing time. So, it all boils down to the transfer time, which depends on each service provider individually. Skrill and Neteller happen to complete these payments in just a single day. Other services take three (Trustly), up to five (Paysafecard) or even ten days (bank transfer).


And The Best Payment Method For Claiming Casino Bonuses Is…

neteller casino banking methodEvery method might be just fine when the situation is right. For example, if you want to claim 20 extra spins with the lowest deposit possible and play on mobile, Pay By Phone is a perfect choice. On the other hand, it’s the opposite for a £1,500 welcome bonus at Fable Casino.

If we had to choose a single method, however, we’d say Neteller. It’s simply the most versatile and flexible when it comes to our casino bonuses. It has low minimum limits, high maximum limits and it provides fast withdrawals. Plus, if you use it to deposit, you don’t necessarily have to withdraw the same way, which isn’t the case with Skrill.

Skrill and Skrill-1-Tap are also very decent options, though. The same applies to Trustly and it’s even safer than the e-wallets. If you want to learn more about each particular payment method, you can do that right here. We have analysed their strengths and weaknesses in depth, so you’ll be able to claim those bonuses in no time.

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