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About the author If it wasn’t for Daisy, we’d all be much less wise about the laws, regulations and the intricacies of the legislation of remote gambling. She has really taken her time to get into the topic and stays on top of all the news, so you can rest assured you’re playing legally, paying all due fees and are overall gambling safely.

Hacker Steals $1 Million of Bitcoin: Learn How to Protect Your Cryptocurrency

This week, a young American man, Nicholas Truglia, has been charged with 21 accounts of felony after hacking several Silicon Valley executive’s phones. In doing so, he stole $1 million worth of Bitcoin. This was all done by exploiting a tactic called SIM swapping. Read on to learn more about how SIM swapping works and how you can protect yourself against it.

What is 5G and How Will It Help Mobile Gamers?

5G may be available to UK mobile users from as soon as 2019 – which means that we can all expect to have faster mobile internet in the near future. 5G will also bring many benefits to mobile casino players, who can use the new service to experience even smoother gameplay and to access new technologies. So, how does 5G work and how can you start using it? Read on to find out.

Microgaming No Deposit Slots And Bonus Codes: How To Find Them

No deposit slots and bonus codes are exactly what their name suggests; they’re chances for players to play their favourite games without having to part with their own hard earned cash. These types of codes are not uncommon, however they can be difficult to find. In today’s guide we’re specifically discussing how you can get your hands on Microgaming no deposit offers. Microgaming are one of the world’s best and most popular software developers and so, naturally, no deposit Microgaming bonus codes and free spins are always in demand. Read on to find out all our best tips and tricks to finding Microgaming no deposit bonuses and to browse our top three no deposit Microgaming casinos.

Fable Casino’s ‘Winter Of Love’ Promotion Gives You Extra Spins and Reload Bonuses

Although Valentine’s Day may be over, here at Fable Casino we’re not quite done with spreading the love just yet! That’s why all the way throughout February we’re giving our players extra spins and bonuses each time they deposit. In fact, there’s up to 210 extra spins up for grabs for every player, and £1,260 worth of bonuses to gain too! Read on for the full promotional details, including how to get involved.

Three Slots Which Will Keep You Spinning For Longer

People visit online casinos for many different reasons, but one of the biggest is to relax. Spinning slots can help take your mind of the stress of everyday life, but in these circumstances the kind of game you choose is important. If you want to unwind by playing your favourite game, you may also want to make sure your money isn swallowed up too fast. Today, we’ve rounded up three of our favourite slots, all of which are low variance, and therefore can keep you spinning for much longer.

Wolf Cub Mobile Slot Reviewed – Adorable and Rewarding Gameplay

If cute characters and Disney movies are your thing, then we think you’ll love this new slot by NetEnt. If they’re not, however, we’d still urge you to give Wolf Cub a try as we think it’s one of the brand’s best titles from the past year. This is because the slot boasts a highly rewarding bonus round, a compelling base game and state of the art graphics. Read on to find out more about why we love this slot so much, and how you can play it at Fable Casino.

Get Free Spins and Reload Bonuses at Fable Casino This January

Whilst January may be statistically the worst month of the year, we hope all our players have got off to a flying start in 2018! Moreover, we want to celebrate the New Year in style and that’s why we’re giving you heaps of rewards in our Frosty Fun promotion. This month, you could pick up a whole load of extra spins and reload bonuses every time you deposit, so read on to find out all the details, then head over to the casino to reap your rewards!

Renegades Mobile Slot Reviewed – Completely Original and Epic

Renegades is a brand new slot by NextGen Gaming which definitely lives up to it’s name. Just as the female characters in this game are concerned with being anything but ordinary, the slot also delivers an original concept and plenty of bonus features. Furthermore, as a high volatility game it offers some very decent sized rewards and plenty of extra spins.